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2019年06月18日 15:34:37 | 作者:度排名免费答 | 来源:新华社
President Barack Obama on Wednesday held his first solo news conference since March, answering reporters' questions on issues ranging from Afghanistan and Libya, to the impasse with Congress over federal deficit reduction and raising the government's debt limit.美国总统奥巴马星期三举行了记者招待会,这是自从今年3月以来,他首次独自面对媒体,就阿富汗和利比亚局势、联邦财政赤字、以及提高政府借贷上限等一系列问题,回答了记者的提问。The news conference came amid public opinion polls showing Americans' frustration with a slow economic recovery, high unemployment, and difficult negotiations between Democrats and Republicans on reducing the government's deficit spending and raising the .3 trillion debt limit.在奥巴马举行记者招待会之际,民意调查显示,美国公众对经济复苏步伐缓慢、民主和共和两党之间在削减政府开以及提高政府借贷上限等问题上僵持不下的局面颇为不满。Mr. Obama elevated his role in the talks after Republicans walked out last week, objecting to Democrats' insistence on eliminating tax breaks for the wealthy as part of what Mr. Obama says must be a balanced deficit reduction package.上个星期,共和党方面离开了谈判桌,原因是民主党方面坚持要取消对富有阶层的赋税减免,把这作为奥巴马所说的平衡的削减预算计划的一部分,共和党对此非常反对。The deficit and debt issue dominated the news conference. Calling Republican positions "unsustainable," Mr. Obama said a potential U.S. default on obligations on August 2 would be "significant" and have "unpredictable" results.在星期三的记者招待会上,有关美国国内财政赤字和债务的话题成为了焦点。奥巴马总统称共和党人在这个问题上的观点和立场,是“不现实”的。他说,要是到了8月2号,美国政府在债务问题上拿不出具体的方案来的话,那么,后果会很严重。The president addressed Republican assertions that he has not demonstrated enough leadership.之前,共和党人指责奥巴马在这些问题上,没有展现出足够的领导能力。"When they decide they are not happy with the fact that at some point you have got to make a choice, they just all step up and say, 'The president needs to get this done.' They need to do their job. Now is the time to go ahead and make the tough choices. That is why they are called leaders," he said.对此,奥巴马总统说:“他们(共和党人)一旦觉得不高兴了,就说,‘这是总统份内的事儿。’事实上,他们要做的也很多。现在是必须要做出某些痛苦的选择的时候了;这也正是为什么他们也被称之为领袖。”201106/142696The ed States strongly condemns today's brutal attack that targeted a Frontier Constabulary training camp in Northwest Pakistan. It killed scores of innocent people and injured many others. We extend our condolences to the Pakistan armed forces as well as the families and friends of the victims. Terrorists have shown time and again that they are the true enemy of the people and the government of Pakistan and we respect the nation's sacrifices in the fight against terrorism and will continue to stand with Pakistan in our joint struggle to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda and allied terrorist organizations.【生词注释】condemn v.谴责brutal adj.残忍的constabulary n.警察部队condolence n.同情;吊唁dismantle: v. 销毁201110/156582Chicago’s budget 芝加哥财政预算Reality bites 陷入水深火热之中How to slash a deficit without raising taxes如何大幅削减赤字,又不提高税收Promises to keep 恪守承诺AT ABOUT 8.30am on Saturday October 15th, close to the city’s former meatpacking district, one of Chicago’s ancient water mains burst. As the road buckled and water gushed down alleyways, it was a timely reminder that the modern city is built on crumbling, century-old infrastructure. Fixing the problem is not easy, as the city is awash in debt as well as water.10月15日周六上午8:30左右,位于芝加哥前肉类加工厂附近一个老化的自来水总管道破裂,“水漫金山”。这适时地提醒了人们,这座现代化城市下已建成百年之久的基础设施如今正日渐破损。要解决这一问题并不容易,因为眼下芝加哥被债务淹没,就像被泡在这次大水中一样。Only three days earlier the city’s energetic new mayor, Rahm Emanuel, had presented his first budget. The city had looked set to produce a 0m deficit on its operating budget of billion. Worse still, for a decade Chicago has had significant and growing shortfalls which have only been plugged using creative, but one-off, fixes dreamed up by the previous mayor. These include, for example, leasing all its metered street parking for 75 years—something that still annoys the locals.就在3天前,精力充沛的芝加哥新任市长拉姆?伊曼纽尔递交了他的首轮财政预算计划。在这份30亿美元的经营预算中,似乎肯定会产生6.4亿美元的赤字。更糟糕的是,10年来芝加哥财政赤字巨大,并且一直不断增长,上任市长曾想出一些颇具创意却治标不治本的政策填补过这一空缺,将设有收费表的路边泊车位出租长达75年之久就是一例,此补救措施直到现在都令当地居民甚为恼火。