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中级英语口语闪电速成[49] /200703/11164

You see, you can take out one or two hub trees,你们看,我们可以拿走一两颗中心树,but there comes a tipping point,但这样就会达到森林承受极限了,because hub trees are not unlike rivets in an airplane.因为森林里的中心树就像是飞机里的铆钉。You can take out one or two and the plane still flies, but you take out one too many,你卸下一两个铆钉的话飞机还能飞,但是如果你一次卸下太多,or maybe that one holding on the wings, and the whole system collapses.或是仅仅卸下固定机翼的那一颗铆钉,整个系统就要崩溃了。So now how are you thinking about forests? Differently?那么现在你们对森林的看法是怎样的了?有些改变了吧?Cool. Im glad.真棒。我太高兴了。So, remember I said earlier that I hoped that my research,你们还记得吧,我之前说过我希望我的研究,my discoveries would change the way we practice forestry.我的探索可以改变一些我们的林业实践的方式。Well, I want to take a check on that 30 years later here in western Canada.我想在30年后在西加拿大的这个地方做个检测。This is about 100 kilometers to the west of us, just on the border of Banff National Park.这里大概是在西边距我们100公里的地方,就在班夫国家公园的边上。Thats a lot of clear-cuts. Its not so pristine.在那里到处都发生着皆伐。现在不是原始社会了。In 2014, the World Resources Institute reported that Canada in the past decade2014年,据世界资源研究所报道,加拿大在过去十年中的has had the highest forest disturbance rate of any country worldwide, and I bet you thought it was Brazil.森林破坏率已经达到了世界最高,比任何一个国家都高,我打赌你现在肯定想到了巴西。In Canada, its 3.6 percent per year.在加拿大,森林破坏率是每年3.6%。Now, by my estimation, thats about four times the rate that is sustainable.据我推算,这大概是可持续发展的砍伐率的四倍了。Now, massive disturbance at this scale is known to affect hydrological cycles, degrade wildlife habitat,大规模高强度的砍伐已经严重影响到了水循环,破坏了野生动物的栖息地,and emit greenhouse gases back into the atmosphere, which creates more disturbance and more tree diebacks.而且又向大气中释放了很多温室气体,这也会使更多的树木枯死,造成更严重的破坏。201612/481239

乐宁外教口语天天练No.83 Something about her really tickles my fancy. Tickle one's fancy means that there is a sudden interest with something enjoyable or attractive. Something about her really tickles my fancy. Tickle one's fancy means that there is a sudden interest with something enjoyable or attractive. 译文:她有时真的很有意思。 /200612/9733

Hi, everyone, Ive had the honour of spending the last fifteen years working with young people who are building meaningful projects in communities from coast to coast to coast. As Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister for Youth, Ive been able to take that engagement to a new level and see firsthand the incredible work being done by Canadians all across the country. But were always looking to learn more and always looking to listen, and thats why we want you to share why youre not just leaders of tomorrow, but leaders of today. Tell us your stories, keep up your incredible work, and happy International Youth Day.201608/461509

点击此处下载音频HI!大家好. 广播学口语又和你见面了.今天Andy老师要给大家讲一个流浪汉的故事.让 我们先来看一下.我们今天要学习的句子:(1) Irsquo;m bummed out for I got turned down for a date. (2) Letrsquo;s chill out !(音乐)"bum"本意是流浪汉.而在俚语里,把它形容词化了,用bummed 或bummed out 来指"不 高兴或心烦".谁会高兴变成流浪汉呢.怪不得"bummed" 是指"不高兴"的意思. 要考试了,学生们不约而同的地开始奋战了,想必考试前的一个月是大学生们一个学期中 最充实的日子吧.当然,也是最累的,Ann抱怨:;Irsquo;m really bummed out that I have to get up so early to review my lessons.;(我真讨厌起得这么早复习功课).真是没 有办法的事情,因为谁也不愿意被亮红灯啊!Ann看到Tom很不开心,以为他是学习上遇到了难题,谁知道Tom said:; Irsquo;m bummed out, for I got turned down for a date.(我太郁闷了.因为我的约会被拒绝了.) 这方面, Ann可没有经验,不过她建议一起去放松一下心情.(音乐)"Letrsquo;s chill out !"是我们要学习的第二个句子,"chill"是"寒冷"的意思.可是 这里"Chill means to relax." Ann is y to chill for the rest of the morning with Tom. She hasnrsquo;t had a chance to chill out these last few days. (今天上午剩下的时间 ,Ann打算和Tom 去玩,因为那些日子一直没有机会去玩.) 那么以什么方式休闲呢.Tom likes to chill out at the cafe with a book sometimes, while Ann likes to visit friends to chill out .(Tom喜欢带书去咖啡屋里轻松一下,而Ann休闲时喜欢拜访朋友.)(音乐)让我 们来回顾一下我们今天学习的内容:(1)Irsquo;m bummed out for I got turned down for a date .约会被拒绝了,我很不开心.(2)Letrsquo;s chill out! 让我们轻松一下!好的,下次再见! /200605/7239

本期句子:1,今天你干什么?2,你快点儿,我们该迟到了。3,快点儿,上学该迟到了。 4,你锁门了吗?5,没忘了什么东西吧?6,都已经8点了!7,我晚了!8,我得赶紧走!9,你今天会回来得晚吗?10,几点回来?点击查看参考参考:1,What are you doing today? 2,If you don't hurry, we'll be late.3,Hurry or you'll be late for school.4,Did you lock the door?5,Aren't you forgetting something?6,It's aly 8:00.7,I'm late!8,I have to rush!9,Are you gonna be late today?10,What time are you coming home? /200607/8238

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