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Beijing expects to implement the pre-commercial service of the 5th generation mobile networks, or 5G, in key locations by 2020, according to a development plan on big data and cloud computing released by the municipal government.北京市政府近日发布的一项有关数据和云计算发展的行动计划显示,到2020年,北京将在主要场所开展第五代移动通信(或5G)网络的商用示范务。The locations include the city#39;s subsidiary administrative center, the Horti Expo Park of 2019, the new airport, and stadiums of 2022 Winter Olympic Games.这些场所包括北京城市副中心、2019北京世园会园区、北京新机场、2022年冬奥会场馆等。The trial run is likely to happen in 2018 to 2019, and full implementation will be y by the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.这项试运行有望于2018年至2019年展开,并于2020年冬奥会前具备全面实施的条件。;Right now we are aly reserving the facilities, for installing base stations in the future,; said Mao Dongjun, deputy director-general of Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.北京市经济信息化委副主任毛东军表示:“目前我们已预留设备,用于今后安装基站。”;Unlike previous 4G technologies, a 5G base station can hold much bandwidth, but the radius is relatively small, thus there has to be 5 to 10 times the density of base stations.;“与之前的4G技术不同,5G基站可以保持更多带宽,但是半径相对较小,因此基站的密度必须到达目前的5到10倍。”Though no international standard of 5G technology have been set yet, previous reports show that major telecommunication companies including Samsung and Huawei have been developing the 5G technology for the past decade.尽管目前有关5G技术的国际标准还没有确定下来,但是之前的报告显示,包括三星和华为在内的主要电信公司已经在过去的十年里研发了5G技术。The technology will allow users to have much faster connections than the current 4G services, and is expected to play a core role in connecting all smart devices.这项技术将使得用户拥有比目前的4G更快的连接务,并预计将在连接所有智能设备上发挥核心作用。 /201608/462959。

An earthquake struck central Italy in the early hours of Wednesday, killing at least 120 people and destroying buildings in towns and villages across the regions of Lazio, Umbria and Marche.意大利中部周三凌晨发生地震,造成拉西奥(Lazio)、恩伯利亚(Umbria)和马凯(Marche)地区至少159人死亡,许多村镇的房屋被夷为平地。At least 120 people died and hundreds more were injured in the magnitude 6.2 quake. The hardest-hit towns were Amatrice, Accumoli near Rieti, 80 miles north-east of Rome, and Pescara del Tronto further east.这场6.2级的地震还造成数百人受伤。官员们担心,最后的死亡人数将会高得多。罗马东北80英里列蒂(Rieti)省的阿马特里切(Amatrice)、阿古莫里(Accumoli)以及更东边的特朗托(Pescara del Tronto)受灾最为严重。Sergio Pirozzi, the mayor of Amatrice, said more than 2,500 people had been left homeless. Eyewitnesses reported scenes of devastation in Pescara del Tronto. Bodies were carried out of the hilltop town on stretchers as the road into the village had been destroyed.阿马特里切镇镇长塞尔焦#8226;皮罗齐(Sergio Pirozzi)表示,2500多人无家可归。目击者描述了特朗托震后遭破坏的景象。尸体被担架抬出这座山顶小镇,通往该村的道路尽毁。The town is one of the places closest to the epicentre and has a population of 2,600. 该镇是距离震中最近的城镇之一,拥有2600居民。Mr Pirozzi said dozens of people had been killed by the quake, which hit when most people were sleeping at 3.36am local time. “We are preparing a space for the coffins,” he said.皮罗齐表示,发生在凌晨3点36分的地震已经造成数十人死亡,当时多数人都在睡梦中。“我们正在准备放棺材的地方,”他说。Emiliano Grillotti, a photographer, reported he had seen people trying to dig through rubble with their bare hands to try to save a young family.摄影师埃米利亚诺#8226;格里洛蒂(Emiliano Grillotti)称,他看到人们试着徒手挖掘废墟,设法营救一户有小孩的人家。“You could hear the cries of the mother and one of the children,” Mr Grillotti told news agency Ansa.格里洛蒂对安莎通讯社(Ansa)说:“我能听到一位母亲和其中一个孩子的哭声。”A priest, Franco Gammarota, said he had seen five bodies pulled from the rubble in the town of Amatrice.牧师弗兰科#8226;加马罗塔(Franco Gammarota)说,他在阿马特里切镇看到五具尸体被从废墟中挖出。The epicentre of the quake was near the town of Accumoli in the north-east of the Lazio region. 此次地震的震中位于拉齐奥大区东北部的阿古莫里镇。Its impact was felt across central Italy from Gargano in the heel of the peninsula, to Naples and as far north as Bologna, according to the National Geophysical Institute.国家地球物理研究所(National Geophysical Institute)表示,整个意大利中部——从位于半岛后跟的加尔加诺(Gargano)到那不勒斯(Naples),甚至向北远至洛尼亚(Bologna)——都有震感。Fabrizio Curcio, head of Italy’s Civil Protection Agency, said it was impossible to give an accurate death toll as the information was coming in from a vast area. 意大利国家民防局(Civil Protection Agency)局长法布里奇奥#8226;柯西奥(Fabrizio Curcio)表示,由于信息汇集自一大片地区,现在无法给出准确的死亡人数。He said the quake was comparable in intensity to one that struck the nearby L’Aquila region in 2009, leaving more than 300 people dead.他说,此次地震强度与2009年发生在距此不远的拉奎拉(L’Aquila)地区的地震相当,那次地震造成300多人死亡。Matteo Renzi, Italy’s prime minister, said he would travel to the affected areas later on Wednesday and vowed not “to leave anybody alone — no family, no village, no town”.意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)表示,他将在周三晚些时候前往受灾地区,并誓言不会“丢下任何家庭、村庄、城镇不管”。“We must work so that we can continue in the next few hours to find people alive under the rubble and so that we can give hope to all these people.”“我们必须奋战,这样才能在未来几小时继续在废墟下发现幸存者,这样才能给所有受灾民众带来希望。” /201608/462855。

