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济南做阴道缩紧手术需要多少钱济南市中区无痛人流要多少钱singer looks at life after "Idol" country music star on life after "American Idol" The last few years have been like a fairy tale for season 4 American Idol, Carrie Underwood with an armful of awards and hit after hit topping the country charts, she's nothing if not grateful.I was very lucky and very blessed that I got to go through, and I got to win and everything has worked out and now I do look back and think, Holy Cow, Look at all the stuff that, you know, that I’ve been able to, been nominated for, and been a part of, and win, you know, songs that I’ve been able to sing, it's just, it’s all been great and wonderful.But she knows in spite of all her success that life after Idol can be a rocky road.I don't think anybody knew what to expect and nobody ever knows what to expect. When somebody wins the American Idol, you know, the public can continue to support them, you know they are the one that made them the American Idol. Ah, you just, you never know how things are gonna happen.The 25-year-old Oklahoman says Idol’s relentless schedule and sometimes harsh criticism does a good job of preparing you for the music business.Even that, I think it taught me a lot, and, um, definitely prepared me for the life I live now, it makes you a skinny little figure. If you can make it through all that, it's like, many boot camp, you know, you go through stuff that, you know, ten years of experiences, um, that somebody could earn and you know, go through, um, in a very short period of time.Carrie Underwood. Even four years later, no matter how calm she may look on the outside when she's on stage, inside she's all butterflies.You get nervous, you get nervous before they, you know, announced the nominees, you get nervous before you are gonna perform in front of all kinds of people that, you know, your peers and the people that, you know, I grow up listening to and it’s just there's a lot to be nervous about, and you want to put together to get album, you know, right before that comes out, I think I might sick to my stomach for a month, woo, just being nervous about it, but it's good. I have been nervous as like you should top your game and I think when you stop getting nervous, it might mean you don't care as much, and I, I definitely wanna care.03/64050济南市中区妇科检查价格 Airlines pinch passengers Major air carriers are passing increased fuel costs on to passengers in the form of surcharges and feesIt really comes down to jet fuel prices,if you think about it just as we are paying more to fuel up our cars,and on much larger scale the airlines are paying more to fuel up their planes.Jet fuel prices are up a whopping 200% over last year and that's affecting everyone's bottomline. Talk about going up,up and away,jet fuel prices are sky high and climbing.A tough combination especially for low-cost airlines.Those low fares are just simply not enough to cover the high cost of fuel.Three airlines folded under the pressuring recent weeks,ATA,Aloha and Sky Bus,all closed up shop,leaving passengers holding their bags and looking for a way home. We decided to rent a car,that is our cheapest way to get back.Vigor carriers are also feeling the pain.American,the nation's biggest has stopped tiring.Delta is looking to cut 2000 jobs.Continental has hinted it could follow suit.North Western ed say they'll fly fewer planes.And then there are the extra fees,checking more than one bag,be y to pay up an extra 50 bucks on most airlines.Wanna talk to a real person on the phone or bring fight along on your flight you got it,pay up. Airlines have to become more creative about how they make money,we are now paying for things that once were included in the cost of an airline ticket.We are paying another price too.Customer complaint shot up 60% last year according to new numbers from the Airline Quality Survey.There were more delays with one out of every four fights showing up late. Airlines trying to fuel flight's take capacity men,more people got bunt,even though they had tickets. And luggage,good luck finding it,the number of bags lost also up for the year.The airlines as an industry just returned to profit ability last year after that rough period following 9.11,that makes what's happening now,all the more paniful and it's painful for the passenger too,those higher cost at the airlines are paying most certainly are being passed on to the flying public.Lina Chow,CNN,New York.01/60971A White House economic advisor says there is an "overwhelming" need to do more to spur U.S. job creation and solidify a fragile economic recovery. The comment follows a disappointing monthly unemployment report that showed continuing job losses in the ed States.