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襄阳市中医院下午几点上班襄阳襄州妇幼保健院中医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱WOMEN traveling to Saudi Arabia often raise eyebrows there, and Michelle Obama was no exception.去沙特阿拉伯旅行的西方女人往往会令那里的人扬起眉毛,米歇尔·奥巴Michelle Obama)也不例外。When Mrs. Obama recently appeared in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in the company of President Obama with her hair uncovered, she was following well-established diplomatic protocol for prominent foreign women visiting the country, where strict religious laws otherwise require women to have their heads covered.前不久,在总统奥巴马的陪伴下,奥巴马夫人出现在沙特首都利雅得,她没有戴头巾,这是遵循了外国著名女性拜访该国的悠久外交礼节。然而依照沙特阿拉伯严格的宗教规定,女性必须戴头巾。But a commotion ensued, exacerbated by a faked YouTube that suggested that Saudi state television had blurred out images of Mrs. Obama and her uncovered head. The had been doctored, and not by Saudi television. But a furor still is playing out on Twitter over Mrs. Obama and the absent head scarf.但是,这引发了一场骚动,YouTube上的一个伪造视频更加剧了这场骚动。该视频显示,沙特阿拉伯国家电视台把奥巴马夫人和她未戴头巾的头部作了模糊处理。这段视频是篡改过的,并非来自沙特阿拉伯国家电视台。但是Twitter上仍出现了关于奥巴马夫人未戴头巾的激烈争论。That makes for an interesting backdrop, as more women are traveling to Saudi Arabia on business these days. And they are encountering the laws that limit the social and physical mobility of women in the kingdom, where it is illegal for a woman to drive a car.这是一个有趣的背景,因为如今越来越多的女人会去沙特出差。她们会遇到这个王国限制女性社会和身体流动性的各种法律。在那里,女人开车是违法的。In 2015, a theme being widely applied to the hajj pilgrimage that brings millions of Muslims to Saudi holy sites each year is “The Year of Development,to highlight significant economic and social changes in the kingdom. In a country whose economy is being battered by the drop in world oil prices, there is growing emphasis on improving infrastructure and business development, including the building of new hotels. Among many global hotel companies with new projects in Saudi Arabia are Marriott, Carlson Rezidor and InterContinental, which is developing its Staybridge Suites brand in Jeddah.每年,成百上千万穆斯林前往沙特圣地麦加朝圣015年朝圣的一个主题是“发展之年”,突显这个王国的经济和社会变革。该国经济正因全球油价下跌而遭受打击,所以越来越重视改善基础设施,促进商业发展,包括建新酒店。很多全球酒店集团正在沙特建新酒店,包括万豪(Marriott)、卡尔森瑞德酒店(Carlson Rezidor)和洲际酒InterContinental)。洲际酒店正在吉达扩张自己的驻桥套房(Staybridge Suites)品牌。But as this development expands, can businesswomen from abroad work effectively within a culture where, for example, a Saudi woman was arrested in December for attending a soccer match? Yes but it requires planning and agility, says Nancy J. Ruddy, a co-founder of CetraRuddy, an architectural firm in New York that has been working in Saudi Arabia on the design for a large business hotel project in Jeddah. The five-star Galleria hotel and retail center is scheduled to open late this year.但是在这些发展的同时,国外的商务女性能在这种文化中有效率地进行工作吗?去年12月,一名沙特女子因去现场观看足球赛而被捕。纽约建筑公司CetraRuddy的联合创始人南希·J·拉迪(Nancy J. Ruddy)说,女人能够在这里有效率地工作,不过需要计划和机智。该公司正在吉达设计一个大型商务酒店项目。这个五星级加列里亚饭店(Galleria)和零售中心计划今年年底开业。We’re all familiar with the basic drill in Saudi society, where even restaurants are segregated, with women and children seated in special sections away from men. But I asked Ms. Ruddy whether there are lesser-known hurdles in doing business while female in Saudi Arabia.我们都知道沙特社会的一些基本习俗,在那里甚至连餐馆都设立隔离区,女人和孩子被安置在特殊区域,与男人隔开。但是我问拉迪,女性在沙特做生意有没有什么不太为人所知的障碍。“Any country that I go to, I really study the customs and I get advice from people who have been there, so the obvious things about having to wear these robes, these abayas, about being covered, everybody knows about those things,she said. “But there are certain things we all assume are basic in our global world, even if it is a country like Saudi Arabia, such as the availability of bathrooms.”