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Congratulations! I just heard that youre pregnant with twins.恭喜!我刚听说你怀上了双胞胎Thanks. Were very excited, although Im a little worried about a multiple birth.谢谢我们兴奋极了,尽管我还是有点担心一胞多胎I come from a long line of multiple births. My father is an identical twin and he had cousins who are fraternal twins.我们家族就有生多胞胎的基因我爸爸是同卵双胞胎,他有个堂弟是异卵双胞胎I see what you mean.我懂你的意思That not even the half of it. My maternal grandmother gave birth to triplets and my aunt had quadruplets.这还不算什么我的外婆生了三胞胎,我的姨妈生了四胞胎Wow, multiple births certainly run in your family. What about your immediate family?哇,你们真是多胞胎世家啊那你的直系亲属呢?Youre not going to believe this, but my mother had octuplets. I have seven brothers and sisters the same age.不管你信不信,我妈妈生了八胞胎我有七个和我一样大的兄弟And all of you survived?所有人都活着?Yup, every single one of us. We often joke that my mother didnt have babies. She had a litter!是呀,每个人都活的好好的我们经常开玩笑说妈妈生的不是小孩,而是一窝小崽子 181889威廉·巴特勒·叶芝(William Butler Yeats),爱尔兰诗人、剧作家,著名的神秘主义者叶芝是“爱尔兰文艺复兴运动”的领袖叶芝早年的诗作通常从爱尔兰神话和民间传说中取材,其语言风格则受到拉斐尔前派散文的影响,他曾被誉为“当代最伟大的诗人”1889年1月30日,3岁的叶芝遇见了美丽的女演员茅德·冈诗人对她一见钟情,诗人对她的强烈的爱慕之情给诗人带来了无穷的灵感,此后诗人创作了许多有关这方面的诗歌《当你老了就是其中一首据说水木年华的《一生有你就是由这首诗的灵感而来 When You Are Old—William Butler Yeats当你老了——威廉·巴特勒·叶芝When you are old and grey and full of sleep,当你年老,鬓斑,睡意昏沉,And nodding by the fire, take down this book,在炉旁打盹时,取下这本书,And slowly , and dream of the soft look,慢慢诵读,梦忆从前你双眸 Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;神色柔和,眼波中倒影深深;How many loved your moments of glad grace,多少人爱你风韵妩媚的时光,And loved your beauty with love false or true,爱你的美丽出自假意或真情,But one man loved the pilgrim Soul in you,但唯有一人爱你灵魂的至诚,And loved the sorrows of your changing face;爱你渐衰的脸上愁苦的风霜;And bending down beside the glowing bars,弯下身子,在炽红的壁炉边,Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled忧伤地低诉,爱神如何逃走,And paced upon the mountains overhead在头顶上的群山巅漫步闲游,And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.把他的面孔隐没在繁星中间 19931

AccidentA: I’m so sorry I failed to take part in the match yesterday, but I wasn’t able to, I’m afraid.B: Well, don’t you think it’s a bit late to be sorry now?A:I know that, but there was very little I could do about it.B: It’s all very well saying that there was very little you could do about it, but because of you we lost the game!A: Yes, I heard, and I am sorry, but there was an accident on the way and I got stuck in the traffic.B: But why the hell didn’t you phone us to let us know? 59

  As I was driving home from work, my car started acting up. It was making a strange noise and the engine was running roughly. When I got home, I popped open the hood to see if there was anything wrong. After looking around a few minutes and not seeing anything, I decided to take my car to the shop. I took it down to street to Manny's Car Repair. I've never had luck finding a really honest mechanic , but Manny was no worse than most . I explained to Manny the problem and he took a look at it right away. Finally, he narrowed it down to the fan belt . I asked him how much it would set me back and he said , with parts and labor. I usually feel like I'm getting ripped off when I go to a repair shop, but once, I thought Manny was being straight with me. I asked how long he needed to keep the car and he said at least until the end of the day tomorrow. He said he would order the part right away and he#818;Auml;ocirc;d call me when it was y. Oh well. I guess it could have been a lot worse. I better dust off my bike to take to work tomorrow. It's about time I got some exercise!Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 7


