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【新闻精讲】The Mark of the social beast社交巨兽的污点Fake news items are not the only problem facing the social network虚假新闻并非社交网络面临的唯一问题“MARK ZUCKERBERG, dead at 32, denies Facebook has problem with fake news.” The satirical headline, which made the rounds online this week, nicely encapsulates the most recent woes of the world’s largest social network: its algorithms, critics say, filled users’ newsfeeds with misinformation—and in the process influenced the American election result. But this is not the only problem the firm is grappling with. A volatile share price, privacy policies and advertising metrics have also kept Mr Zuckerberg busy.“马克#8226;扎克伯格去世,享年32岁。他否认Facebook存在假新闻这一问题。”上月这条在网络上广为流传的新闻头条颇具讽刺意味,却也确切概括了这家世界上最大的社交媒体近期所遇到的麻烦:有批评者指出,其算法令用户的新闻推送中充斥虚假信息,甚至还影响了美国大选结果。但这并不是公司唯一正忙于应对的问题。让扎克伯格(见图)焦头烂额的还有公司波动的股价、隐私政策以及广告效果的评估。Satirical adj.讽刺的Encapsulate adj.概括(summarize)Woe n.苦恼 ( problem/trouble)Algorithm n.算法Grapple v.搏斗- grapple with 解决问题Volatile adj.不稳定的- the market/woman is volatile“News” that the Pope had endorsed Donald Trump or that a pizzeria in Washington, DC, is the home base of a child-abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton, were not confined to Facebook (nor were fake stories only a right-wing phenomenon). They often originate elsewhere, for instance on fake-news websites in Macedonia, which make good money via online ads, and on Twitter. But Facebook’s algorithms give prominence to such misinformation. They are tuned to maximise “engagement”, meaning they present users with the type of content that has aly piqued their interest, as outrageous headlines tend to do.“教皇持特朗普”,“希拉里领导着一个虐童组织,大本营在华盛顿特区一家披萨店”——这类“新闻”其实并非Facebook独有(不实的传言也并非只是一种右翼现象)。它们的源头往往都在别处,例如位于马其顿的一个假新闻网站(这种网站通过在线广告赚取大把钞票),或者是推特。但Facebook的算法会优先显示这类虚假信息。其算法要实现的是“参与度”最大化,这就意味着算法向用户提供的内容就是之前已勾起他们兴趣的那类——正如耸人听闻的新闻头条常常会做的那样。ring n.非法组织Confine v.局限于 (limit)Prominence n. 显著地位- prominent positionTune v.调整Pique v. 激起(好奇心,兴趣,愤怒)- pique n.愤怒Outrageous adj.令人愤怒的- outrageous behavior Article/201701/487123。

原味人文风情:Ah...beautiful day. I#39;d call it perfect. But it#39;s missing something, don#39;t you think? Ah! There it is. This morning just wasn#39;t complete until your first cup of coffee, right? Yeah, there#39;s nothing quite like a steaming cup full of an addictive drug in the morning.I#39;m Roger. And I#39;d love to tell you about Horton brand warm, addictive brown stuff.啊...美好的一天。我会说是完美的一天。但少了某些东西,你不觉得吗?啊!来了。这早晨不到你喝下第一杯咖啡就不算完整,对吧?是呀,没有什么比得上早晨来一整杯热呼呼让人上瘾的毒品。我是 Roger。而我很乐意和你谈谈霍顿牌那温暖、使人上瘾的咖啡色物体。Please enjoy this footage of velvety smooth beans,followed by a well-shot close-up of a hot brown liquidthat#39;s brewed by mixing heated water with the roasted, smashed-up seeds of a flowering shrub native to Southern Africa and Tropical Asia. I only showed you that to remind you, you desperately need your fix. How could you forget? You see, these small brown seedsare a naturally occurring source of the world#39;s most widely consumed central nervous system stimulant—caffeine. While most brain-altering substances are outlawed or at least tightly controlled by the government, this entirely legal psychoactive drug is enjoyed by basically every person you know, on a daily basis, completely unrestricted, and with zero cultural stigma. In fact, it#39;s openly celebrated by your friends, family, and morning television personalities!