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你们会问,我们的目标是什么?我可以用一个词作答,那就是:胜利不惜一切代价,甘冒一切危险去夺取胜利不论前面的道路多么漫长,多么崎岖,一定要夺取胜利!因为不获胜利就得灭亡 In this crisis I think I may be pardoned if I do not address the House at any length today, and I hope that any of my friends and colleagues or mer colleagues who are affected by the political reconstruction will make all allowances any lack of ceremony with which it has been necessary to act.I say to the House as I said to Ministers who have joined this government, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, sweat and tears. We have bee us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have bee us many, many months of struggle and suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I say it is to wage war by land, sea and air. War with all our might and with all the strength God has given us, and to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and unpleasant catalogue of human crime.That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs—victory in spite of all terrors—victory, however long and hard the road may be, without victory there is no survival. Let that be realized. No survival the British Empire, no survival all that the British Empire has stood , no survival the urge, the impulse of the ages, that mankind shall move ward toward his goal.I take up my task in light heart and hope. I feel sure that our cause will not be suffered to fail among men. I feel entitled at this juncture, at this time, to claim the aid of all and to say, “Come then, let us go ward together with our ed strength.”温斯顿·丘吉尔,政治家、画家、演说家、作家以及记者,1953年诺贝尔文学奖得主(获奖作品《第二次世界大战回忆录),曾于190-195年及1951-1955年期间两度任英国首相,被认为是世纪最重要的政治领袖之一,带领英国获得第二次世界大战的胜利据传为历史上掌握英语单词词汇量最多的人之一(十二万多)被美国杂志《展示列为近百年来世界最有说力的八大演说家之一年,B举行了一个名为“最伟大的0名英国人”的调查,结果丘吉尔获选为有史以来最伟大的英国人 6关于“休息”(rest)的日常英语 -- :5:3 来源: 我真想睡个午觉I want to take a nap.I want to take a nap. (我真想睡个午觉)But you just woke up. (你不是刚刚起来吗?)I want to take a catnap. *catnap “打盹”、“小睡一下儿”Id like to lie down a while. (我想躺会儿)我去躺一会儿Im going to lie down. *用于稍感疲劳的时候Im going to take a rest. (我休息一会儿)你在装睡啊!Youre pretending to be asleep.Youre just pretending that youre asleep.Youre not really asleep. (你其实没睡吧!)I know youre still awake. (我知道你还没睡)你睡着了吗?Were you sleeping?Were you asleep?没有,还没睡呢No, I was awake.你能给孩子换块尿布吗?Will you change the baby diaper? *diaper“尿布”Will you change the baby diaper? (你能给孩子换块尿布吗?)Again? (又要换呀?)Will you change the baby diaper? (你能给孩子换块尿布吗?)I just changed it ten minutes ago. (分钟前我刚换过的)想尿尿吗?Do you need to pee? *主要对小孩子用该尿尿了It time to go wee-wee. *主要对小孩子用It time to go pee-pee. *对儿童用wee和pee,对婴幼儿用重叠wee-wee和pee-pee的形式表示“小便”蒙一儿Peekaboo! *孩子们在玩藏猫游戏时常用大人有时也半带玩乐地使用Peekaboo! (蒙一儿)Do it again. (再来一次)胳肢胳肢Kuchi-kuchi-koo. *胳肢婴儿时用大人有时开玩笑时也用我们来投球吧Let play catch.Let play catch. (我们来投球吧)Great! (好呀!)Let play ball.漏水了The water is leaking.The pipe is leaking. (水管漏了)全是灰呀It so dusty. *dusty“到处都是灰尘”、“沾满尘土”It so dusty. (都是灰啊!)I didnt notice. (我倒没注意)It needs to be dusted. (得扫扫了)这间屋子通风真差It stuffy in this room. *stuffy 房间等地方“通风不好”、“憋闷得慌”The air is thick. (这里真闷)I cant breathe in this room. (这屋让人喘不过气来)The air is dense. (空气混浊)这个房间很通风It drafty in this room. *drafty “有穿堂风的”你能去喂喂吗?Will you feed the dog? *feed “喂食”Please give the dog some food.你去遛遛吧?Will you take the dog a walk?帮我照看一下弟弟和啊Take care of my brother and sister.Take care of my brother and sister. (帮我照看一下弟弟和)You bet. (放心吧)请(给植物)浇点水Please water the plants. *water在这里是动词“浇水,洒水”Can I help? (要我帮忙吗?)Yes, please water the plants. (好吧,请帮我给花浇浇水)啊!