  The British propensity non-deference militates against special treatment to anyone, unless of course youre the official underdog. ;The last shall be first; is a biblical theme which could just as easily have been written by a British attitudes and motivation committee. We really cant cope when it turns out that ;the first shall be first.;I suppose a healthy society wrestles with the tensions between hero worship and indifference. We take them seriously enough to pay small tunes to see our heroes perm. And we take ourselves serious enough to make sure they remain able. It like the biblical idea of the priesthood of all believers adapted our social idiom. Were always OK with a few high priests as long as all of us are allowed to be priests. Honouring authority, respecting and praying powerful leaders with the power of life and death was integral to a biblical response to the privileged. But so also was self-effacing humility. If youre attending a special event, said the apostle James, dont stroll up to the top table. Wait until youre invited. I live within a stone throw from the Olympic site so Ill have to spend some eft in avoiding a fine. But even so I hope I can watch Usain Bolt being driven past me in the Olympic Lane and still cheer him on when he reaches the track.英国人天生不愿从的习性使任何人都很难享受特殊待遇,当然,除非你是公认的弱势群体“排在最后的应优先考虑”这一引自圣经的主题可由英国人民对待事情态度和行为动机轻易的描写出来当发现“排在首位的应优先考虑”时,我们实在是难以接受我认为一个健康的社会应该努力解决个人崇拜和漠不关心的态度之间的紧张关系我们足够重视运动员,花钱去看我们的英雄在场上的表现而且我们也足够重视自己,去确保他们仍负有责任这就像圣经传达的思想,所有信徒的神职必须适应我们社会的特色只要人人都能成为神父,我们对有几位主教是没有异议的崇尚权力,尊重掌握生杀大权的领导人并为他们祈祷是圣经讲述的如何对待有特权的人的基本要素但这同样也是谦逊的表现使徒雅各说,如果你出席一个特别的场合,不要闲庭信步地坐上首席你必须等待他人的邀请我家和奥运场地离得很近,我得费点周折去避免罚款即使如此,我仍希望我可以在奥运通道上看到尤塞恩#86;尔特坐着车从我身边经过,可以在他走上跑道时为他欢呼 65596