Mr Emanuel had promised a lot. He said he would balance the budget and invest in the city’s infrastructure, all without raising property taxes or using one-off revenues. On paper he has, indeed, balanced the budget. About 0m has come through a mixture of cuts, reorganisation and efficiency gains. The rest has been found by raising new revenue, whether through new or increased fees, fines, charges or (whisper it) taxes. For example, the budget proposes a new -a-day “congestion premium” for drivers who park in downtown garages. And visitors to next year’s NATO and G8 summits will each be adding .78 a night to city coffers, thanks to a new hotel tax.伊曼纽尔作了很多承诺。他表示会平衡预算,投资城市基础设施建设,但他不会提高财产税,也不会征收一次性税收。的确,理论上他平衡了预算。通过削减开、重组体制和提高效率,他可以节省4.2亿美元。而通过设立新的罚款、各种费用、( 嘘!)还有税收,或是在原有基础上对这些进行提高,所获得的收益可以填补剩余部分。举例来说,预算计划上提议要向将车停在市中心车库的司机新征收每日2美元的“拥堵附加费”;多亏了新设立的酒店税,明年参观北大西洋公约组织和8国峰会的每位游客每日要多付1.78美元,所得款项将充入城市财政。Some of Mr Emanuel’s plans are politically bold. Chicago is to become the first large city in America to merge police and fire services in a co-ordinated “public safety” headquarters, and some unneeded facilities are to be trimmed. Savings of m are sought, and the plans may rationalise how the city tackles terrorism, bomb threats and arson.伊曼纽尔的某些预算计划在政治上相当大胆。芝加哥将成为全美将警察与消防务融合为一个联合“公安”总部的第一个大城市。某些多余的机构也面临解散。如此可节省8200万美元。此外,预算计划还会对如何应对恐怖主义、炸弹威胁以及纵火问题作出合理的说明。The budget still has to be approved by the city council, but the scale of Chicago’s debt gives little room for manoeuvre. Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, an independent watchdog, explains that the city can no longer kick the can down the road as the can is now a “55-gallon drum”. He says the new budget is a positive development, though the mayor has not yet tackled a looming pensions crisis. The three main ratings agencies have also reacted favourably.该预算计划还须得到市议会的同意,但即使通过,在芝加哥负债累累的情况下,其能够施展的空间也是微乎其微。公民联合会(一家独立的监察机构)主席劳伦斯?米赛尔解释说,星星之火业已燎原,芝加哥再不能对这个问题视而不见了。他表示,纵使市长尚未着手处理正在逼近的养老金危机,但新一轮的预算计划仍是件好事。三大主要评级机构对此也作出了积极的反应。Although the agony has been sp thin, the most painful new proposal is a large hike in water rates. The need, however, could not be plainer. Despite the city’s towering skyscrapers and ultra-modern Millennium Park, underground the story is grimmer. Chicago has 900 miles of ancient water pipes that need replacing and 750 miles of sewers that need improving. And four of its water-pumping stations still run on steam power.预算缩减总量虽高 ,但分摊下来并不会令人太过苦恼,不过棘手的是关于大幅提高水费的新提案。然而,其必要性已再清楚不过/ 箭在弦上,不得不发。尽管芝加哥天大楼鳞次栉比,又有着超现代的千禧公园,可地下设施却惨不忍睹。该城需要更新的老化水管长达900英里,还有750英里的下水管道需要升级,另外还有4个泵水站仍在使用蒸汽动力。201111/160103What credit crunch? Mideast companies are shrugging off the credit crunch at the annual Cityscape property fair. CNN's Leone Lakhani reports。Welcome to our property lunch, needless style, no signs of foreclosures here, instead, elicit singers, and celebrity endorsements. This is the party held by the developer select group. It’s launching its latest project, the 1.5-billion-dollar auqutian development undevise manmade world islands. An ambitious project as the credit crunch threatens the property market in the rest of the world. You know I will be bow enough to say I’ve danced the credit crunch is gonna to fight the bar. Even within all the glancing climber does notice this disguising the facts. The region’s main stock markets lost half their value this year. The central banks in the Gulf stepped into an issue that investors that displenty and equality in the markets. And reports point a turn to 15% property price correction in the next year.But that wasn’t the message conveyed this year’s city scape. The ground scale of the event was man to scale any of market deltas. For years just has been speculations that the property bump in the Golf is going to boost. If that’s the case, it certainly not evident here. From the announcement of a 95-billion-dollar city development to debate plan to break its own record and build the world’s next tallest tower. Each company out doing the other dishing out millions on the disbalzes alone. Companies spend up to several / million dollars just on the designs and of, and build the vibrate, and which is pretty unheard over sounds / as globally. But I think captures again the essence of what’s happening here and the length people are willing to go to, to track up on that investment right now. / holding believes that while it is time to cautious, there are also plenty of opportunities.We are concerned people that are not always emotional. You know if you look at