请享受这天鹅绒般光滑的豆子的画面,紧接着是一个滚烫棕色液体的超美特写,由热水混合烘烤过且捣碎的开花灌木种子冲煮而成,原产于南部非洲和热带亚洲。我给你看那不过是要提醒你,你亟需满足你的瘾头。你怎能忘记?你瞧,这些咖啡色小种子是世界上最广泛被摄取的中枢神经系统兴奋剂的天然来源--也就是咖啡因。尽管大部分会改变精神状态的物质都被法律禁止或至少受到政府严密管控,这一个完全合法的精神药物却基本上被每个你认识的人享用着,每一天、完全不受限,且完全没有文化污名。事实上,它被你的朋友、家人和早晨电视名人们公开地赞扬着!Smells so good. I can#39;t wait to add flavors and sweetener to distract from the natural flavor of this thing I claim to love and not be addicted to.闻起来真香!我等不及要添加香料跟甜味剂,这样就喝不到这个我宣称热爱又没上瘾的饮品的天然风味。I do like it! It#39;s just that...two sugars and that hazelnut creamer make it—I#39;m not addicted to...我真的喜欢它!只是...两颗糖和那榛果奶精让它--我没有上瘾...Junkies like him keep me, a harvester of brown seeds, in business. But not just me—also me, a distributor of overpriced addictive sludge.像他一样的瘾君子让身为咖啡色种子采收者的我有生意上门。但不只是我--还有我,一个提供订价过高、使人成瘾的烂泥的人。It also comes in pumpkin flavored, if you#39;d prefer that to the wet-cigar, boiled-asphalt flavor that occurs naturally.这还有南瓜口味喔,如果比起像湿雪茄和煮沸沥青的原味,你更喜欢南瓜口味的话。I do!我喜欢!Great! That#39;ll be 11 dollars and...here#39;s a cup with your name just butchered on it to prove that you will let literally anyone treat you literally however they want as long as they#39;re handing you a cup of the chemical reward of an unregulated psychoactive drug. Enjoy your drug disguised as a universally celebrated touchstone of human culture, Randor. Randor? That#39;s not even a name! I didn#39;t even try.好极了!那总共是十一美元,还有...这里是一个被胡乱写上你的名字的杯子,明你真的会让任何人随意对待你,只要他们递给你一杯不受管制的精神药物所带来的化学反馈。享受你那被伪装成全世界颂扬的人类文化标竿的毒药吧,Randor。Randor?那甚至不是一个名字!我连试着拼出来都没有。Now, I understand that you wouldn#39;t want to associate that chemical reward with the knowledge that people with far less money than you are severely underpaid to grow and harvest these bitter, drug-laden seeds. So I#39;d like to show you some more footage, this time of a hardworking, happy-looking person in Ethiopia, or Guatemala, somewhere hot—it doesn#39;t really matter.I#39;m also going to say some words that, combined with these images, should make you feel better.现在,我了解你不会想要把咖啡带来的化学反馈和这种事连结在一起,赚的钱比你少许多的人正被低价剥削来种植和采收这些又苦又满是毒品的种子。所以我想要再给你看看更多画面,这次是一位勤奋、满脸喜悦的人,他在衣索比亚,或危地马拉,某个很热的地方--其实不太重要。我也要来说一些词,结合这些影像,那应该会让你觉得好受点。Organic.有机。Cooperative.协同合作。Sustainable.永续发展。Ethical...um...ethics.合乎道德的...呃...道德。I could bore you with the details and complexities of the international commodities market, or I could just say, ;Hey, look! This burlap bag of beans has #39;Fair Trade#39; stamped on it.;我可以用国际商品市场的细节和繁琐事物让你感到厌烦,或者我可以就说:「嘿,你看!这袋粗麻布袋的豆子上面印有『公平贸易』耶。」That#39;s good...right那很好呀...是吧?Sure! Or at any rate, it lets you plausibly deny that your happiness fix relies on somebody else#39;s misery. Now the only thing that#39;ll keep you up at night is the central nervous system stimulant you consume on a daily basis via this mix of heated water and roasted, smashed-up seeds.当然!或至少,它让你貌似合理地否认你的快乐泉源是建立在别人的痛苦之上。现在唯一会让你夜晚失眠的东西,只有你每天摄取的中枢神经系统兴奋剂,透过这杯热水与烘烤过且捣碎的种子的混和物。Why are you doing this Why are you telling us this?!你为什么要这么做?你为什么要告诉我们这个?!You#39;re really cranky when you haven#39;t had your coffee, you know that? There you go...a nice warm cup of your personality. Drink it up!你还没喝咖啡时真的很暴躁不安耶,你知道吗?就是这样...极棒又温暖的一杯人品。干杯吧!I#39;m Roger, by the way.顺道一提,我是 Roger。 Article/201703/498531。

