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罗拉因为要看中国戏剧而感到特别兴奋,早早地拉着雪莉来到了剧院。离演出开始还有好长一段时间,这下他们该干点什么呢? Listen Read Learn Shirley: We came too early. There're still three hours before the performance starts.Laura: I know. Sorry, I shouldn't have rushed you, but I just couldn't stay at home and wait.Shirley: Never mind. What about taking a look around the theater?Laura: Why not? I'd love to do that.Shirley: Here we go. There is a museum of the Beijing Opera art.(They come to the museum of the Beijing Opera art.)Laura: Wow. Look at this. So delicate and beautiful. Did ancient Chinese people really wear them?Shirley: Not really. They are just opera costumes. Do you like the embroidery?Laura: I surely do. They must have had advanced machine in ancient China to do that.Shirley: No, no, no. They are all handmade, girl. You know, the ancient Chinese women were supposed to be good at needlework.Laura: Unbelievable! I could never do that.Shirley: Very few can. That's why these clothes only appear in the museum.Laura: Listen! Some people are singing outside. Is it the opera?Shirley: Oh, yes. I heard there was an opera fans club. They are probably practicing now. Wanna have a look?Laura: Yes, let's do it.Shirley: Follow me. Make sure not to interrupt them.Laura: Of course not. We don't do that.听看学雪莉:我们来得太早了。离演出开始还有三个小时呢!罗拉:我知道。对不起,我不该催你的,可我就是受不了在家里等。雪莉:没关系。要不我们参观一下这个剧院?罗拉:为什么不呢?我很乐意这么做。雪莉:那我们走吧。这里有一个京剧艺术物馆。(她们来到了京剧艺术物馆。)罗拉:哇,看这个。这么精致、漂亮。中国古代的人真穿这些衣吗?雪莉:不是的。它们只是戏。你喜欢这些刺绣吗?罗拉:我当然喜欢了。中国古代一定有先进的机器来做那样的衣。雪莉:不,不,不。它们都是手工制作的,小姑娘。知道吗,中国古代女子都得做针线活。罗拉:真是难以置信!我一定做不了这个。雪莉:很少有人能做到。这就是为什么这些衣只出现在物馆里啊。罗拉:听!有人在外面唱歌。那就是戏曲吗?雪莉:哦,是的。我听说这里有一个戏迷俱乐部。他们现在可能在排练。想去看看吗?罗拉:好的,我们去看看。雪莉:跟我来。得保不打扰他们哦。罗拉:当然不会。我们可不会那么做。经典背诵 RecitationLaura: I arrived at the theater with Aunt Shirley 3 hours ahead of the show. It was because I was too excited to stay at home and wait. So we decided to take a look around the theater. There was a museum of the Beijing Opera art. I saw some very beautiful opera costumes. I wondered how the ancient people had managed to make those things with hands. It's just unbelievable!生词小结costume n. 戏embroidery n. 刺绣handmade adj. 手工制的needlework n. 针线活语素 MaterialBroadwayBroadway in New York is the center of American modern musicals and operas. Even the stars of Hollywood dream to put on a show there, figuring that would be the pride of their art lives. The most talented musician of Broadway is Andrew Webber, who created many very famous musicals and operas, including Cats, Chicago, and the Phantom of the Opera House.