“不管去哪个国家,我都会认真研究那里的习俗,询问去过那里的人的建议。很显然,你必须穿长袍,盖住头,谁都知道这些,”她说,“但是有些东西我们以为全世界都有,甚至在沙特这样的国家也应该有,可实际上那里没有,比如卫生间。”Many of her business meetings with the development company, an arm of the Saudi royal family, took place in a modern 23-story office building, she said.她说,她和开发公司的很多商务会议都是在一3层的现代写字楼里进行的。那是沙特皇室的公司。“But there was no ladiesroom, which was totally shocking to me,she said. “During my first trip there, if I needed to use the bathroom, I would have to say that I need to go back to my hotel, and I would have to be walked back to the hotel by a man, because you’re not allowed as a woman to walk around unaccompanied on the streets. And because there are almost no women in the work force in Saudi Arabia, there are no ladiesrooms in office buildings.”“但是那里没有女卫生间,这让我极为震惊,”她说,“我第一次去那儿时,如果我需要去卫生间,我只能说我需要回酒店,然后必须有一个男人送我回酒店,因为在沙特,没有男人陪伴,女人不能独自在街上走动。因为沙特女人几乎都不工作,所以写字楼里没有女卫生间。”So Ms. Ruddy resorted to a kind of bathroom diplomacy during her frequent work sessions there. “All of the male executives had private bathrooms, so I asked if it was possible for one of those bathrooms to be put out of commission so I could use it, so I wouldn’t have to ask some man to take me on a 15-minute walk back to my hotel.”所以,在那里频繁工作期间,拉迪想出了一种卫生间外交策略。“所有男性高管都有私人卫生间,所以我询问是否有可能留出一个卫生间给我用,这样我就不用让某个男人陪我走15分钟回酒店了。”Voilà! Compromise was achieved and a little sign on a door solved a big problem.好了!他们让步了,在门上挂一个小牌子就解决了一个大问题。By and large, as more women travel on business in Saudi Arabia, more of them are finding ways to work around the system, even as some social pressure builds within the country from Saudi women, who make up 20 percent of the country’s work force, up from 16 percent a decade ago. That is still among the lowest female work force percentages of any country, according to data from the World Bank.总的来说,随着更多女人到沙特出差,她们中的更多人在寻找变通方法,与此同时,沙特妇女也在国内施加了一些社会压力。如今女性占沙特劳动力的20%,比十年前的16%有所增长。根据世界的数据,它仍是世界上女性劳动者比例最低的国家之一。“With so many U.S.- and global-based businesses in Saudi Arabia, travel to the country is only going to expand,said Carol Margolis, the publisher of Smart Women Travelers. “Saudi women keep pushing for change and, as a result, travel into their country by Western women will become easier.”“随着这么多美国和国际性公司进驻沙特,到这个国家旅行的人只会越来越多,”《聪明的女性旅行者Smart Women Travelers)的作者卡罗尔·马戈利斯(Carol Margolis)说,“沙特妇女在不断推进改革,所以西方女性去她们国家旅行会变得更容易。”Finding ways to navigate around customs that might seem insurmountable at first “has been very interesting,said Ms. Ruddy, who also has developed projects in India.拉迪说,在最初看来似乎难以逾越的习俗中寻找变通办法“变得非常有趣”。她也在印度开发项目。“In Saudi Arabia, it’s clear they have a great admiration for expertise, so the rules were changed a bit when they saw that I was bringing expertise to the table, which is of course why they hired me in the first place,she said. “After a while, some of the men would even call me by name and make direct eye contact.”“在沙特阿拉伯,他们显然十分钦佩专业知识,所以当他们看到我能带来专业知识时,规矩就有所松动,当然他们起初雇佣我也是为了我的专业知识,”她说,“经过一段时间,其中一些男人甚至开始直呼我的名字,跟我有直接的目光接触。”Small victories, of course, in a world where the ability to gracefully work around traditions is valued because, as every business traveler contemplating a trip to an unknown culture knows, as a general rule, when you have to go, you have to go.当然,这些都是小小的胜利。在当今世界,在尊重传统的同时,寻找变通方法以便得体工作的能力显得越来越重要,因为每个商务旅行者在考虑前往一个陌生文化时,都知道这样的一般原则——如果必须去,那就别无选择。来 /201502/359390襄阳市第四人民医院治疗阳痿怎么样 There was a time when young beggars in the countryside outside Jakarta shunned dollars in favour of Japanese yen. Potential customers in Indonesia, meanwhile, shunned Japanese imports because they were so expensive. If your prosperity depends on finding foreign markets for its products, a strong currency is a curse.