GE is dead in the water GE is the worst stock in the Dow this year. One analyst said investors have #39;thrown in the towel#39; on GE and that the company needs a drastic shakeup to return to its glory days.Remember when GE used to be the market. Everyone couldn#39;t wait for the company#39;s earnings reports. The stock was always on fire. Those days are long gone. GE shares down 7% this year, the worst performer in the DOW. And one analyst from Barclays is now suggesting that GE pulling ATamp;T in break-up, because the company is just too bloated. In a very sharply worded research now, the Barclay analyst pointed out that GE is now such a confusing mess that it took him several days to fully digest the last earnings report. So what does that mean for the little guys trying to buy GE? GE under CEO Jeff Immelt facing a lot of pressure to fuel more, to innovate and grow. This isn#39;t the company that Jack Welch once ran, the CEO of GE that no one probably remember that much anymore among the younger generation. This is just the guy that are occasionally seen on CN, known because he tweets every now and then criticizing the president. The GE once a bellweather, the glory days probably behind it. It may now be just a Wall Street awesome end. And that#39;s the Buzz, I#39;m Paul LaMonica @LaMonicabuzz on Tweeter. /201410/333521。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201503/366822。

栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201509/392004。

Rare Video: Japan Tsunami勿忘 311 海啸的痛All across northern Japan, they felt it—a violent, magnitude 9.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011. It was centered about 80 miles offshore, and tsunami warnings went up immediately. In coastal cities, people knew what to do next: run to higher ground.整个北日本地区,他们感受到它--2011 年 3 月 11 日一阵剧烈、震度 9.0 的地震。震央在近海约 80 里 (约 129 公里) 处,海啸警报立刻发布。在沿海城市,人们知道接下来要做什么:逃到高处。It#39;s from these vantage points on hills and in tall buildings that incredible footage was captured. In Kesennuma, people retreated to a high-rise rooftop and could only watch in horror as tsunami waves inundated their city, knocking buildings into rubble and mixing into a kind of tsunami soup filled with vehicles, building parts, and contents. Seawater cascaded over seawalls and into cities.正是从小山上和高耸建物中的这些有利位置,惊人的影片被拍下。在气仙沼市,人们退到高楼屋顶上,但在海啸浪潮淹没他们的城市时只能惊恐地看着,海啸将房屋击碎成瓦砾堆,搅拌成一种混着汽车、房屋零件和内容物的海啸汤。海水滚滚越过防波堤然后进入城市。This shows the water rushing over an 18-foot seawall in the Kamaishi city. The seawall here was the world#39;s deepest and largest, but not enough for the magnitude of the March 11 disaster. It was the largest quake ever known in Japan, and one of the five largest recorded in the world. More than 28,000 people are confirmed dead or missing.