一位白宫经济顾问指出,目前迫切需要更多努力来重振美国就业市场以及巩固美国经济复苏。这番讲话之前,一份月就业率报告显示,美国就业市场持续疲软。Less than a year after President Barack Obama signed into law the biggest economic stimulus package in U.S. history, the head of his Council of Economic Advisers says additional measures are needed. 美国总统奥巴马签署有史以来最庞大的经济刺激计划还不到一年,他的经济顾问委员会主席克里斯蒂娜·罗默已经表示,美国还需要采取更多的措施。"The sense that we need to do more is overwhelming," Christina Romer said on A's This Week program. She said key elements of last year's 7-billion stimulus package - like unemployment benefits and aid to state governments - should be extended. 她说:“我们迫切地需要一些其他的举措。”罗默在美国广播公司节目《本周》中发表了上述观点。她说,政府应当延长去年高达7870亿美元的经济刺激计划。这其中包括失业补贴以及对州政府的联邦补贴。But Romer also called for new measures like tax incentives for businesses to hire new workers and cash rebates for people who make their homes more energy efficient.但是罗默同时呼吁采取新的举措,例如提供税收优惠以鼓励公司招募新进人员,以及给予现金回扣以使人们愿意将住所变得更加节能化。Friday, the U.S. Labor Department reported a net 85,000 job loss in the ed States last month, with unemployment holding steady at 10 percent. The numbers were a disappointment to economists who had held out hope that December might have recorded the first net job gains seen in the ed States in nearly two years.星期五,美国劳工部发表的报告指出,上个月美国就业市场共失去了8万5千个职位,而失业率仍处于10%的峰值。这个数字令经济学家十分失望,因为此前他们预言12月可能成为美国两年来首次就业出现正增长的月份。201001/94432山东省立医院妇科医院

济南四院可以做人流吗Who are world’s richest kids?They’re under 15, but that isn’t stopping them from raking in the dough from music, movies, TV and more. Julie Dam of People magazine reveals the identities of these real-life Richie Riches.Now are the some of the richest kids in the world and the money they’re making. The current issue of People magazine features some very famous faces who are under 15, and cashed in on concert tours, movies, TV shows and more. Julie Dane is People’s senior editor. Julie, good morning!Good morning. So, when you looked at some of these kids, were you amazed at the money they’re making? Yeah, I mean it’s nothing like when I was a kid, that’s for sure. That’s right. Well, let’s get started with the big to who know, Miley Cyrus. I mean this girl is a machine. She is in the industry and to herself. And she only has the biggest kids show on cable; she has this huge concert tour, she was taking home a million dollars a week.(Wow) She just signed a 7-figure book deal and this year her merchandise sales for Hannah Montana are expected to hit a billion dollars. A billion? A billion with a “B”! And she gets a percentage of that, right? She does. She gets a percentage of it I mean she’s really raking in it, but (Ok, go ahead) she does have her you know, had on her shoulders and her mum says that most of the money is going into an investment fund that she won’t touch it until she’s 18. Wow… and where is all that besides all that money, I mean, does she seem like she's handling this stuff ok? Er, she seems like an incredibly mature, grounded girl which is great to see. Another one of her Disney stable mates, this is such a hot band, the Jones Brothers. I mean, the Disney basically resurrected them and now they’re just pulling in the dough. They’re huge. They just signed a multimillion-dollar two-year-concert deal. They’re taking in a 12 million on this concert tour among the three of them. And, you know, they’re also super grounded and they have a good family around them, they give 10% to charity. So it’s a good story. And then what cash do they have? What do they like? They do spend money. They give their mum a really nice diamond watch, they buy new computers, and Nick, the youngest, he’s 15 has just shot up 1500 dollars for a pair of shoes. Yeah, let’s gonna say that they’re all kind of clothes horse. Yeah, they’re definitely natty dressers. All right. Abigale Breslin, who is just a fantastic young actress, 12 years old and her price per movie is doing OK. She’s got two million in a movie, but, you know, just because she’s an Oscar nominated actress and makes two million. She’s still a normal 12-year-old girl. She likes, you know, American-girl dolls and Jones Brothers. And does she like working with these big