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渭南市治疗便血多少钱西安看不孕不育哪个医院最好西安庆安医院营业时间 NASA to test flying saucerNASA拟测试降落伞NASA plans to try out the largest parachute ever deployed during a flying saucer launch that will test new technologies for landing on Mars.美国宇航局计划在一次飞碟发射中测试着陆火星的新技术,试验史上最大的降落伞。The US space agency figured out how to do this decades ago, but with the goal of sending humans to Mars in the 2030s, the agency is now testing the Supersonic Ringsail Parachute that is 30 meters in diameter, which could allow even heavier spacecraft to land softly by slowing the entry vehicle from Mach 2 to subsonic speeds.美国宇航局早在几十年前就已掌握使用降落伞减速技术,但该局计划于本世纪30年代将宇航员送到火星,因而将对;超音速环帆降落伞;进行测试。该降落伞直径达30米,可以把飞行器的速度从两倍音速减至亚音速,让载重更大的飞行器平稳降落。 /201506/378827陕西西安高新医院专家

西安淋病的医院This is no cold fish!这不是一条冰冷热带鱼!This opah is about as close to a full-body warm-blooded fish as science has yet discovered. Here, biologist Nick Wegner prepares to insert a temperture sensor into the animal’s pectoral muscles. The device will record internal and external temperatures following the fish’s release.这条月鱼就像还未被科学家探索到的全身恒温鱼类。这里生物学家Nick Wegner准备在这条鱼的胸肌处植入一个温度传感器,这一装置将在这条鱼散发热量的时候记录下身体内外的温度。Fish as a rule stay the temperature of the water around them. Not the opah. As it hunts in the ocean’s dark depths, this fish keeps much of its body distinctly warmer than the frigid water around it. That makes this species the closest of any fish to the warm-bloodedness typical of birds and mammals.一般来说,鱼类体温均会与其周围水温保持同等温度,而月鱼是个例外。当它游向深海中捕食时,它的体温将比周围冰冷的水温高一些。这一情况使得这一种类的鱼比起其他鱼类最接近恒温动物特征,如鸟类和哺乳类。The opah (Lampris guttatus) is about the size of a car tire and almost as round. That shape helps explain why the opah is sometimes called a moonfish. This animal swims by using its large pectoral muscles to move its skinny, red pectoral fins. Those muscles also produce a lot of heat.月鱼大小约摸一个小汽车轮胎大,几乎是圆的,这便是月鱼另一个名称----翻车鱼的来源。月鱼在游的时候通过其胸肌的力量来带动胸鳍,这些肌肉也会帮助月鱼产生热量。译文属 /201505/376766陕西省中心医院治疗不孕不育好吗 西安第八人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

西安中医院人流价格表The Bronze Chariots and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s Mausoleum秦始皇陵铜车马In December 1980,two sets of large painted bronze chariots and horses were unearthed 20 meters west of the mount of Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s Mausoleum. They were listed as No. 1 and No. 2 respectively according to their discovery. They were then enclosed in a wooden coffin and buried in a pit seven meters deep. When excavated, the chariots and horses were seriously damaged due to the decayed wooden coffin and the collapse of earthen layers. No. 2 bronze chariot and horses were found broken int0 1,555 pieces when excavated .After two and a half years of careful and painstaking restoration by archaeologists and other experts, they were formally open to the public on October l, 1983. No. 1 bronze chariot and horses were also open to the public in 1988. The bronze chariots drawn by four horses, with a single shaft, were placed one before the other vertically. The front chariot, i. e. No. 1 Chariot, was supposed to be ; High Chariot; in the ancient time. The back chariot, i. e. No. 2 Chariot, was named ;Security Chariot;. It has a front room and a rear room, between which there is a partition. The front room is for the charioteer and the rear one for the master. In the rear compartment, there is a window on either side of the carriage as well as in the front with a door at the back. The windows and doors could close and open easily. The small holes on the windows were used for ventilation. On top of the chariot, there was an elliptical umbrella-like canopy. The chariot was colour-painted against a white background. No. 2 Chariot was fitted with more than l,500 pieces of silver and gold and other ornaments, looking luxurious, splendid and graceful. Probably it was used for Emperor Qin Shihuang#39;s soul to go out on inspection. No.1 Chariot was equipped with crossbows, arrow heads, shields and the charioteer wore a hat, which shows that this chariot was employed to protect the No. 2 Chariot be- hind. The bronze chariots and horses were the earliest and most exquisitely made bronze valuables. They enjoy the highest class and have the most complete harnessing wares. They are also the largest bronze ware discovered in the history of world archaeology. The excavation of the bronze chariots and horses provides extremely valuable material and data for the textual research of the metallurgical technique, mechanism of chariots and technological modeling of the Qin Dynasty.1980年12月在秦始皇陵西侧20米处,发掘出土了两乘大型绘铜车马,按照发现的顺序,被编为一号和二号铜车马。当时皆被埋在7米深的坑里,外面用一个木椁装着。出土时,因木椁腐朽,土层塌陷,两辆铜车马都残破严重,其中二号铜车马已碎成1555片,经过考古工作者和各方面专家两年半细心艰苦的修复,二号铜车马于1983年10月1日正式对外展出,一号铜车马也于1988年正式展出。这两乘车都是四马单辕,呈前后纵向排列,前面的一号车应为古代的“高车”。二号车叫“安车”,分为前御室和后乘室。两室之间隔以车墙。赶车的人坐在前御室,主人坐在后乘室。乘室前面及左右两侧有三个车窗,后面留门,门窗都可以灵活启闭,窗上的小孔可以调节空气。车上有椭圆形伞状车盖。此车通体施以白色为底色的绘,二号车配有1500余件金银构件和饰物,显得华丽富贵?它可能是供秦始皇出游时乘坐的。一号车上配备有弓弩、箭头、盾牌,驾车者带有官帽,这说明此车是用来保护后面二号车的安全的。铜车马是我国时代最早,驾具最全,级别最高,制作最精的青铜器珍品,也是世界考古发现的最大青铜器。它的出土,为考秦代冶金技术、车辆结构、工艺造型等提供了极为珍贵的实物资料。 /201601/419347 西安市西京医院的地址陕西省西安五院到底好不好



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