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栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201602/407648Alert issued for month-long heatwave in China我国发布为期一个月的热浪警报Chinas weather authorities have issued a yellow alert, marking whats known as ;Dog days;-the hottest days of summer.众所周知夏季最为炎热的“三伏天”已经来临,我国气象当局已经发布黄色警报。On Tuesday, a heat wave is predicted to hit the eastern parts of north China, most parts of Huanghuai and the central and western parts of Jianghuai, with temperatures rising to around 37 degrees celsius in some regions.周二,一股热浪预计将袭击我国东部地区,主要是黄淮大部分地区,江淮中部及西部地区,一些地区气温甚至会升至37摄氏度。While the central and southern parts of Hebei Province, Turpan Basin and Tarim Basin are expected to see temperatures soar and settle at 40 degrees Celsius.河北省中部和南部地区、吐鲁番盆地、塔里木盆地等地区气温预计将升至40摄氏度。 译文属201507/385831The first four programmes this week have been about religions that have millions, or hundreds of millions, of followers, but 1,700 years ago there were far more religions in the world than today, and many, many more gods. Gods at this date tended to have strictly local responsibilities, not the worldwide embrace that were used to now. In Mecca, for example, before Mohammed, pilgrims worshipped in a temple which had a statue of a different god for every day of the year. Todays programme is about one of those numberless Arabian gods, that didnt survive the coming of Mohammed.本周我们为您带来的前4件物品有数百万或成千上万的追随者,约1700年前,世界上的宗教与神远比现在要多。当时的神多具有地域性,而非像现在一样通常为全球各地的人民信仰。例如在麦加,在人们追随穆罕默德之前,朝圣者们进神庙敬拜,每天敬奉的神像都不相同。我们这部分的最后一件文物便是献给后来被穆罕默德禁信的众多阿拉伯本土神祇之一的。His full name was Talab Riyam, meaning ;the strong one of Riyam;-a Yemeni hill town-and he protected the local hill people. Yemen in the third century was a prosperous place, a hub of international trade that produced some of the most sought-after commodities for the vast market of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India. It was Yemen that supplied the whole Roman Empire with frankincense and myrrh.他的全称是塔拉布·里阳,意为“里阳的神”。里阳是也门的一座山丘城镇,而塔拉布庇佑着这里的山区百姓。公元三世纪的也门是个繁华之地,它是一个国际贸易集散地,出产一些在地中海、中东和印度市场都需求极大的物品,并为整个罗马帝国提供乳香和没药。Im in the study room of the British Museum, and Im holding the hand of a man called Wahab Talab. Its a life-sized hand, just slightly smaller than my own, made of bronze, and it is surprisingly heavy. Its very lifelike, but as its got no arm attached to it, it does look as though its been severed. But according to Jeremy Field, orthopaedic and hand surgeon at Cheltenham General Hospital, this is not the case:我现在正身处大英物馆,我们这只铜手的原主人名为瓦哈·塔拉布。它的大小与真人的手相当,仅比我的略小一号,由青铜制成,很有分量。这手看起来惟妙惟肖,但没有手臂,仿佛是从手臂上切下来一般。但切尔滕纳姆综合医院的整形外科及手外科医生杰瑞米·费尔德认为,事实并非如此:201507/385834Youve probably heard that leaves of deciduous trees change color in autumn because they lose their green chlorophyll molecules,allowing the underlying yellow-orange pigments to shine through.However,this doesnt explain why the leaves change color in the first place.你可能听过这种说法:落叶树在秋天变色是因为它们失去了令它们绿的叶绿素,于是下层的黄橙色素就显出了颜色。但是这解释不了树叶开始变色的位置。Deciduous trees drop their leaves each year to avoid the high cost of winterizing them,but this seasonal shedding would be too wasteful to be worth doing if the tees lost all of the valuable nutrients they laboriously extracted from the soil to build their leaves earlier in the year.So each fall,deciduous trees recycle their leaves before dropping then.落叶树每年落叶是为了降低冬天防冻的消耗,但是如果树木因此失去了它们这一年来为了生枝长叶辛苦从泥土中汲取来的珍贵营养盐,那么季节性脱落就太过浪费,太不值了。That means taking apart cells and photosynthetic apparatus from the inside out in order to recoup their nitrogen and phosphorus and store it in twigs and branches until next spring.This is actually really tricky.because as the disassembly starts,the chlorophyll molecules that absorb sunlight for photosynthesis are still absorbing the suns energy.因此,每次落叶前落叶树会对树叶进行营养回收。也就是说会对树叶的细胞和光合器进行拆解回收氮和磷,并将它们储在树枝中等待来年春天。这过程非常巧妙,因为随着分解开始,叶绿素为了光合作用,吸收太阳能的过程依然在继续。But with no photosynthesis happening,they end up passing the unused energy along to oxygen molecules,which become dangerously reactive when energized.These molecules wreak havoc,damaging the parts of the leaf that are in the process of recovering and transporting nutrients back to the rest of the tree.To keep this destruction to a minimum,leaves break down their chlorophyll into less dangerous molecules that are typically transparent,though sometimes yellow.但是因为不再发生光合作用,它们将多余的能量给了氧分子,此时氧分子一旦被激发会发生危险反应。这些氧分子横行肆虐,破坏了树叶中正在进行回收将剩余营养盐输送回树木的那部分组织。为了将破坏将至最低,树叶关闭叶绿素功能,使之变成低危险的分子,这些分子通常是透明的,也有些是黄色的。