曾经有一段时间,雅加达郊外的小乞丐们会不要美元要日元。同一时间,印度尼西亚的潜在消费者会避开日本进口商品,因为它们实在太贵。如果一国之繁荣依赖于向外国市场出售商品,那么强势货币就是诅咒。Last week China became the latest country to counter that curse with the charm of competitive devaluation. Beijing tweaked the formula used each day to fix the value of the renminbi against other currencies, triggering the biggest one-day currency move since the mid-1990s. Some analysts said other countries, particularly in Asia, may be forced to follow suit perhaps setting up a cascade of tit-for-tat devaluations.上周中国施展出竞争性贬值的法术,成为又一个反抗这一诅咒的国家。北京方面调整了人民币兑美元汇率中间价计算方法,引发0世纪90年代中期以来人民币单日汇率最动。一些分析师表示,其他国家、特别是亚洲国家可能会被迫跟风,或许会导致一连串针锋相对的贬值行动。Yet China is a latecomer to the currency skirmishes. Before 2005, the value of the renminbi was fixed at a constant rate against the dollar. Since that peg was relaxed, the Chinese redback had risen 25 per cent against the greenback. (It has risen still more steeply against a trade-weighted basket of currencies, and by about 50 per cent against the Japanese yen.) Even the International Monetary Fund no longer finds the currency undervalued.然而在这场小型汇率冲突中,中国其实是后来者005年以前,人民币兑美元汇率是固定的。自从放松与美元挂钩后,人民币对美元已升5%。(人民币对贸易加权一篮子货币升幅更大,对日元升值了大约50%。)就连国际货币基金组织(IMF)也不再认为人民币低估。Meanwhile, central banks in the big developed economies have held interest rates at close to zero and used freshly minted cash to buy financial assets in huge quantities, a practice known as quantitative easing. Such policies have become the instruments of choice for governments wishing to drive their currencies down and their exports up.与此同时,较大发达经济体的央行将利率维持在接近于零的水平,并增印货币大量购买金融资产,这一做法即所谓的量化宽松。对于那些希望本国货币贬值、出口上升的政府来说,该政策已成为他们的首选工具。Japan, where exports have yet to return to their pre-crisis peak, is a case in point. The country suffered for three years with a sharply appreciating yen, until the Bank of Japan embarked on its own quantitative easing programme in April 2013, which threw that trend into reverse. The Japanese currency has fallen 33 per cent against the US dollar since then. For all the talk of prime minister Shinzo Abe’s “three arrows this is the only element of his economic policy that has convincingly taken flight.日本就是个很好的例子,其出口尚未恢复到危机前的巅峰期。日本经历了三年的日元大幅升值,直到日本央行(Bank of Japan)013月出台了自己的量化宽松计划,才扭转这一趋势。此后日元兑美元汇率已下3%。虽然日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的“三箭”引起广泛议论,但他的经济政策中只有这一箭产生了有信力的效果。When trade is flourishing and output is growing strongly, there is little harm in such antics. But when the world economy is soft, they are both predatory and dangerous. The gains in exports of one nation come at the expense of others.当贸易蓬勃发展,经济产出增长强劲之时,这类非常举动不会造成多大伤害。但当全球经济疲软时,这些行为则带有掠夺性和危险性。一国出口之增长,是以牺牲其他国家换来的。The US Treasury, which has said little about Japan’s extraordinary programme of monetary easing (or, for that matter, the Federal Reserve’s) regularly uses its semi-annual reports to Congress to lambast China for “manipulatingits currency. That is an odd stance.美国财政部对日本非同寻常的货币宽松计划少有微词(对美联储(Fed)的货币宽松也是),却常常在提交给国会的半年度报告中,严厉谴责中国“操纵”汇率。这是一个奇怪的立场。For one thing, many Americans have benefited from the Chinese export surge, although it has clearly made life harder for manufacturing workers. Consumers have been able to buy more with their dollars, and borrowers have had access to cheaper financing because China recycles much of its earnings by buying US government debt.一方面,许多美国人都得益于中国的出口激增,虽然这明显加大了制造业工人的生存难度。消费者可以用手上的美元购买更多商品,而贷款者可以获得利息更低的融资,因为中国将大量贸易顺差用来购买美国国债。