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Stonehenge SecretsHave scientists solved historic site's mystery? You know, one of the world oldest mysteries remain just gotten closer to being solved. There's a new founding at the Stonehenge. Fox News Amy has more from London. Amy, have you solved something special?Well, I'm a lighter know, Steve, Brad and . We have some different news this morning here from England. It is an iconic symbol when the most mysterious, probably in in the entire world. And if fact, some of the secrets may have been unlocked through the discovery of more stones and bones at Stonehenge, there was a dig around the inner two circle. first dig and 50 years and now, expert team of archaeologists and professors believe that it was actually a healing center, , a place of pilgrimage in what let them to determine this that we've just listen to about an hour and half explanations I'm really trying to break it down. But basically that part of Stonehenge, the inner two circles, made of blue stones which over the centuries has been believed to have healing qualities, are 300 years younger than what they were originally thought. So from 300 and that that nicely with discoveries over years that were made of skeletons of people who clearly had sort of ailment. So putting the two together, this team now believes that the Stonehenge really was a healing center, a place people went to try to get better and also, another thing they found there was that people tried to take bits of the stone away. So in their latest dig, they saw that these blue stones in the inner two rings had been chipped away in such a way as to lead them to believe that people try to take some of the stone with them. Now this doesn't discount the fact that they still made the other usages of Stonehenge, including a just burial site, some sort of winter , summer , celebration place. But in the meantime, the latest is that scientists now believe that its primary purpose at a particular time, 300 , was as a healing center. We don't know exactly what the quality of that blue stones is, but apparently to this date, some people still believe that it's very very powerful. Back to you guys.Hey, Amy, could you work at the month too. We got when they are just about done. Alright, Amy, we thank you very much that lovely report. 1353

!gn-.8w)Ex[DeH!ZA%],8Jn-k@Ft0tflg|c.xu6;MY(NS3IU-wl3)*7Prisons today have too many prisoners. The prisoners sleep in bunk beds. They sleep in triple bunk beds. Triple bunk beds are three prisoners. One prisoner sleeps in the bottom bunk bed. Another prisoner sleeps in the middle bunk bed. Another prisoner sleeps in the top bunk bed. They sleep on top of one another. They sleep beneath one another. Prisoners complain about the triple bunk beds. They don’t like the triple bunk beds. Prisons didn’t use to have bunk beds. Prisons didn’t use to have any beds. Prisoners used to sleep on a cold floor. Prisoners today get three meals a day. They get three hot meals. Prisoners used to get one meal a day. They used to get one cold meal.uguQME5EC,T[3)*yED^*kc^*S3Ln^y#tCYKsXx+k|AKUQSnWp,LPJjm,Zo| 18

很多时候,人生就需要勇气,需要一种积极的生活态度只有具备了无畏的勇气,才会从囿于自我的小天地里解脱出来,才会更广泛自如地与人沟通交流,才会听到不同的声音Ask, Ask, Ask?Markita Andrews, the greatest saleswoman in the world today, has generated more than eighty thousand dollars selling Girl Scout cookies since she was seven years old.At age , Markita discovered the secret of selling. It starts with desire—burning, white-hot desire. Markita and her mother, their dream was to travel the globe. So at age when Markita in her Girl Scout magazine that the Scout who sold the most cookies would win an all- expenses-paid trip two around the world, she decided to sell all the Girl Scout cookies she could.But desire alone is not enough. To make her dream come true, Markita knew she needed a plan."Always wear your professional garb," her aunt advised. "Wear your Girl Scout unim. Always smile, whether they buy or not, always be nice. And don’t ask them to buy your cookies; ask them to invest."Markita went off in her unim each day after school, y to ask—and keep asking—folks to invest in her dream. "Hi, I have a dream. I’m earning a trip around the world me and my mom by merchandising Girl Scout cookies," she’d say at the door."Would you like to invest in one dozen or two dozen boxes of cookies?"That year Markita won her trip around the world. Markita is no smarter and no more extroverted than other people with dreams of their own. The difference is Markita had discovered the secret of selling: Ask, Ask, Ask! Many people fail bee they even begin because they fail to ask what they want. The fear of rejection leads many of us to reject ourselves and our dreams long bee anyone else ever has the chance—no matter what we’re selling.And everyone is selling something."You’re selling yourself everyday—in school, to your boss, to new people you meet," said Markita at , "My mother is a waitress: she sells the daily special. Mayors and presidents trying to get votes are selling ... I see selling everywhere I look. Selling is part of the whole world."It takes courage to ask what you want. Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s doing what it takes despite one’s fear. And, as Markita has discovered, the more you ask, the easier it gets. 95

A Sunday school teacher was telling her pupils the importance of making others glad. "Now, children," said she , "has anyone of you ever make someone else glad?"  "yes,"said a small boy,"I've make someone glad yesterday." "Well done. Who was that?"  "My granny.""Good boy. Now tell us how you made your grandmother glad."  "I went to see her yesterday, and stayed with her three hours. Then I said to her, 'Granny, I'm going home,' and she said, 'Well, I'm glad'!" 一个主日学校校的老师在对学生讲使别人高兴的重要性."听着,孩子们"她说:"你们当中有谁让别人高兴过?"  "我,"一个小男孩说:"昨天我就使别人高兴过." "做得好,是谁呢?"  "我奶奶." "好孩子.现在告诉我们,你是怎样使你奶奶高兴的.""是这样的,老师.我昨天去看她,在她那儿呆了三个小时.然后我跟她说:"奶奶,我要回家了."她说:"啊,我很高兴!" 87

Skydiver Breaks The Speed Of Sound极限运动员超越声速Felix Baumgartner, a skydiver from Austria, jumped out of a capsule from 39 kilometres over the New Mexico desert and broke the speed of sound. The pressurized capsule was carried up to the edge of space by a massive helium balloon. Baumgartner’s free fall lasted four minutes and seconds bee he deployed his parachute and descended five more minutes. In addition to reaching an estimated speed of 1, kilometres per hour, Baumgartner also broke the record the highest sky jump and the highest flight in a helium balloon. The pressurized suit Baumgartner wore kept him alive during the free fall, and will help scientists design future high-tech spacesuits.在新墨西哥沙漠,奥地利跳伞运动员菲利克斯·鲍姆加特纳从3.9万米太空舱跳伞,下落速度超过风速太空舱通过氦气气球升至太空边缘在打开降落伞进行减速下降之前,鲍姆加特纳的自由落体耗时分秒,减速下降时间超过5分钟除了预计的每小时公里外,鲍姆加特纳还打破了最高海拔跳伞,以及载人氦气球最高飞行记录在自由落体时,鲍姆加特纳的压力至关重要,它将帮助科学家研制高科技太空译文属原创,,不得转载 56

听笑话学英语:我要表现得象位女士One day when womens dresses were on sale at the FarEast Department Store, a dignified middle-aged man decided to get his wife a piece. But he soon found himself being battered by frantic women. He stood it as long as he could; then, with head lowered and arms flailing, he plowed through the crowed. "You there!" challenged a thrill voice. "Cant you act like a gentleman?" "Listen," he said, "I have been acting like a gentleman an hour. From now on, I am acting like a lady." 一天,远东百货公司的女装大减价,一位看起来很高贵的中年男子想给太太买一件但是不久他就发现自己被疯狂的女人们挤得不成样子了 他尽力忍耐着后来,他低下头,猛烈地舞动着手臂挤过人群 “你干嘛?”有人在尖叫,“你难道不能表现得象位绅士吗?” “听着,”他说,“我已经象绅士一样表现了一个小时从现在起,我要表现得象位女士” 1

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