stars? Yeah, I mean, she’s having an incredible career aly. Dakoda Fannine who’s such a terrific actress, she’s now 14 years old and she’s doing pretty well per movie. She’s a total Hollywood player, I mean, she can open a movie, she’s making four million in a movie now. She’s worked for some of the biggest stars in the business. And she doesn’t get an allowance? She doesn’t get an allowance; she says that her parents want her to feel like she wants to help out, not because she has to help out, on the house. And she’s also done some modeling too, hasn’t she? She has, she did a gap item among other things. Now, this young man is quite the comic actor. He’s on Two and a Half Men, Angles T. Jones, and TV stars, you know I mean they usually make a one million a season or more. He’s doing all right for a 14-year-old? Yeah, he’s making 1.2 million per season which makes him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. And for a young man like this, I mean he still has his whole career ahead of them, but there is always that those child actors, there’s always a dangerous, a dangerous position because you always hear about these child-actors become a flameout early.Right, you know, but for every, you know, true Hollywood story, you hear about people going off the rails, we do have people like Brookshield and July Foster who actually just started with Abigale Brastle in the movie, who have shown that you can't have a long great career. And then Tyler James Williams, who’s the star in Everybody Hates Chris, ah this again, seemed like a very grounded young man. Yes, he’s also making 1.2million dollars a season and he said when he got the role that he's good at, making fried bologna sandwiches, picking good movies and making money. Yeah, and when you look at all these young actors, what’s the common theme you see amongst them, the actors in these country-goers? Well these really successful ones, like Miley and Jonas Brothers have really good families around them and they’re clearly not in this on their own, they have families to help them along and they seem to be totally normal kids. Great, well, Julie Dane, thank you so much. Thanks for having me.And you can more about these Hollywood kids and their families in this week’s issue of People magazine that hits newsstands today.01/60898聊城妇女医院无痛人流要多少钱 Kayaking is a dangerous sport, so only one person is allowed on the course at one time. Kayaking is one of the most disciplined extreme water sports. Agility, strength and knowhow are essential to stay alive. The kayaker must be able to assess each and every single current. Amateurs must do weeks of rigorous training to take part in this extreme sport. In Vega F, a ramp is being built for the big air ski jump competition. Eight brave contestants have just two chances to impress the judges. "Awesome!"They all try their best to impress. Vega rocks!This year, the competition has an extremely high standard. Luckily, the summer sun hasn't melted the snow. Watch this.They really throw themselves into it. The competition never gets too serious. The main aim for all involved is to have fun. The skiers do breathtaking aerial jumps and summer sorts, each trying to outdo the last. Despite the snow, intense sun keeps the spectators warm. The best jumpers reach impressive speed. They are judged on a combination of height and innovation with their tricks. There are always a few tumbles along the way, leaving some bruised and battered. Another extreme sport this year is BMX slopes stile. 24 participants compete, doing acrobatic jumps and other tricks to outdo each other. New Zealander Steve Murphy talks us through the challenging 2 kilometer course.课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201109/155247济南市交通医院专家预约

济南山东省立医院的宫颈治疗方法Steve Jobs and Apple become the global ambassador of cool.史蒂夫bull;乔布斯和苹果成为全球非常酷的大使。President Obama gives one, preloaded with all the music that he loves to Queen Elizabeth and a blank iPod is nothing compared to a loaded iPod.奥巴马总统赠予伊丽莎白女王一个,里面有总体最喜欢的音乐。一个空空如也的iPod和一个装满了自己心仪歌曲的根本没有办法比较。Music defines our lives and Steve made it highly portable and easy to access. Its a pretty big gift.音乐定义了我们的生活而史蒂夫使它非常便携,容易存取。这是上天赐予的礼物。词语解释:1. ambassador n. 大使2. blank a. 空的3. portable a. 便携的163092 Leaders of the G8 developed nations wound up talks in Italy Friday with a pledge of billion to boost food supplies in poor nations. Commitments to food security and to stem global warming were among the highlights of the meeting.