怎么这么乱呀!What a mess! *母亲看到孩子们的房间时常说的一句话Look at the mess!What a pigsty! * 含有脏得像个猪窝的语气帮帮我吧Help me.Help me. (帮帮我吧)What do you want me to do? (我能帮你做什么呢?)把你的屋子收拾收拾Clean up your room.Clean up your room. (把你的屋子收拾收拾)But Im watching TV now. (可我正在看电视呢)Straighten up your room.Tidy up the room.帮我打扫打扫卫生Help me clean up the house.洗涤灵用完了Were out of dish detergent. *“洗衣粉”是laundry detergentWere out of dish detergent. (洗涤灵用完啦)Ill go get more. (那我去买一瓶)你能把衣晾上吗?Would you put up the clothes to dry?*put up是“向上挂”的意思,但在这里表示“晾衣”你能帮我把衣叠起来吗?Will you help me fold up the clothes? *fold up“叠整齐”把地扫扫Please sweep the floor. *sweep“扫”、“打扫”把厨房的池子洗干净Please scrub the sink. *“洗”一般用动词wash和clean来表示,但是“使劲搓洗”这一动作,用scrub表示最合适我得用吸尘器吸吸我房间了I have to vacuum my room. *vacuum“用吸尘器打扫”掸掸柜子上的土Please dust the shelves. *dust“掸土”Please wipe the shelves. (请擦一擦柜子)请拖拖地Please mop the floor.你能把那件衬衫熨熨吗?Will you iron the shirt?我的裙子得熨了I have to iron my skirt. *iron不仅是名词,它还可以用作动词“熨”我们去超市买东西吧Let go grocery shopping.We need more milk. (还得再买点牛奶)Let go grocery shopping. (那我们去超市买吧)公园里人挤人The park was crowded.The park was filled with people.今晚能帮我照看一下孩子吗?Can you baby-sit tonight? *baby-sit“父母不在时帮忙照顾孩子”Can you baby-sit tonight? (今晚能帮我照看一下孩子吗?)Sure I can. (当然可以) 日常英语 英语口语The word "discovery" literally means, uncovering something that's hidden from view. But what really happens is a change in the viewer. The familiar offers comt few can resist, and fewer still want to disturb. But as relatively recent inventions such as the telescope and microscope have taught us, the unknown has many layers. Every truth has geological strata, and you can't have an orthodoxy without a heresy.   “发现”一词,字面上是指揭开某种视线以外的隐藏的事物不过其实是观察者自身发生了变化很少人能抗拒熟悉事物带来的舒适,愿意扰乱这种舒适的人更少然而,正如望远镜、显微镜这些较为近期的发明所揭示给我们的,未知事物具有多种层次每个事实都有地质层次,没有异端也就无所谓正统  The moment a newborn opens its eyes, discovery begins. I learned this with a laugh one morning after delivering a calf. When it lifted up its fluffy head and looked at me, its eyes held the absolute bewilderment of the newly born. A moment bee it had the even black nowhere of the womb, and suddenly its world was full of colour, movement and noise. I've never seen anything so shocked to be alive.   新生儿睁开双眼的那一刻起,发现也就开始了我是在一天清晨给一头小牛犊接生的时候突然意识到这一点的,不禁大笑小牛仰起毛茸茸的脑袋看着我,目光中透出这个新生生命对世界的一无所知片刻之前,它还呆在母体里某个黑暗而平静的地方,突然,它的世界变得五光十色,变得活泼而喧闹我从未见过任何东西在获得生命时是如此的惊异 8985英语教师必备:校园英语常用语500句() -- :5:39 来源: 1. Please it follow me quietly(lowly).你们可以轻声跟读. Read the text to yourselves.默读本文3. Stop here a while, please.暂停一会儿 . Take your text-books.用手端起课本来5. Pay attention to them when they the second paragraph.他们读第二段时,注意听6. Read more distinctly(Speak more clearly), please.请读清楚一点7. Would you speak in a little loud (in a slow)voice(louder,please).你能大一点声音吗?. Speak in a little low voice, please.声音低一点9. Your voice(timbre, tone) sounds sweet.你的声音很好听30. Read louder and slowly so that everybody can hear you.读得声音大一点、慢一点,让大家都能听清楚31. Now, you may it in class .现在,你们可以课堂上阅读本文3. I ask you to it fluently and clearly as soon as possible.我要求大家尽量流畅、清晰地阅读本文33. About the key sentences, I ask you to study not only the meaning of the words,but also (them)in the line.就这些重点语句,我要求大家有仅了解字面,还要注意字里行间的深意. You may ask me if you have any questions.有问题可以问我35. I’ll give you explanations as many as possible(I can).我会尽多地为大家解释36. And then, I’m going to ask you sth simple about it. 然后,我会问你们一些较为简单的有关情况37. Where did we stop(learn) off last time(how far did we get last time)? 上一次我们学到什么地方了?38. Let me remind you of what we have learned last period (refresh your memory last time we talked about).让我提醒你一下,关于上节课所学的内容39. Do you know the general mind (main meaning)of the ?你知道这篇文章的中心意思吗?0. Say sth about what you have learned from the hero谈谈关于这个英雄的启示 英语 常用 校园 必备