the stocks that have gone down in value, their profiteer race has not gone down. It is just an emotional say as a result of what’s going on in that of the world. What do we see is an opportunity for people to buy as one, you know. I would see that sent a project, you know, in the US or in Europe. Well, it’s an opportunity to buy among, you know, steep the accounts. Egypt Sodic is developing two major city centers outside Cairo. They say the financial structure of dare deals means they are not under pressure from the lending crisis. Mortgages only represent 2% of Egypt’s GDP, more its company, we have very little debts. We are sitting on a lot of, actually receivables. So we are in a very healthy position, quite / the storm if, if, you know, if it doesn’t span in this region. With job losses on Wall Street and Europe, hundreds are moving into the regions in searching of work, but even with steady amount and prospects of strong growth, this cash-rich region isn’t completely immune to the global credit crunch. 200810/53305

Playboy launches new "safe-for-work" websitePlayboy on Tuesday launched a new, non-nude website that it described as being safe-for-work and a "satirical antidote to the drudgery of the work day."Produced specifically for the Internet, www.TheSmokingJacket.com contains posts and viral content in categories such as Girls, Entertainment, Sex, Videos and Lifestyle.It also provides links to other s around the web as well photos from the Playboy archives."The smoking jacket isn't just something I like to wear around the mansion," Playboy's iconic founder Hugh Hefner, 84, says in a posted on the site. "It's Playboy's safe for work website. Next to the mansion, it's the best hangout on the planet."Playboy's traditional magazine business has been hard hit by declining circulation and advertising revenue as people turn to free pornography on the Internet.On Tuesday, the new site had posts such as "How to Get Laid at Work," and "How to Hang Out with Porn Chicks".Photos include a sp of Playmate Kimberly Phillips in lingerie and a smoking jacket. From the archives, there's the 1983 Playmate Playoffs featuring bikini-clad women with classic Farrah Fawcett-styled hair competing in water-soaked events.The Playboy.com web site, which contains nudity and longer lifestyle articles, has 6 million unique monthly visitors to its site, Playboy said.Vocabulary:drudgery: menial, distasteful, dull, or hard work(单调乏味的苦差事,繁重无聊的工作)viral content: a piece of online content (e.g., an article, a , a picture, a quiz, a game or anything else) that raises certain emotions on people, creating an urge on them to share that content in one way or another.(传染内容,指网上的文章、视频、图片、问答、游戏或其它内容,能引发人们的某种情绪,促使人们通过某种途径与人分享这些内容。)smoking jacket: a loose-fitting jacket for men, often of a heavy fabric and trimmed with braid, worn indoors, esp. as a lounging jacket.(男士宽松便)get laid: to have sexual intercourse with someone(做爱)playoffs: a series of games or matches, as between the leading teams of two leagues, in order to decide a championship(选手得分相等时的最后决赛)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109530

Hung Out To Dry As some line-dry their laundry to conserve, others say it's an eyesore. There is some New Hampshire residents who want to do their part to help the environment, and this A’s David Curley reports their efforts to go green are being complicated by the neighbors down the block. Remember these days, “What a wonderful sight when your wash is done!”Hang on! Clothes lines are making a comeback. And it smells good, smells better than anything that would come out of the drier. It’s a green comeback. Steven M. White hoped to cut their carbon footprint by hanging out their socks. “One of the things you can do easily is you can hang your laundry out.” American families spend at least 100 dollars a year drying cloth. Electric driers account for 6% of home electricity use. So save money, save the planet, what’s not to like?