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【视频欣赏】(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Making exercising enjoyable and fun will keep you motivated to get moving.You Will NeedList of goals Workout clothes Commitment Workout partner Rewards Step 1: Set goals(把目标写下来,挂在你可以看见的地方)Set goals for yourself and write them down. Keep your list in a place where you can review it everyday.Step 2: Put out workout clothes(拿出你的运动衣)Keep your workout clothes in plain sight. Hang them where you will see them every day.Lay them out next to your bed or keep them in your car or at work.Step 3: Make it routine(慢慢养成运动的习惯)Make your exercise routine a habit. Include it in your daily schedule.Step 4: Think of the consequences(不要让自己失望)Think of the negative consequences of skipping a workout. Get angry at yourself and get back on track.Step 5: Focus on positives(多想想运动的好)Focus on the benefits of exercising, such as improving your health or fitting into your skinny jeans.Step 6: Work out with a friend(找个朋友一起)Work out with a friend or relative and track each other’s progress.Step 7: Reward yourself(奖励你自己)Reward yourself when you accomplish your goals with a massage, a mini-vacation, or a new outfit.Did you know? A 2009 study showed that men who jogged or otherwise exercised fairly intensely for at least 30 minutes a day had a 50 percent reduction in the risk of dying prematurely from cancer. Article/201004/102737

After weeks of waiting, the sleeping giant of a river,等待数星期后 沉睡的冰河苏醒了we thought nothing was going to happen and suddenly,我们原以为什么也不会发生look at this!但一瞬间 看哪This is what we#39;re here for. Unbelievable.这就是我们来的目的 难以置信Absolutely unbelievable. Holy...太惊人了 神啊The team is used to handling multiple cameras,团队习惯了操纵多台摄像机but they don#39;t usually have to dodge ten-tonne ice floes却不善于在拍摄同时 还要躲避at the same time.十吨重的浮冰As you can see, it#39;s racing over at unbelievable speed.河水速度惊人 呼啸而过The power, I just, if you were here to feel this,如果你在现场it#39;s a deep rumbling sound of the river,定会感受到它汹涌澎湃的力量I can feel it up through my feet.涌入脚底 贯穿全身The power, I just can#39;t imagine.我简直无法想象这种力量that could crush a house in no time.它能瞬间摧毁一栋房子The team takes to the air团队飞入空中to witness the destruction that#39;s unleashed.以见这毁灭的力量Huge ice blocks are pushed downstream瀑布崩裂后on the wave of water产生的水流released by the breaking waterfall.将巨大冰块卷入下游This could devastate the town.这完全能夷平小镇 /201301/220927

【视频欣赏】How To Know If You Need a Multi-Vitamin on Howcast【听力文本】With all the conflicting medical advice out there, it’s hard to know whether multivitamins are a daily necessity or a waste of money. What’s a health-conscious consumer to do?You Will NeedWell-balanced diet Vitamin supplements Doctor's advice Step 1: Take it for good measure(每天补充一粒维生素片)Take one a day for good measure. The important thing to remember is that vitamins can’t replace nutrients that come from food. Strive to eat a well-balanced diet.Don’t take more than the recommended daily amount of a vitamin unless you are advised to by your doctor. You could do more harm than good.Step 2: Supplement low levels(少量的补充)Consider taking an extra supplement if your body is deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, such as vitamin D.Many symptoms, such as fatigue, can result from vitamin deficiencies. When there’s a sign something’s wrong, have your vitamin levels checked by a doctor.Step 3: Consider your profile(根据自己的具体情况来定,譬如妇,调试的人等都是不一样的)Think about your unique needs. Pregnant women, picky eaters, vegans, and the elderly are examples of people who need nutritional supplements.Step 4: Ask your doctor(向自己的医生寻求意见)Ask your doctor if you should be taking a multivitamin if you’re unsure. An expert’s advice will help you make the best possible decision.Some studies have found that high doses of vitamin E increased the chances of smokers getting lung cancer. Article/201006/106067

Step 1: You will need 第一步:你需要准备Step 2: Milk 第二步:牛奶 Fill a mug with 300ml of milk. Pour about 3 quarters into a pan, and keep the rest back in the mug. 在杯子中倒入300毫升牛奶。其中大约3夸脱倒进平底锅,并把剩余的倒回马克杯。 Step 3: Paste 第三步:糊 Add 3 heaped teaspoon of hot chocolate powder to the mug. Stir it into a smooth paste. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon for a warming flavour boost. Stir it in well. 在杯中加入3茶匙的热巧克力粉。搅拌成均匀的糊状。随后放入肉桂粉再次搅拌。Step 4: Froth 第四步:煮牛奶 Place the pan over a medium heat. Heat the milk for about 3 minutes. When it#39;s hot, whisk until it#39;s frothy. 用中火熬牛奶约3分钟。当开锅时,继续熬煮,直至呈现泡沫。Step 5: Pour 第五步:将热牛奶倒入杯中 Pour the hot milk back into the mug. Stir well. 将热牛奶倒入马克杯,搅拌均匀。之后你就可以享用一杯完美的热可可了! Article/201202/170261

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Are you one of the 17 million people who have never met an item you didn’t want to buy? You might be a shopaholic.You Will NeedSelf-evaluation Honesty Step 1: Evaluate why you shop(你为什么喜欢购物?)Evaluate why you shop. Valid reasons—you need food or clothes. Bad reasons—you’re bored, stressed, depressed, or just got your paycheck.Step 2: Explore your feelings(购物让你感觉如何?)Think about how shopping makes you feel. If buying something new gives you an incredible rush followed by horrible guilt—you might have a problem.Step 3: Look around your home(你买的是需要的还是想要的?)Look around your home—are most of the items in it things you needed, or stuff you wanted?Step 4: Check out your closets(你的衣柜里面是否摆满了带着标签的衣?)Check out your closets. A shopaholic’s wardrobe is filled with clothes that still have their tags and shoes that have never seen the light of day.If you’re on a first name basis with all the UPS guys, or can name every pitch person on the Shopping Network, you may have some spending issues.Step 5: Examine your conscience(你是否曾经向你的爱人或家人隐瞒你买的东西,或虚报它们的价格?)Examine your conscience. Do you find yourself trying to justify purchases to yourself and others? Do you ever hide packages? Lie about how much you’ve spent? Have you ever snuck a new garment into the house in a dry cleaner bag to conceal you’d bought something new?Step 6: Assess your willpower(你是不是有很强的购物欲?)Assess your willpower. Shopaholics find themselves unable to resist buying things—even when they know their credit cards are maxed out.Step 7: Get help(如果你都是,那么赶紧行动起来,找其他的事情来自己,不要沉迷于购物; )Get help if you failed our little test. Cut up the credit cards, find fun ways to fill your time that don’t involve buying anything, join Debtors Anonymous, or get therapy to discover the deeper issues behind your compulsive spending.Marie Antoinette, Mary Todd Lincoln, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Diana are all believed to have been shopaholics. Article/201001/95671

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