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Kara: So, now that weve had my birthday and my party, what you would you like to do for yours?卡拉:我们已经一起庆祝了我的生日还开了派对,那你打算怎么过生日?Lupe: Well, its still a couple months away and I really did enjoy my birthday last year and the year before that, but my twenty-first birthday was by far the best when you organized my surprise party, cause I myself hadnt had a birthday party in probably ten years before that, so having another party would be absolutely awesome, but I know that its a little bit harder now to get everyone together, so I think Id like to keep the tradition going and meet up at El Torito and have a few drinks, a few appetizers. Some cheese cake and then go out for some drinks and maybe a little bit of dancing.卢佩:现在离我的生日还有几个月的时间,去年我的生日过得非常愉快,前年我21岁的生日是目前为止最棒的一个生日,因为你为我准备了惊喜派对,在那之前我可能有10年没有办过生日派对了,所以要是能再开个生日派对肯定非常棒,不过我也知道现在要把所有人都聚到一起有点难,所以我想今年的生日可能还是像以前那样,在El Torito聚一下喝点饮料,吃点儿开胃小吃。然后去吃芝士蛋糕再喝点酒,可能还会去跳跳舞。Kara: Well, on your twenty-first birthday we also went Disneyland in Anaheim. We can also do that again. I know thats one of your favorite places.卡拉:你21岁生日那天我们还去阿纳海姆的迪士尼乐园玩了呢。我们可以再去玩一次。我知道那是你最喜欢的地方之一。Lupe: Actually, it is. Disneyland is my favorite place to go, and my birthday does land on a Wednesday this year, so maybe the weekend before that, which happens to be a three day weekend because of Memorial Day, so thats a possibility. We could definitely go down to Southern California and have some fun down there.卢佩:的确是。迪士尼乐园是我最喜欢的地方,今年我的生日是周三,可能那之前的周末我们可以去,那个周末赶上阵亡将士纪念日,有三天假,所以我们可以去玩。我们可以去南加利福尼亚玩玩。Kara: And then, on your actual birthday, we could do the restaurant, drinks, appetizers.卡拉:然后在你生日那天,我们可以去餐厅,喝酒,吃开胃点心。Lupe: We can. We could make it a week-long birthday. You know I always like that.卢佩:可以。我们可以那一个礼拜都当生日过。你知道我很喜欢这样。Kara: Yeah. And your birthday is in the middle of the week. Thats the best, cause then you get to celebrate in the middle of the week and the weekend before and hopefully the weekend after.卡拉:对。你的生日在周中。这很好,因为可以在周中庆祝,还可以在之前的周末和之后的周末一起庆祝。Lupe: Or if you want, we could even make it a birthday month like we have done before, so you know, we have our friend Alicia who does that. Maybe we can just follow her tradition. Make it a birthday month.卢佩:如果你想的话,我们可以像以前那样一个月都当生日过,我们的朋友艾丽西亚这样做过。也许我们可以照她那样做,连续一个月庆祝生日。Kara: If that is the case, then we would have birthday year cause cause we seem to do things every weekend throughout the whole year.卡拉:要是这样的话,那我们可能会一整年都在庆祝生日了,因为我们一年到头的每个周末都会这样做。Lupe: Thats true, but I was just saying to maybe focus more on the birthday girl. I really wouldnt mind it, especially for the whole month. Get a little extra attention, because, you know, I do like that.卢佩:没错,不过我刚才的意思是我们要把焦点放在寿星身上。我不介意一个月都受到关注。最好多一些关注,你知道我喜欢这样。Kara: Liar.卡拉:骗子。Lupe: No, Im serious. I think its a great idea. And you can get me a little tiara, so what I can do the birthday princess. Make sure everybody knows that its my birthday when we go out.卢佩:没有,我是认真的。我觉得这是个好主意。你可以送我一个王冠头饰,这样我就是生日公主了。我们出去的时候,所有人都会知道那天是我的生日。Kara: Sounds like a plan.卡拉:听起来倒像个计划。译文属 /201511/411863。