“I don’t wanna see any other. I hope, I want to see nature. Um, sheets are not nature”. Richard Jacques Homeowners’ Association and thousands like it ban clothes lines as unattractive all that underwear, and a threat to property values. I states in a very clear way that outside clothes lines are not permitted. So down the street, Mary Lucier hangs her wash inside on doors and from light fixtures. Is this decoration? No, haha, it is not decoration, it is serious. Others had figured out /the/ ways around the rules. So essence, you are hiding hanging your laundry. I am/ discreet.And unlikely, activist is trying to line up support to change the rules on clothes lines, hoping states will force associations to allow their residents the right to dry. Laundry has totally taken all over my life. 33-year-old bachelor lawyer, Alexander Lee/s/ is trying to empower those who want to hand and believe it or not, 3 states have enacted right to dry laws, 7 others are considering it. I mean these are several power plants that we can shut down if everybody would make a switch. That’s if he can convince Americans there is art in hanging out laundry, a beautiful way to help save the planet. David Curley, A news, right, New Hampshire参考中文翻译:有的人说用晾衣绳晒衣的传统应该保存,另外一些人却说这非常刺眼。New Hampshire的一些居民想为当地的环保出一份力。但是他们为绿化所做的努力被这个街区上的邻居弄得复杂了。A记者David Curley报道。想起这些天,“当你洗完衣晾晒的时候,是多么美丽的风景啊!”挂出去晾着!晾衣绳正在卷土重来。晾衣的味道闻上去很好,比用烘干机哄出来的味道好多了。这是绿色的回归。Steven M. White 希望不要再有炭黑脚印,而是把我们的短袜晾出去。“其实洗完衣之后晾出去是很简单的事情。”美国家庭每年要花费至少100美元来烘干衣。烘干机的用电量占家庭用电的6%。既省钱,又环保,何乐而不为呢?“我不想看到其他任何东西。我希望我能看到大自然。而被褥不是大自然。”Richard Jacques业主联合会和千千万万类似的协会都禁止用晾衣绳晾衣,因为到处晾晒的衣影响美观,对财产价值造成威胁。我明确表态,禁止户外晾衣。所以在整条街上,都像Mary Lucier 一样,把衣晾在室内一些小店装置上面。是做装饰之用吗?不,不是装饰,这是很严肃的事情。其他人想出来应对这个规定的办法。本质上来说,你是在藏起来晾衣。我非常谨慎的。一下积极分子正在徒劳的试图改变关于晾衣绳的规定,希望政府给业主联合会施压,给予居民晾衣的权利。晾衣贯穿了我的整个生命过程。33岁的单身汉律师Alexander Lees正为了居民的这一权利而努力。信不信由你,已经有3个州颁布了关于晾衣方面的法律,其余7个州正在考虑。如果他能说所有美国人,晾衣是一项艺术,是拯救地球的美丽的途径。我的意思是,如果我们每个人都做一点点改变的话,我们就可以关闭几个发电厂。200811/57189

'Vuvuzela' voted word of the World Cup"Vuvuzela" has been voted the word of the World Cup by global linguists who said Monday the tournament will be best remembered for the name of South Africa's deafening trumpet."Long after individual matches and goals are forgotten, this will be remembered as the Vuvuzela World Cup," said Jurga Zilinskiene, managing director of London-based firm Today Translations."Vuvuzela" was chosen by 75 percent of more than 320 linguists from over 60 countries, who were asked to choose the word with the biggest impact on the tournament."Thanks to the World Cup, vuvuzela has the entered the shared language of the world and joined the ranks of words that need no translation," said Zilinskiene.The tuneless plastic horn blown by fans was a top World Cup newsmaker and has been snapped up abroad. Experts have warned it can damage hearing.The much-debated official Jabulani ball, mascot Zakumi and the Bafana Bafana national South African team each won four percent of the votes.Vocabulary:snap up: 抢购mascot: an animal, a toy, etc. that people believe will bring them good luck, or that represents an organization, etc. (吉祥物)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108982

BANNED Pres. Bush InterviewThis is a I found of an Irish TV interview with President Bush. I later found out that this interview was not shown on American television because it was banned! Why you ask, take a look and see.Mr. President, I know your time is tight. Can I move you onto, em, to Europe? Are you satisfied that you are getting enough help in Iraq from European countries? You have come together, you are more friendly now. But they are not really stepping up to the plate with help, are they?Well I think, first of all, most of Europe supported the decision in Iraq. If, really, what you were talking about is France, isn't it? And ,and they didn’t agree with my decision; they did vote for the UN Security Council resolution that said disclose disarm or face serious consequences. We just had a difference of opinion about when you say something do you mean it? And, but, nevertheless, no doubt in my mind. President Chirac would like to see a free and democratic and whole Iraq emerge. And it’s the same in Afghanistan. They’ve been very helpful in Afghanistan. They are willing to forgive death in Iraq. But most European countries are very supportive, even very, you know, participating in the reconstruction of Iraq. And how do you see the handover going? The next few weeks are going to be crucial. Can democracy really flourish with the