工业化八国集团领导人星期五结束在意大利的会谈时承诺,向贫穷国家提供200亿美元,增加这些国家的食品供应。这次会议的重要内容包括对食品安全的承诺以及抑制全球气候变暖等。U.S. President Barack Obama said this was a summit of consensus - on dealing with the global economic crisis, climate change, on nuclear non-proliferation, on Iran - and a pledge to help achieve food security for the poorest countries.美国总统奥巴马说,这是会议在应对全球经济危机、气候变化、以及核不扩散和伊朗等问题上取得了共识,还对帮助最贫穷国家实现食品安全做出承诺。"We have committed billion in food security, agricultural development programs to help fight world hunger. This is in addition to emergency humanitarian aid that we provide," he said.奥巴马总统说:“我们承诺拨款200亿美元,用于食品安全、农业发展项目,帮助战胜全球性饥饿。这是在我们提供的紧急人道援助基础上附加的援助。”The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization welcomed the announcement, as an "encouraging policy shift to help the poor and hungry.联合国粮农组织欢迎这个消息,认为这是为了帮助贫穷国家和挨饿的人们而做出的令人鼓舞的政策转变。Many international aid organizations are cautiously positive. Development activist Kumi Naido of the Global Campaign Against Hunger, remains skeptical until more details of the plan become clear.许多国际援助组织反应尽管积极,但却谨慎。全球反饥饿行动共同主席库米·奈杜(Kumi Naidoo)表示,在更多的细节公布之前,他对这个计划仍持怀疑态度。"We would see this as a belated small step in the right direction. How much of it is in the right direction will depend on the details because one of the favorite pastimes of the G8 is recycling old commitments and one of the things our researchers are looking at now is whether this is in fact a restating of old commitments," said Naido.奈杜说:“我们会把这个计划看成是朝着正确方面迈出的一小步,尽管有些迟了。其中多大成分是正确的,还要看它的细节,因为重复旧的承诺是八国集团喜欢的消遣方式之一,因此我们的研究人员现在要确定的是到底这次是不是把过去的承诺重说了一遍。”Aid organizations have been calling on the G8 to live up to past pledges of food and development assistance. 援助组织一直在呼吁八国集团兑现过去做出的食品和发展援助承诺。The L'Aquila summit also focused on climate change. G8 leaders and partners from major emerging economies, including India, China and Brazil, agreed that global temperatures should not rise by more than an average of two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.拉奎拉峰会还重点讨论了气候变化问题。八国集团领导人以及来自印度、中国和巴西等主要新兴经济体的合作伙伴一致同意,全球气温的上升幅度不得超过工业革命之前水平二摄氏度。G8 members also pledged to work toward an 80 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. While developing nations have committed themselves to negotiating cuts, they have not yet agreed on specifics.八国集团成员国还保,要共同努力争取实现在2050年之前把温室气体排放量削减80%的目标。尽管发展中国家承诺要讨论减排问题,他们还没有就具体细节达成共识。President Obama called it a historic consensus, but acknowledged it was only a first step with major work still ahead.美国总统奥巴马认为这次峰会达成的共识具有历史意义,不过他同时承认这只是第一步,还需要做大量工作。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the 2050 targets are too far in the future and that more needs to be done sooner. Many aid and environmental groups also say progress is too little and too slow.联合国秘书长潘基文表示,2050的减排目标太遥远,许多工作需要尽快完成。许多援助和环保组织也认为,进展太小,速度太慢。Meredith Alexander of the international group, ActionAid, says developed nations can and should do more.国际组织“行动援助”(ActionAid)的梅雷迪特·亚历山大(Meredith Alexander)说,发达国家能够并且应该做得更多。"It's nice that they referenced the 2-degree figure in their statement, but it's really not enough. G8 leaders and other rich countries need to be putting more money on the table and they need to be accepting much deeper cuts," said Alexander.梅雷迪特说:“它们在声明中提到了2摄氏度的目标,这是好事,不过这的确还不够。八国集团领导人等其它富裕国家需要拿出更多的资金,需要接受更大的减排量。”This G8 summit took place, not in a major world capital or plush resort, but rather in central Italy, in an area devastated by a powerful earthquake just three months ago, in which nearly 300 people were killed. Many of the world leaders visited some of the worst hit areas.这次八国集团峰会没有选在世界著名首都或者豪华渡假地举行,而是在意大利中部城市召开,这个城市是灾区,三个月前刚刚发生过强烈地震,将近300人丧生。许多世界领导人在会议期间视察了一些受灾最严重的地方。And, there was much talk about the continued relevance of the G8 - a group originally established in 1975 to include then the world's six most developed economies. Some of the leaders here in L'Aquila, including President Obama agreed that other nations must be brought in and reforms made. Many say it has become evident that while the G8 still represents some of the world's most powerful countries, they alone cannot solve global problems - not without the help of others.此外,这次峰会谈得比较多的一个话题是八国集团如何继续适应形势的问题,这个组织始建于1975年,创始国是世界上六个最发达的经济体。奥巴马总统等在拉奎拉参加峰会的一些领导人一致认为,这个集团必须吸收其它国家,而且必须进行改革。许多领导人表示,尽管八国集团仍然代表世界一些最强大的国家,但是,如果没有其他国家的帮助,光凭它们自己无法解决全球性问题。07/77492济南阳光医院生孩子济南那个医院无痛人流比较好



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