But the oddest thing about the Treasury’s complaints is that China has in fact kept its currency strong displaying restraint that has earnt it little credit.但美国财政部这一指控最奇怪的地方,是中国实际上一直维持了人民币的强劲,展现出政府对于货币的控制,却没有收获多少信誉度。To be sure, Beijing’s motives have not been entirely altruistic. The rest of the world might think of China as a maker of cheap toys and low-end electronics, but a rising renminbi forced Chinese manufacturers to move upmarket. The country is increasingly making its own capital goods instead of importing them from Germany or Japan. It is challenging Samsung and other Korean makers on everything from ships to smartphones. A single Chinese company, Shenzhen-based DJI, WHICH ONE?now accounts for 70 per cent of the world market for small drones.诚然,中国政府的动机并非是完全没有私心的。全球其他国家可能认为中国是廉价玩具和低端电子产品制造国,但人民币升值迫使中国制造商进军高端市场。中国越来越多地自己制造资本品,而不是从德国或日本进口。它在从船舶到智能手机等所有领域挑战三Samsung)以及其他韩国制造商。单单一家总部位于深圳的中国公司——大疆创新公DJI),现在就占据70%的全球小型无人机市场份额。China’s plan for growth once involved investing heavily in fixed assets and marshalling cheap labour to operate them, exporting manufactured goods to the rest of the world. That has changed. Now Beijing wants an economy that relies more on value-added manufacturing and a shift to domestic consumption and spending on services. That depends on workers earning more and having more income to spend. It cannot be achieved by driving down the price of Chinese goods in foreign markets.中国的增长计划曾经包括大举投资于固定资产并投入大量廉价劳动力运营它们,向全球其他国家出口制造业产品。现在这种情况已经改变。如今中国政府希望经济更加依赖高附加值制造业,并转向国内消费和务出。这有赖于劳动者收入增加且有更多收入可供出。它不可能靠压低中国商品在外国市场上的价格来实现。When Beijing has nudged the renminbi lower, its hand has often been forced. After the G20 meetings in Sydney 18 months ago the Chinese currency fell by about 2 per cent, to the vocal ire of the US. Yet at that time, many hedge funds were minting money by borrowing cheap yen and buying assets such as corporate debtXXX priced in renminbi; the Chinese pointed out that there needed to be a two way trade in renminbi, “in accordance with market principles当中国政府推动人民币贬值的时候,它往往是被迫的。在18个月0国集G20)悉尼会议之后,人民币在美国的愤怒声讨之下贬值约2%。然而在当时,许多对冲基金通过借入廉价日元并买入人民币计价的企业债券等资产来获利;中国人指出,人民币有必要“按照市场原则”双向交易。Last week’s manoeuvre, which was also couched in the language of the market, is unlikely to be the start of a sharp descent for the Chinese currency. Many companies have borrowed dollars offshore; depreciation only makes their debt burden heavier. And authorities do not wish to see dramatic increases in capital outflows.中国央行上周的举动——也是以市场语言表述的——不太可能是人民币大幅贬值的开始。许多中国公司在海外有美元贷款,人民币贬值只会加重它们的债务负担。而且中国有关部门不希望看到资本外流大幅增加。But if that proves optimistic and a currency war ensues, history should record that Beijing did not fire the first shot.但如果事实明这种观点有些乐观,随后发生了汇率战,历史应该记录的是,中国不是第一个开火的。来 /201508/394379老河口市第一医院检查能用医保卡吗

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襄阳市职业病防治医院泌尿系统在线咨询A released on Islamic State-affiliated Twitter accounts show the apparent beheading of Haruna Yukawa, a 42-year-old Japanese citizen who hadbeen held captive by ISIS forces since last August. Yukawas death hasnt been independently verified, but the Japanese government said it believes the to be authentic. The beheading came days after ISIS demanded Japan pay a 0million ransom to free Yukawa and Kenji Goto, a 47-year-old journalist andfellow captive. The Japanese government had pledged to free the hostages, but said it would not ;bow to terrorism.; According toGoto, who spoke in the that showed Yukawas purported execution, ISISwill free him if Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, a female affiliate currently imprisoned in Jordan, is released.ISIS在推特上发布了一个斩首自去年8月份就遭到他们逮捕2岁人质汤川的视频。