  • 1. Which Bus to Take (1) 1.乘哪班公共汽车(1)A: You seem a little lost.A:你似乎迷路了。B: I actually am lost. How could you tell?B:我确实迷路了。你怎么看出来的?A: The look on your face said it all.A:你脸上的表情说明了一切。B: Maybe you could help me.B:或许你可以帮到我。A: Id be happy to help.A:很高兴帮忙。B: Im not sure what bus Im supposed to take.B:我不确定我应该乘哪班公共汽车。A: Whats your destination?A:你的目的地是哪?B: Im heading to Westwood.B:我要去西木区。A: Ive been there several times by bus.A:我乘公交去过那几次。B: You have? What bus did you take?B:你去过?你乘的哪班车?A: The Line 720 takes you directly there.A:720线可以直接把你带到那。B: Where is the stop for that bus?B:这班车的站点在哪?A: Right at the corner over there.A:那边的转弯处。B: Thank you very much.B:非常谢谢你。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/436477。
  • 威胁Dont try any tricks.不要耍花招。A:Dont try any tricks.不要耍花招。B:I wont.不会的。trick n. 诡计,花招Youd be very unwise not to agree with me.你不同意我,这是不明智的。A:Youd be very unwise not to agree with me.你不同意我,这是不明智的。B: Its not much wiser to agree with you either.同意你也不明智多少。unwise a. 明智的,愚笨的agree with sb.“同意某人的观点”Youll have to pay for that.我饶不了你。A: Ha-ha,youve been cheated.哈哈,你被骗了。B: Wait,youll have to pay for that.等着,我饶不了你。pay for“偿还”Ill sort you out sooner or later.我早晚要找你算账。A: Ive got no money now.我现在没钱。B: Well, what do you want to do with the money you owe me? Ill sort you out sooner or later.那你欠我的钱怎么办?我早晚要找你算账。sort out. 惩罚,打败”sooner or later“迟早”Behave yourself! Mind your behaviors!规矩点儿!A: Mom, may I play computer games for a while?妈妈,我玩一会儿电脑游戏好吗?B: Behave yourself! We have guests here.规矩点儿!我们有客人。Let me catch you at it again!别让我再看见你这么干!A: You mustnt jump into the park from wall. Let me catch you at it again!你不可以从墙上跳进公园。别让我再看见你这么干!B:I dare not do it again.我再也不敢了。Dont you dare!你敢!A: If you dare report it, Ill beat you.如果你敢去报告,我就揍你。B: Dont you dare!你敢!You wait!你等着瞧!A: Youll regret selling me out. You wait!你会为出卖我而后悔的。你等着瞧!B:Regret? Never!后悔?从来没有过!sell out“出卖,背叛” /201501/353617。
  • unit 505买报纸dialogue 英语情景对话A:There are many new kinds of newspapers. I find it hard to choose among them. Which is the most popular paper circulcrting in our city?A:现在新出的报纸实在太多了。很难在它们当中做出选择。哪份报纸是本地最受欢迎的?B:Id recommend you the Morning Paper, it is true that the paper is a newly issued one, but its circulation is rising. Last month, it reached to three hundred thousand, which is a very good figure for a new paper.B:我建议你看《晨报》,这份报纸发行不久,但它的发行量却在上升。上个月就达到了30万份。这个数字对一份新报纸来说是很不惜的。A:Whats the reason that people prefer to this one?A:为什么人们都钟情这份报纸呢?B:I think perhaps the news stories in it are truthful and accurate. It also has a special page about the stock market; maybe this is the real reason for its popularity. Many people are now speculating in the stock market.B:我想大概是因为它所报道的新闻总是真实、准确吧。也许它之所以受欢迎还有一个真正的原因,那就是《晨报》有关于股市的特版。现在炒股的人很多。A:I can predict it will have the largest circulation in one or two years.A:我可以预见不出一两年,这份报纸就会成为发行量最大的报纸。 /201607/457125。
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