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2019年03月25日 20:09:12

Brussels has seen a sharp rise in “more and more dangerouscyber attacks on EU servers in the past year, as anxiety increases about potential Russian meddling in European politics.过去一年,针对欧盟(EU)务器的“越来越危险”的网络攻击明显增加,目前各方对于俄罗斯可能插手欧洲政治的担忧加剧。There were 110 separate attempts to hack the European Commission’s servers in 2016, a 20 per cent rise on the year before, according to people close to the situation. Brussels revealed a large-scale cyber attack last November.据知情人士称016年,攻击欧盟委员European Commission)务器的尝试10次,较上一年增0%。去1月,欧盟透露遭遇一次大规模网络攻击。The latest revelations add to concern over the possibility that Moscow could interfere in French and German elections in coming months, after US intelligence agencies blamed the Kremlin for hacking Democratic national committee emails ahead of last year’s US presidential election.最新消息加剧了人们对下列可能性的担忧:未来几个月,莫斯科方面可能会干预法国和德国选举。此前美国情报机构指责克里姆林宫在去年美国总统大选之前非法窃取民主党全国委员会的电邮。Brussels, which holds sensitive data on the EU’s 28 member states as well as the management of the single currency, has stepped up security measures to combat the rising threat. Senior civil servants have been told to use email encryption and the commission is expanding co-operation on cyber security with Nato, which said attacks against it had become “more sophisticatedin the past year.持有有关欧盟28个成员国以及单一货币管理的敏感数据的欧盟,已升级安全措施,对抗日益加剧的威胁。高级公务员已被告知利用电邮加密技术,同时欧盟委员会正与北Nato)扩大网络安全合作,后者表示,过去一年针对它的网络攻击已变得“更有技术含量”。“It’s clear that many institutions across Europe and more widely, and that includes the European Commission, are subject to a continuously increasing number of cyber attacks from different sources,Sir Julian King, the EU security commissioner, told the FT. “These threats are persistent, they are aggressive, and more and more dangerous and potentially destructive.”“显然,欧洲乃至其他地区的很多机构,包括欧盟委员会,正遭遇来自不同源头的持续增多的网络攻击,”欧盟安全专员朱利安?金爵Sir Julian King)告诉英国《金融时报》,“这些威胁持续存在,它们咄咄逼人,并且越来越危险,可能造成巨大破坏。”The most damaging cyber attacks are those that seek to “undermine the trust in our democracies he added.他补充称,最具破坏性的网络攻击是试图“破坏对我们民主政体的信任”。Russia is at the centre of concern in Brussels about cyber security, but the commission declined to comment on the suspected source of attacks. “Different attackers share and use the same tools and methods and hide their identities by using anonymous servers,a spokeswoman said.俄罗斯处于欧盟对网络安全担忧的中心,但欧盟委员会拒绝就可疑的网络攻击来源发表。一位发言人表示:“不同的攻击者共享和利用同样的工具和方法,同时通过使用匿名务器隐藏自己的身份。”来 /201701/487491铁岭男性生殖器外科Chinese actor Wu Xiubo has been appointed Tourism Australias Ambassador for the 2017 China-Australia Year of Tourism.中国演员吴秀波于日前被指派担017中澳旅游年形象大使。The appointment was announced by Steven Ciobo, the Australian minister for trade, tourism and investment, on Feb 21. The Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration, Li Jinzao, was present.这项任命是由澳大利亚贸易、旅游与投资部长史蒂文·乔于21日宣布的。中国国家旅游局局长李金早出席了该活动;This year promises to bring Australia and China closer and provide more opportunities for further engagement, be it in tourism and travel or more broadly in trade, sport and culture or social and academic exchanges,; says Ciobo.乔部长表示:“今年,无论是在旅游还是在贸易、体育、文化,社会和学术交流方面,中澳两国的关系都将更加紧密,并为进一步合作提供更多机会。;China is Australias most valuable tourism market, with the potential to be worth more than billion by 2020.;“中国是澳大利亚最有价值的旅游市场,到2020年其价值可能超30亿美元。;Last year, 1.2 million Chinese visited Australia. We anticipate this will grow during the China-Australia Year of Tourism and will continue to grow afterward.;“去年,20万中国人来澳大利亚旅游,我们预计这将在中澳旅游年期间增长,并将继续增长。”Recent initiatives to support two-way tourism between the two countries include the trial of the 10-year visitor visa; the open aviation market services arrangement which removes all capacity restrictions for airlines on both sides; and a new Beijing to Sydney service by Qantas Airways which was launched in January.持两国之间双向旅游的最新倡议包括以下几点:审0年旅游签;安排开放的航空市场务以消除双方航空公司的所有容量限制;Qantas航空公司月推出北京到悉尼的新务等。来 /201703/495332铁岭银州区看男科医院Germany is asking its citizens for the first time after the Cold War to stockpile enough food and water for ten days as a precaution against possible terrorist attacks.为预防可能发生的恐怖袭击,德国自冷战结束后首次要求民众储备能满0天用量的食物和水。The request, included in a recently published government paper titled ;Concept for Civil Defense,; came after a series of deadly attacks that were believed to have links with extremist groups struck the country.在该国遭到一系列据信与极端组织有关的致命袭击后,这项列在近日发布的政府文件《民防概念》中的要求随之而来;The population will be obliged to hold an individual supply of food for ten days,; the paper said, adding a supply of water for five days is also a good idea.该文件提到,民众必须储备个人10天量的食物供给,此外最好也储备5天量的水供给。The 69-page report did not foresee a foreign invasion, but warned that ;a development that could threaten our existence cannot be ruled out in the future.;这份69页的报告预见不会发生外国入侵,但是警告人们“不能排除未来可能出现威胁我们生存的新事物;The German public is responding actively to the governments call, with many supermarkets emptied of their food supply.德国公众积极响应政府的号召,许多超市供给的食物均已售空;Hamsterkaeufe,; which means ;panic buying,; has become a trending topic hashtag among German twitter users.而“Hamsterkaeufe-这个词的意思是“恐慌抢购-已经在德国推特用户群体中成为了一个热门话题标签。来 /201609/464332The new U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations took a firm stance against Russian military action in eastern Ukraine Thursday, condemning Moscow’s “aggressive actionsand saying U.S. Crimea related sanctions will remain in place.美国新任驻联合国大使周四对俄罗斯在乌克兰东部的军事行动表达了坚定立场,谴责莫斯科的“侵略行径”,并称美国因俄罗斯吞并克里米亚而实施的相关制裁将继续下去。“I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia,Nikki Haley told the U.N. Security Council at her first public meeting since being confirmed last week as President Donald Trump’s U.N. envoy. “We do want better relations with Russia,Haley said. “However, the dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions.”尼基·黑利担任川普总统驻联合国大使的提名自上周得到确认后,首次在联合国安理会的公开会上发言,她说:“我必须谴责俄罗斯的侵略行径。黑利说:“我们希望与俄罗斯有更好的关系…但是鉴于乌克兰东部的恶劣局势,必须对俄罗斯提出明确和强烈的谴责。”Haley said U.S.-imposed sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula also will remain in place until control of that territory is returned to Kyiv.她还说,美国针对俄罗斯吞并乌克兰克里米亚半岛实施的制裁也将继续有效,直到该领土的控制权归还基辅。During the months long presidential campaign, Donald Trump expressed admiration for Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and there are questions about whether Russia interfered in the U.S. election in order to undermine Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. These left many foreign policy observers wondering whether the Trump administration would take a hard line on Moscow. Haley’s comments appeared to indicate the administration is not prepared to pursue improved relations with Moscow at any price.在长达数个月的总统竞选期间,川普对俄罗斯总统普京的领导能力表示钦佩,同时也有人怀疑俄罗斯为了破坏民主党候选人希拉釷克林顿的竞选而可能对美国选举进行了干预。这些让许多外交政策观察人士想知道,川普政府能否会对莫斯科采取强硬立场黑利的言论似乎表明,新政府不会不惜一切代价谋求与莫斯科改善关系。Earlier Thursday, The U.S. Treasury Department announced it is easing some restrictions on business transactions with Russias Security Service (FSB), despite cyber- sanctions put in place by former President Barack Obama.周四早些时候,美国财政部宣布放宽对与俄罗斯安全局(FSB)的商业交易的一些限制,尽管前总统奥巴马进行了网络制裁。White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the move does not mean the ed States is easing sanctions on Russia.白宫发言人肖恩·斯派塞说,这并不意味着美国正在放松对俄罗斯的制裁。来 /201702/490282铁岭银州区医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