他的死亡还没有获得独立查,但是日本政府认为这个视频是真实的。而在几天前,ISIS要求日本政府付2亿美元的赎金来释放这两名人质(另外一名人质是47岁的记者)。日本政府承诺会去解救这些人质,但是称不会向恐怖主义低头。这7岁的记者在一个处决了42岁人质的视频中说道,如果一名现在被关押在约旦的女犯人SajidaMubarak al-Rishawi得到释放的话,那么ISIS就会释放他。In a hastily arranged news conference,Japan reacted with outrage.在后来临时安排的一个新闻发布会上,日本做出了愤怒的回应;The Japanese government will not givein to terrorism and will continue to contribute to the peace and stability of the international community and the world,; Prime Minister Shinzo Abe toldreporters.“日本政府不会向恐怖主义低头,将继续对国际社会和世界的和平和稳定做出贡献,”首相安倍对记者们说。For Abe, whose Liberal Democratic Party did well in regional elections in December, the crisis with the Islamic State presents Japan with a dilemma. Since assuming the countrys top office, Abe hassupported removing Article 9 of Japans constitution, a pacifist measure thathas guided Japanese foreign policy since World War II. The prime minister has argued that the clause has become an achronistic in a world where China, along time adversary, has greatly improved its military capacity. Following theelections in December, Defense Minister Gen. Nakatami explained the rationale.对于安倍来说(其自民党2月份的地区选举上获得大胜),这次ISIS危机让日本陷入困境。自从成为日本的领导人以来,安倍持将第九条移出日本宪法,作为和平主义的第九条自二战结束以来就一直指导着日本的外交政策。安倍认为由于长久以来的敌人中国在军事上获得很很大的提升,所以这个条款已经过时了。在12月份的选举之后,日本国防部长Nakatami阐述了其中的道理;Japans security environment has changed, and we must fortify our national security,; he said. However, theres no guarantee Yukawas death will galvanize public support for Abes proposal. An unstableman with a history of mental illness, Yukawa had traveled to Syria last summer with the intention of working as a private security contractor. Sincehis capture in August, the public has largely reacted with anger that he placed himself in such adangerous situation. In 2004, the capture of four Japanese aid workers in Iraq elicited a similar lack of sympathy back home.“日本的安全环境已经改变,我们必须对我们的国家安全进行强化,”他说。然而这2岁人质的死无法保将刺激民众去持安倍的提议。这名人质患有精神疾病,于去年夏天以私人安全务承包商的身份前往叙利亚。自8月份被ISIS逮捕以来,公众的主要反应是愤怒,认为在那么危险的情况下他还跑到叙利亚去004年,四名日本救援人员在伊拉克被捕时,日本国内也是这样缺乏同情心。In any case, Abes options are limited. In 2013, Japan signed a pledge by the G8, a group of the worlds largest economies, to deny ransom payments to terrorist organizations.无论如何,安倍的选择是有限的013年,日本签署了G8国家的一份保书,规定不向恐怖组织付赎金。来 /201501/356492 The field for the 2016 U.S. presidential election continues to grow with three prominent Republicans entering the race this week.又有三名美国共和党人本星期加016年总统选举不断增加的参选人行列。Ben Carson said in an interview Sunday he will run in the aly crowded competition for his partys nomination. He planned a formal announcement at an event Monday in Detroit.本·卡森星期日接受采访时说,他将争取共和党总统候选人提名。卡森计划星期一在底特律正式宣布参选。Carson rose to prominence two years ago with a speech criticizing President Barack Obamas landmark health care initiative, but has also drawn criticism for equating that program to slavery and for comments about homosexuality.两年前,卡森在一次演讲中批评奥巴马总统的医保方案,并因此而得名。但他将该医保方案与奴役制相提并论,并对同性恋发表负面,从而招致批评。Also Monday, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was due to announce her candidacy. She has some experience in national politics having served as an economic advisor to Senator John McCain during the 2008 presidential race he lost to Mr. Obama, as well as her own failed 2010 bid for a U.S. Senate seat.星期一,前惠普公司总裁卡利·菲奥利纳也将宣布参选。麦凯恩参议008年竞选总统时,菲奥利纳担任他的经济问题顾问,从中获得一些参与全国政治活动的经验,她本人曾于2010年竞选美国参议员。Another candidate from 2008, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, plans to join the race on Tuesday.2008年的总统参选人、前阿肯色州州长赫克比计划在星期二宣布参选。来 /201505/373163襄阳枣阳市人民中心医院治疗宫颈肥大多少钱襄阳477医院泌尿外科



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