Either way,with the bright green molecules gone,yellow and orange pigments that were there all along (helping with photosynthesis),are no longer overshadowed,and ta-ta!Yellow and orange leaves.Some trees take an extra autumnal precaution against chlorophyll-induced-destruction:as the leaf dismantling starts they build newspecial pigments to shade chlorophyll from sunlight until it can be broken down.无论如何,随着绿色分子的消失,黄色和橙色的色素却一直都在(协助进行光合作用)叶子不再褪色,当当当当!黄色和橙色的树叶。有些树采取了额外的秋季防御措施,避免叶绿素造成的危害:随着树叶开始分解,它们会形成新的特殊色素,遮挡叶绿素,防止其吸收阳光,直至叶绿素被分解。These new pigments tend to be red or purple in color,so trees that use them have red leaves in the fall-sometimes insanely bright red.In the end,these exquisite gold and russet displays help deciduous trees recover as much as 50% of the nitrogen and phosphorus from their old leaves to help grow fresh new green ones in the spring.They are perhaps the worlds prettiest recycling plants.这类新色素通常是红色或紫色的,因此使用它们的树木,落叶是红色的——有时会是鲜红色。最后,这些漂亮的金色和黄褐色叶片,帮助树木从旧叶中回收50%的氮和磷令大树可以在新春焕发新绿。它们大概是世界上最漂亮的回收工。201604/438308

In addition to scientific equipment,the Voyager spacecraft each carry,out beyond the solar system,a golden record encoding information about the earth and our human civilization,These time capsules contain examples of the best aspects of humanity language,music,art,and scientific achievenments.除了科学仪器之外,每艘旅行者号飞船也,向太阳系之外携带了,编译有地球和我们人类文明信息的金质唱片。这些文物密藏器携带着人性中最美好一面的代表,语言,音乐,艺术以及科技成就。Environmental destruction,war and cable tv didnt make the list.Neither did garbage.And yet,every single time you throw something away,youre contributing to a collective time capsule.Because buried deep within the landfills that dot the Earth lies precious information about who we are,how we live and what we really care about.环境破坏,战争和电视当然不在列表之内。垃圾也没有。但是,每次你把某些东西扔出去时,都在为一个“时光胶囊”做着贡献。因为无数宝贵的信息深藏在斑驳与世界各地的垃圾场底下,关乎到我们是谁,我们怎么生活和我们在乎什么。Archaeologists use heaps of trash to study people and culture,and even have a special,nice-sounding name for garbage piles:middens.In one midden near Rome,archeologists uncovered 25 million containers for carrying olive oil,telling us that Romans used a LOT of olive oil,but almost none of it came from Rome,most was from Spain and Egypt.人类学家利用一堆堆垃圾研究人类和文化。甚至还给垃圾堆起了个特殊而好听的名字。Midden(中文:垃圾堆)。在罗马附近的一个垃圾堆里,人类学家发现了2500万个盛放橄榄油的容器,这说明罗马人曾使用大量的橄榄油,但橄榄油都不产自罗马。大多数来自西班牙和埃及。And we know from shell middens that the Maori people of New Zealand hunted moa and seals early on,but later had to switch to fish,shellfish,and small birds as the moa and seals became overhunted.Digging through more recent history,a midden outside of George Washingtons home revealed the belt buckles he wore,the china he used,and the meat he and his guest ate off of that china.我们从贝冢里可以发现 新西兰的毛利人早期曾捕猎恐鸟和海豹,但之后不得不转而捕捉鱼类,贝壳和小鸟,因为恐鸟和海豹被过度捕猎。纵观年代更近的历史。乔治。华盛顿家附近的一个垃圾堆里曾发现过他用过的皮带扣,他用过的瓷器 还有他与宾客曾从盘子中吃过的肉。Even now,in our era of modern record keeping and date,we some time need to look through the garbage to see what were really like,In the 1980s,there was huge outcry about the gross quantity of garbage humans were making,with many environmental groups painting a picture of disposable diapers and fast food packaging filling up our landfills.Around the same time,a professor in Tucson interviewed people about their eating habits,then went through their trash to see what they threw away.即使现在,在我们以现代方法保存记录和信息的时代,我们有时还得翻遍垃圾堆来找到我们的真爱。1980年代,人类制造垃圾的总量的问题曾引起过一场大型抗议,许多环保组织打出了一次性尿布的照片,同时还有充斥着填埋场的快餐包装盒。Its true that we were producing a lot of trash,but when researchers examined what was in those landfills,diapers and fast food containers accounted for less than 2 percent of new landfill volume,The majority was construction waste and paper.我们的确在制造者无数垃圾,但当研究者调查垃圾堆里到底有什么时,尿布和快餐盒仅占到了新制造垃圾总体积的不到2%。绝大多数还是建筑废料和纸张。大约同时Tucson的一位教授调查了一群人的饮食习惯,之后翻遍了这些人家的垃圾来查看他们扔掉了什么。It turns out that people and their garbage tell two very different stories,Participants overreported healthy foods,and underreported fools they considered bad,For example.they reported drinking only half as much alcohol as the bottles in their trash indicated.And everybody underreported how much fat they ate,except people who had lived through WWII.Those generations tended to overreport butter,which was heavily rationed during the war and consequently considered valuable and healthful.结果明,人们和垃圾所道出的事实截然不同。受访者夸大了健康食物的量,并低估了他们认为不好的食物的量。比如 他们仅报告了垃圾桶中酒瓶所体现,的一半的酒量。每个人都低估了他们所摄入的脂肪,除了曾生活在二战期间的人。那一代倾向于高估黄油的量,在战争期间黄油被严格限量供应,并以此被认为“有价值”及“健康”。So a survey or carefully crafted time capsule is probably biased towards the best parts of our lives-the parts we want people to remember and extraterrestrials to know about.But our trash doesnt lie.因此,调查和精心制作的时间胶囊 很可能会偏向人类最好的一面,我们想要人们记住的,让外星生命所知道的那些事。但是垃圾不会撒谎。201502/355425


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