铁岭尖锐湿疣治疗费用铁岭市包皮过长男科医院Turkish citizens could soon benefit from visa-free travel to Europe, as part of the deal between the EU and Ankara to stem the flow of refugees. In return, Turkey has pledged to crack down on the smugglers and keep the migrants on Turkish soil.土耳其公民可能很快就能享受前往欧洲的免签待遇,这是欧盟和安卡拉为遏止难民流动而达成协议的一部分。作为回报,土耳其承诺打击人口贩运,并将移民留在土耳其境内。However, many European lawmakers have threatened to use their veto on the visa issue to block the migrant deal.然而,许多欧洲议员威胁要在免签问题上动用否决权,阻止这一移民协议。European Union figures show just over 26,000 refugees arrived on the Greek islands in March less than half of Februarys total. EU officials point to those numbers as proof that the deal with Ankara is working.欧盟数据显示,今月抵达希腊岛屿的难民略多.6万人,不月份总人数的一半。欧盟官员说,这说明与安卡拉之间的协议正在起作用。Turkey says it is on track to meet all the criteria laid down by Europe ahead of the June deadline and insists visa-free travel is a non-negotiable part of the migrant deal.土耳其表示,他们正按计划在6月份的最后期限前满足欧洲提出的所有条件,并坚称免签条款是移民协议中不容商量的部分。But in Germany, analysts say fears over a wave of Kurdish asylum seekers from Turkey are driving up anti-immigration support.但在德国,分析人士说,人们担心会有大批库尔德人从土耳其涌来,寻求庇护,这种担心加强了民众对反移民主张的持。While right-wing politicians look to benefit from fears of migration, some lawmakers in Brussels have threatened to try to block the deal with Turkey over human rights concerns.右翼政客希望从对移民恐惧中获益之际,布鲁塞尔的一些议员则威胁要设法以人权问题为由阻止土耳其的移民协议。Amnesty International accuses Ankara of forcefully returning hundreds of unregistered refugees back to Syria and even of shooting Syrians trying to cross the border illegally.大赦国际指责安卡拉将数百名未注册的难民强行送回叙利亚,甚至对试图非法越境的叙利亚人开。来 /201605/441453辽宁省西丰县第一医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好铁岭银州区妇幼保健院不孕不育预约

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