百老汇纽约的百老汇是美国现代歌舞剧的中心。甚至好莱坞的明星都梦想着能到那里表演,他们认为那将成为他们艺术生涯的骄傲。百老汇最有才华的音乐家是安德鲁?韦伯,他创作了很多非常著名的歌舞剧,包括《猫》、《芝加哥》和《歌剧媚影》。The Four Greatest Masters of Beijing OperaBeijing Opera is the treasure of Chinese culture. Mei Lanfang, Cheng Yanqiu, Shang Xiaoyun, and Xun Huisheng are recognized as the four greatest artists of Beijing Opera. Among them, Mei Lanfang is acknowledged to be the symbol of China's performing art. During his stage career, he created many lively and unforgettable artistic images. He dedicated his whole life to the art. He is undoubtedly the pride of China.中国京剧四大名旦京剧是中国文化的瑰宝。梅兰芳、程砚秋、尚小云和荀慧生被合称为京剧四大名旦。其中,梅兰芳被公认为是中国表演艺术的代表。在他的舞台生涯中,他塑造了许多生动且令人难以忘怀的艺术形象。他把一生都献给了艺术。毫无疑问他是中国的骄傲。 /200806/42412。

  • 218. 韦尼格先生因酒后驾车被罚了100美元。 [误] Mr. Vinegar was punished 0 for drunken driving. [正] Mr. Vinegar was fined 0 for drunken driving.注:punish 后面不直接加具体惩罚,如:He was punished by long terms of imprisonment(他被处以长期监禁)或 He was unished to pay 0 for drunk driving。专门用来表示罚款的动词是 fine,其后可直接加被罚金额。 /200809/49955。
  • 1. Argentina is an incredibly strong team for Korea Republic. However, the game of soccer is full of possibilities and Korea is notorious for pulling magic out of thin air. This will be a fantastic game to watch!对韩国来说,阿根廷绝对是个强队。不过,在足球比赛中,一切皆有可能。况且韩国队向来以凭空创造奇迹而闻名。这场比赛一定会很精! /201006/106470。
  • “绝对可靠!”朋友阿P信誓旦旦,“我查过资料了,马的年龄可以根据马的牙齿数目和形状来确定……” 哦,阿P近段正在拍一部有关马的记录片,所以脑子有点进水,话里话外全是“马”…… 暂不去管我这位着了马“魔”的朋友,但他的话倒让人想起一个短语“straight from the horse's mouth”(绝对可靠),其渊源确实与阿P的“可靠资料”有关。 “Straight from the horse's mouth”最早出现于上世纪20年代,常用来形容“消息绝对可靠”。据说,马的乳门齿、乳中齿会随着年岁的增长被永久门齿、永久中齿依次顶落,而且马的切齿由于采撷食物也会受到磨损,所以,有经验的驯马师常“从马的嘴巴里”(from the horse's mouth)——马的乳齿数或马的切齿磨损程度——获知马的年龄。 日常生活中,“straight from the horse's mouth”(绝对可靠)更常用来形容“(消息等)直接来自当事人”,有时该短语也可写做“from the horse's mouth”,看下面一个例句: Say, did you hear that Sally and Bob are going to get married. Honest, I'm not joking. I heard it from Bob himself, so it's straight from the horse''s mouth!(喂,听说了没?萨利和鲍勃要结婚了。我可不是开玩笑,我说的是实话。鲍勃亲自告诉我的,因此这消息是绝对可靠!) 转自:英语点津陈蓓编辑。
  • 冰岛火山爆发让欧洲的航空陷入空前混乱之中,而冰岛当地人则要忍受铺天盖地的火山灰,并担心火山爆发导致的洪水。