Plants in the Deserts Some cacti, like the saguaro, grow to tree size, but true trees need more moisture than most desert environments can supply, so they are scarce on deserts. Close to streambeds, cottonwoods can sometimes be found. Though these streams are dry most of the year, water flows there longest and is usually available fairly close to the surface. Elsewhere, trees must send taproots deep into the hard baked desert soil to draw on underground water. Perhaps the most widesp family of trees on the world's deserts is the acacia, whose taproots drill down as far as 5 feet (7. 5 meters). The mesquite common on North American deserts in both tree and shrub ms,does not begin to grow above ground until its root system is completely developed, ensuring the plant a supply of moisture. The roots of shrubs and trees help to hold the desert soil in place. Their stalks and branches also act as screens to keep the wind from sweeping great drifts of sand along the surface. These services are vital if a desert is to support life. Scientists estimate that a desert needs year round plant cover over to 0 percent of its surface. If shrubs are too far apart-separated by a distance greater than five times their height - soil around them is likely to blow away. Without the shelter of established shrubs, new seedlings will have difficulty in getting a start. On the other hand, plants that are too close together may compete underground moisture. To protect themselves from this competition some shrubs give off a substance that kills young plants that sprout too close to them. In addition to a few varieties of trees and tough shrubs, most deserts have grasses, herbs, and other annual plants. These do not compete moisture with the longer lived growth. They spring up quickly after rains, when the surface is moist. Then, a brief time, the desert can be literally carpeted with color. Almost as quickly as they appeared,these small plants die away. But they have developed special ways of ensuring the life of another generation when rains come again. 59550

Topaz Topaz is a hard, transparent mineral. It is a compound of aluminum, silica, and fluorine. Gem topaz is valuable. Jewelers call this variety of the stone "precious topaz". The best-known precious topaz gems range in color from rich yellow to light brown or pinkish red. Topaz is one of the hardest gem minerals. In the mineral table of hardness, it has a rating of 8, which means that a knife cannot cut it, and that topaz will scratch quartz. The golden variety of precious topaz is quite uncommon. Most of the world's topaz is white or blue. The white and blue crystals of topaz are large, often weighing thousands of carats. this reason, the value of topaz does not depend so much on its size as it does with diamonds and many other precious stones, where the value increases about four times with each doubling of weight. The value of a topaz is largely determined by its quality. But color is also important blue topaz, instance, is often irradiated to deepen and improve its color. Blue topaz is often sold as aquamarine and a variety of brown quartz is widely sold as topaz. The quartz is much less brilliant and more plentiful than true topaz. Most of it is variety of amethyst that heat has turned brown. [ NOTE] topaz 'tэupжz; `topжz n (a) [U] transparent yellow mineral 黄玉(矿 物). (b) [C] semi-precious gem cut from this 黄玉; 黄宝石. 9

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