violence that’s going on? A hundred Iraqis dead today Mr. President. Yeah. I don’t like death either. I mean, you keep emphasizing the death and I don’t blame you. But all that goes to show as the nature of the enemy. These people are willing to kill innocent people. They are willing to slaughter innocent people to stop the advance of freedom and so the free world has to make a choice. Do we cower in the face of terror? Or do we lead in the face of terror? And I’m gonna lead in the face of terror. We will not let these terrorists dash the hopes and ambitions of the people of Iraq. There is some kind of attitude that says ‘oh gosh, the terrorists attack. Let’s let the Iraqis suffer more.’ We are not gonna let them suffer more. We are gonna work with them. And I’m most proud of this fellow, prime minister Alavi, he’s strong and he’s tough. He says to me, ‘Mr. President. Don’t leave our country. Help us secure our country so we can be free.’Indeed, Mr. President, just to get back to that. Can I just turn to the Middle East (Sure.) and you will, be discussing at the EU summit and the idea of bringing democracy to the broader Middle East. (Right.) Is that something that really should start though with the solving of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis?Well I think, first of all, you’ve got a democracy in Turkey. You’ve got a democracy emerging in Afghanistan. You’ve got a democracy in Pakistan. I ..But shouldn’t that be on the top of the list? ..Please, please, please remember, ok, it will be better if you let me finish my answers, and then, and then you can follow up if you don’t mind. And what I’m telling you is that democracy can emerge at the same time. That the democracy can emerge in the Palestinian states. I’m the first American president to have called for the establishment of a Palestinian state. The first one to do so. Because I believe that it’s in the Palestinian people’s interests. I believe it’s in the Israel’s interests. And yes, we are working but we can do more than,you know, one thing at a time. And we are working on the roadmap with the Quartet to advance the process down the road. Like Iraq, the Palestinian and the Israeli issue is gonna require good security measures. And if it more even handed this from America?And we are working on security measures, in America, I’m the first president to ever have called for a Palestinian state. That’s, to me, sounds like a reasonable balanced approach, and, but I will not allow terrorists to determine the fate, as best as I can, to determine the fate of people who wanna be free. Mr. President, thank you very much for talking to us.You are welcome.02/63082

The space shuttle Endeavour has lifted off on its 25th and final mission.美国航天飞机“奋进”号,已经在最后一次任务中升空。"8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 ... and liftoff for the final launch of Endeavour, expanding our knowledge and expanding our lives in space."“8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.....‘奋进’号航天飞机升空了。它扩展了我们的太空知识,也拓展了我们的太空生活。”And, with that, six astronauts and the youngest shuttle in NASA's fleet, Endeavour, blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, bound for the International Space Station.美国航空航天所属机队里最年轻的航天飞机‘奋进’号,搭载着六名宇航员,从佛罗里达州肯尼迪太空中心发射升空,飞向国际空间站。Astronaut Mark Kelly is commanding Endeavour's final mission. 在‘奋进’号这最后一次任务中,担任指挥的是美国宇航员马克·凯利。He shared a few words with mission control about 10 minutes before launch."As Americans, we endeavor to build a better life than the generation before, and we endeavor to be a united nation," said Kelly. "In these efforts, we are often tested. This mission represents the power of teamwork, commitment and exploration. It is in the DNA of our great country to reach for the stars and explore. We must not stop."Kelly's wife, U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, attended Monday's launch. Giffords was severely wounded during a shooting rampage in Arizona in January and has been recovering at a medical center in Houston, Texas. 凯利的妻子,美国联邦众议员吉福兹,星期一也在场参观发射过程。吉福兹今年一月在亚利桑那州发生的击事件中受了重伤,如今正在德克萨斯州休斯顿的医院接受康复治疗中。She was among the estimated half-million spectators at the liftoff.她和大约五十万人群在现场观看次发射。201105/136446

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