下面一起来学习与火山有关的词汇:the eruption of volcano 火山爆发accumulation 积聚,堆积物active volcano 活火山Alaska Volcano Observatory 阿拉斯加州火山观察站aluminum [化]铝Archean [地质]太古代的archeology 考古学ascending 上升的,向上的ash particle 灰烬微粒basaltic lava 玄武岩火山石basin-shaped 盆状的blast 一股(气流),爆炸,冲击波blob 一滴,一团blocky 短而结实的,斑驳的bombs 火山口喷出的大堆球状熔岩bowl-shaped crater 碗型的火山口calcium [化]钙(元素符号ca)caldera 喷火山口,凹陷处carbon dioxide [化] 二氧化碳cinder cone 火山渣形成的圆锥体composite volcano 复式火山congeal (使)冻结,(使)凝结conical hill 圆锥型的小山Cotopaxi 科多帕希火山(在厄瓜多尔北部)coulee 深谷,熔岩流craggy 陡峭的crater 坑crystallization 结晶化cubic kilometer 立方公里debris 碎片,残骸demolish 毁坏,破坏dense clouds of lava fragments 浓密的火山岩碎片descend on 袭击destructive power 破坏力devastate 毁坏diameter 直径dike 堤防dissolved gases 稀释的气体dormancy 睡眠,冬眠dormant 睡眠状态的,静止的Earth's crust 地壳geothermic 地热的ejected material 喷射出来的物质emission (光、热等的)散发,发射,喷射erosion 腐蚀,侵蚀formation of cone 火山口的形成lava flow 熔岩流eruption 爆发,火山灰evacuate 撤退exhume 掘出,发射fannning 铺开,展开fertile 肥沃的,富饶的fissure 裂缝,裂沟flank 侧面fluid lava flow 流动的熔岩流fracture 破裂froth 泡沫,废物Fuji 富士山(在日本本州岛上的死火山)funnel-shaped crater 漏斗型的火山口gas pressure 气压gaseous 气体的,气态的geologic 地质(学)的,地质(学)上的geologist 地质学者geophysicist 地球物理学者glassy 像玻璃的granitic 花岗石的,由花岗岩形成的igneous 火的,似火的 [地]火成的intermittently 间歇地landscape 风景,地形lava dome 圆顶火山lava plateau 火山岩高地lava 熔岩,火山岩magma 岩浆magnesium [化]镁magnitude 量级majestic 宏伟的,庄严的manganese [化]锰(元素符号为Mn)mantle composition 覆盖物的成分molten 溶化;熔铸的mudflow 泥流non-explosive lava flows 非爆炸性的火山岩流pasty 浆状的Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes 火山女神pent 被关闭的,郁积的periodic violent unleashing 周期性的猛烈释放population density 人口密度potassium [化]钾precipitate 沉淀物;使沉淀profile 剖面,侧面,外形pyroclastic flow [地质]火成碎屑流,火山灰流quench 熄灭,平息reawaken 再度觉醒reemergence 再度出现resurgent 复活的rift zone 断裂区shield volcano 盾状火山silicate [化] 硅酸盐silicon [化] 硅sodium [化]钠solidification 凝固solidify (使)凝固,巩固stratovolcanoes 层云火山terrane 岩石titanium [化]钛Vesuvius n. 维苏威火山(位于意大利西南部,欧洲大陆惟一的活火山)viscous adj.粘性的,粘滞的volcanic activity 火山活动volcanic ash and dust 火山灰尘volcanic ash 火山灰volcanic cinders 火山灰volcanic dust 火山尘土volcanic eruption 火山爆发volcanic feature 火山特征volcanic landform 火山地形volcanic lava dome 火山岩圆顶volcanic terrain 火山地形volcanic vent 火山口volcanism 火山作用volcano 火山volcanologist 火山学家Shield Volcano盾状火山pumice 浮岩;浮石Composite Volcano 复合型火山active volcano 活火山extinct volcano 死火山dormant volcano 休眠火山Volcanic Explosivity Index 火山爆发指数(VEI)bomb 火山弹ash 火山灰block 火山块lapilli 火山砾lahar 火山泥流tephra 火山喷发碎屑pyroclastic flow 火山碎屑流scoria 火山渣cinder cone 火山渣锥pahoehoe 绳状熔岩maar 低平火山口mud volcano 泥火山calderas 破火山口Plinian Eruption 普林尼式喷发(岩浆粘度大、爆发强烈,火山碎屑物常达90%以上,其中围岩碎屑占10%-25%,喷出物以流纹质与粗面质浮岩、火山灰为主,分布较广,伴有少量熔岩流或火山灰流。)lava tube 熔岩管道lava flow 熔岩流lava tube caves 熔岩隧洞 /201004/101798。
  • 1.Please don't feed the animals. If you have any food, please give it to the guard on duty.匈牙利动物园:请不要给动物喂食。如果您有食品,请喂给值班警卫。 /11/88437。
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