  Armond: I hope that this new year will bring me better luck.阿蒙德:我希望新年能带给我好运气Patricia: You can find that out easily enough. My astrologer says...帕特丽夏:你可以轻易地找到运气我的占星家说...Armond: Hold on. You consult an astrologer? You really believe in that nonsense?阿蒙德:等一等你去咨询星座专家了吗?你真的相信那些胡话?Patricia: It not nonsense and, yes, I believe in it. I like getting predictions about the future and knowing what is in the stars me.帕特丽夏:那不是胡话,而且我相信它我喜欢预测未来,我想要了解我的运势如何Armond: Astrologers are charlatans and what they tell their customers is phony. They make it all up and tell people what they want to hear.阿蒙德:占星家就是江湖骗子,他们告诉客户的都是假话一切都是他们编造出来的,他们会顺着人们的想法说话Patricia: I dont know how you can say that. The horoscope my sign each day gives me warnings and helps me avoid mistakes. And when I have big decisions to make, I go a ing. The guidance I get is invaluable.帕特丽夏:我不知道你为何这样说我的星座运势会每天给我提醒,帮助我避免犯错每当我要做重大决定时,我就会读一读它给我的指导是无价的Armond: Youre too smart to be taken in by con artists who style themselves as mystics. It all smoke and mirrors.阿蒙德:你太不聪明了,所以会被那些自称为神秘主义者的骗子欺骗那些都是错误的假象Patricia: Youre wrong. Ill give you an example. My horoscope today said that an unpleasant person will try to shake my beliefs. It said I should just walk away.帕特丽夏:你错了我来给你举个例子照占星术的说法,今天会有一个令人讨厌的人来试图动摇我的信念它告诉我我应该走开Armond: Hey, where are you going?阿蒙德:嘿,你要去哪里?原文译文属! 0A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.别人都走开的时候,朋友仍与你在一起Sometimes in life, you find a special friend, someone who changes your life just being part of it.有时候在生活中,你会找到一个特别的朋友,他只是你生活中的一部分,却能改变你的整个生活Someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop.他会把你逗得开怀大笑Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.他会让你相信人间有真情Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting you to open it.他会让你确信,真的有一扇不加锁的门,在等待着你去开启This is ever friendship.这就是永远的友谊When you’re down, and the world seems dark and empty, your ever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full;当你失意, 当世界变得黯淡与空虚, 你真正的朋友会让你振作起来,原本黯淡、空虚的世界顿时变得明亮和充实Your ever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times.你真正的朋友会与你一同度过困难、伤心和烦恼的时刻If you turn and walk away, your ever friend follows.你转身走开时, 真正的朋友会紧紧相随If you lose your way, your ever friend guides you and cheers you on.你迷失方向时, 真正的朋友会引导你,鼓励你Your ever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be ok.真正的朋友会握着你的手,告诉你一切都会好起来的And if you find such friend, you feel happy and complete. Because you need no worry, you have a ever friend life, and ever has no end.如果你找到了这样的朋友, 你会快乐,觉得人生完整 因为你无需再忧虑你拥有了一个真正的朋友,永永远远,永无止境 50

  One Cigarette by Edwin MorganNo smoke without you, my fire.After you left,your cigarette glowed on in my ashtrayand sent up a long th of such quiet greyI smiled to wonder who would believe its signal of so much love.One cigarette in the non-smoker tray.As the last spire trembles up,a sudden draught blows it winding into my face.Is it smell, is it taste?You are here again, and I am drunk on your tobacco lips.Out with the light.Let the smoke lie back in the dark.Till I hear the very ash sigh down among the flowers of brassIll breathe, and long past midnight, your last kiss. 367838


  Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus住在宿舍还是在校外租房It the question that every college student must answer. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages so it is important you to weigh your choice bee you make a final decision. To help you between the two, here are some pros and cons of both.这是每个大学生必须回答的问题两个选择都会有优势和劣势,这些对你的最终选择都很重要为了帮助你做出抉择,这里两种观点都有各自的持方和反对方On-Campus住在校内Accessibility to the school. If you live on-campus, you can easily walk to classes, libraries, computer labs, etc. You dont have to waste time and money on driving to school, finding a parking space, and so th.上课更方便如果你住在校园里,你可以去教室,图书馆,微机室等一些地方都很方便你不需要浪费时间在赶来学校的路上,也省去了路费,或者可能要找地方停车,等等Simplicity. If you live on-campus, you dont have to worry about monthly rent payments, utility bills, and grocery shopping. Most students living in a dorm get easy and convenient meals.简单性如果住学校宿舍,你不必担心每月租金、水电费、杂货店购物大部分学生住在一个宿舍很容易和方便的食物还可以增加的社交生活Increased social life. Living on-campus will allow you to meet more people and establish more friendships than if you live off-campus. Living in a dorm means that there will always be someone around to hang out with. You will also usually be aware of any campus activities and how to be involved in them.相比较住在校外,住在校园里,你能认识更多的人,收获更多的友谊住在宿舍意味着总会有人在身边,陪你出去玩你会知道很多校园活动以及学会如何融入集体Cons Little privacy. The close living space means little privacy. You may never have quiet time in you dorm because there will always be something going on.反对方:没有隐私紧密的生活空间意味着没有隐私因为总是有事情发生,所以在宿舍里很少有安静的时候Limited space. At most colleges, the dorm rooms are tiny. You have to limit what you bring to school, or your space will be too crowded.没有自己的空间在大多数的大学,宿舍房间都很小你在宿舍的东西是很有限的,不然你的空间就会很拥挤so th 等等eg. Each of the respective commies must define their membership, roles, permissions, and so th.每个各自的团体必须定义它们的成员、角色、许可等等eg. That is, if you want a new , a new editor, a new view, and so th, you need to implement a plug-in.也就是说,如果您想要一个新的菜单,一个新的编辑器,一个新的视图等等,您都需要执行一个插件。