这个影片播放出海水冲过一面在釜石市 18 英尺高 (约 5.5 公尺) 的防波堤。这里的防波堤是世界上最深最大的,但不足以应付 3 月 11 号那灾难的强度。这是日本有史以来所知最大的地震,也是全世界记录五个最大的地震之一。超过两万八千人被确认死亡或失踪。When two tectonic plates push together under the sea, the resulting earthquake sends an enormous burst of energy up through the ocean, displacing enormous quantities of water. With the upward motion, a series of waves expands in all directions.当两个板块在海底推挤在一起时,产生的地震将一个巨大的能量爆发向上穿透海洋传送出去,排出大量的水。随着那向上的移动,一连串的海浪向四面八方扩散。In deep water, these waves travel fast—up to 500 miles an hour—but only reach a height of a few feet. A passing ship might not even notice. But as the waves enter shallow waters, friction with the ocean floor lowers the waves#39; speed, but raises their height.在深海域,这些海浪移动得很快--高达时速 500 英里 ( 约 805 公里)--但只达到几英尺的高度。一艘经过的船可能甚至不会注意到。但当海浪进入浅海域,和海床的擦减慢海浪速度,但提升了海浪的高度。This is from a Japan coast guard ship confronting a tsunami wave in shallow water on March 11. And a rare view from the air— of a tsunami wave approaching the shoreline. In Japan, some tsunami waves reached as far as three miles inland. Japan may be the most seismologically-studied country in the world, and with more than 1,200 high-precision GPS stations, a geophysicist at the University of Alaska used the data to create a visualization of the March 11 quake. The waves of displacement that you see were moving as fast as five miles per second. In this photo, the ripples of tsunami waves are seen moving upstream in the Naka River at Hitachinaka City.这个影片是来自一艘 3 月 11 日在浅海域遇到一波海啸浪潮的日本海巡船。还有一个空拍的罕见景象--一波海啸浪潮渐渐接近海岸线的影片。在日本,一些海啸浪潮到达内陆三英里 (约 5 公里)的距离。日本可能是全世界地震学上最被研究的国家,有着超过 1,200 个高度精确的 GPS 站点,阿拉斯加大学的一位地球物理学家利用那数据来建立出 3 月 11 日地震的想像图。你所见板块位移产生的波动正达到每秒五英里 (约 8 公里) 的速度在移动。这张相片里,海啸波浪的涟漪在常陆那珂市的那珂川中被观察到正向上游移动。New technology left an enormous amount of visual evidence for study in years to come, and can, perhaps, help us better understand the power of earthquakes and tsunamis, and prevent loss of life in the future.新科技留下大量可见据供未来的研究,且或许可以帮助我们更了解地震和海啸的力量,并在未来避免生命损失。 Article/201507/387764。

An example of that strategy had its finest hour当全球的未来遭到威胁时when the future of the world was in the balance.这种方法大放异In a quiet corner of the Met Office library hangs a map,在英国气象局图书馆的僻静角落挂着一张地图probably the most famous weather map in the world.它可能是全世界最著名的一张气象图It#39;s the forecast for D-Day.它是诺曼底登陆的天气预报It played a critical role对于二战的结局in the outcome of the Second World War.它发挥了至关重要的作用The weather forecast might well have won the war.可能是天气预报赢得了战争They were trying to predict, within a window of a few days,他们尝试预测在几天里with the right amount of moon, the right tides,是否有合适的月相 合适的潮汐as to whether the weather would be flat enough for the landings.以及合适的天气用于登陆The forecast was for this ridge of high pressure预测结果是这道高压脊to move in across the western part of the Channel.将从海峡西部移动过来As you can see, it hadn#39;t got quite as far in as was expected.能看到 它没有预计中走的那么远So conditions weren#39;t perfect,所以登陆条件并不是绝佳的but they knew that if they didn#39;t go at the beginning of June,但是他们知道如果六月初不出发的话they#39;d have to wait another month.就必须再等一个月 Article/201411/341929。