  Are You a Cosplayer?你是Cosplayer一族吗?What is a Cosplay?;角色扮演; 是什么?;Cosplay; is an event which people dress up as their favorite character from cartoons, animations and games and can take photos with them.角色扮演,一般指人们通过化妆来扮演卡通,动漫作品和游戏中的角色,并允许他人与自己合影The word is a compound word made up of ;costume; and ;play;.COSPLAY是英文Costume Play的简略写法History of cosplay角色扮演的历史Cosplay history can be traced back to the 1970s, when merchants selling Star Trek comic books dressed up as Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock as a marketing ploy at the ComicMarket convention held in Tokyo each year.角色扮演的历史可以追溯到世纪70年代在东京每年一度的漫画市场大会上,一些销售《星际迷航漫画书的商家,会以自己装扮成柯克船长和斯波克先生作为一种营销策略进行宣传销售The idea slowly caught on with customers, and now thousands of costume players crowd into ComicMarket every year.这种理念很受顾客欢迎,现在每年都有数千热衷角色扮演的人涌入漫画市场Throughout the country there are believed to be around 50,000 costume players.据说东京现在大约有5万人喜欢进行角色扮演What are players reasons cosplaying?这些人为什么喜欢角色扮演?;Cosplay to me is a way me to make great new friends with the same interests as I have, improve my sewing skills, creativity, and let me use my imagination to help bring an amazing characters to life.;角色扮演对我来说是一个认识志同道合的朋友的绝佳方式,还提升了我的缝纫技术,创造力,使我发挥想象把漫画中的人物扮演的栩栩如生I also really enjoy the challenge of making a good costume. I know a lot of people ask me why I cosplay, so these are a few reasons on why I spend so much time and money cosplaying.;-- Angela我还很享受制作精美道具的过程我知道有许多人会问我为什么进行cospaly, 以上这些就是原因;---安吉丽娜;Have a few reasons why I currently cosplay. I enjoy the challenge of creating something with my bare hands, discovering new ways to design and duplicate complicated outfits and accessories, and finally putting on the final product.我进行角色扮演有几个理由 我非常喜欢做手工,寻找做设计或者模仿漫画中装和配饰的新方法,然后最终做出成品这个过程While I enjoy wearing the costumes, I enjoy making them even more.我喜欢穿这些饰,更享受制作它们的过程 38193

  Nivia: Why are you walking funny? Michael: Oh, I pulled a muscle in my right leg while playing with my kids last weekend. It’s hard to walk without feeling a twinge of pain. Nivia: I’m sorry to hear that. Why are you sitting in that awkward position? Michael: I strained my back while exercising. Initially, I felt a sharp pain and I thought it was something serious, but it doesn’t hurt much now. There’s just a dull pain when I sit up straight. That’s why I’m sitting like this, leaning to the side. Nivia: That’s too bad. Why are you holding your arms that way? Michael: I got up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom and bumped into the door. I got a huge bruise on my arm. It feels better if I hold it over my head. Nivia: Why are you shaking your fingers that way? Michael: I helped my daughter finish her science project school. I – I mean we – glued over 0 wooden sticks together. My fingers are really sore and stiff, and they won’t stop throbbing. Nivia: I’m afraid to ask you any more questions. I don’t think any man could survive any more injuries than what you aly have! 75


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