A Japanese city is keeping track of elderly dementia sufferers by attaching barcodes containing personal information to their fingers and toes, officials say.据官方表示,日本一座城市通过将包含个人信息的二维码粘贴到使用者的手指或脚趾上,来追踪走失痴呆症老年患者。A company in Iruma, near Tokyo, has developed a tagging system for members of the public at risk of getting lost.距东京较近的入间市一家公司,近日为容易走失的人研发出了一种标签系统。The 1cm (0.4in) square stickers hold an address, telephone number and unique identity number for each user.这个只有1平方厘米(0.4平方英寸)大小的贴纸上含有用户的地址、电话号码以及唯一的身份号码。The initiative, which uses a system of QR codes, was set up to help reunite family members with their elderly loved ones in the event that they go missing, according to the Iruma welfare office.入间市福利机关表示,此次发明使用的二维码系统,将用来帮助家人找寻家里走失的老人,使其团聚。The technology allows police to obtain details of a person#39;s local city hall, along with contact telephone numbers and personal details, simply by scanning the code.仅仅通过扫描二维码,该技术便能让警方获取个人的地方市政厅、联系电话以及个人信息等细节。There are aly ID stickers for clothes or shoes but dementia patients are not always wearing those items.现在很多衣或鞋子上已经有了辨识标签,但是痴呆老人不可能一直穿戴着这些带有标签的衣物。Japan is facing an ageing population, with more than a quarter of its citizens aged 65 or over.在日本,年龄超过65岁的人口已经占到总人口的1/4,正面临着人口老龄化的问题。This is set to increase to 40% by 2055, with the population expected to shrink from the current 127 million to 90 million.到2055年,日本人口预计将由当前的1.27亿减少到0.9亿,而日本的老龄人口将增长至40%。 /201612/484202。

The annual Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, which will open this week coinciding with the summer solstice, has drawn domestic and international condemnation from the animal-rights crowd. But one aspect of the festival gets little attention: Why lychees with dog meat?玉林将在本周迎来一年一度的夏至荔枝肉节。肉节遭到了国内外动物权益保护群体的谴责,但它的其中一个方面却鲜有人关注:为什么用荔枝搭配肉?There are hints in traditional Chinese medicine, which takes as holistic view of food. Ingredients are seen not just as a sum of carbohydrates, protein, fat and vitamins. They are believed to have yin and yang properties that contribute to the body’s internal balance.对食物持有一种整体性观念的中医提供了一些解释。食材不仅仅被视作碳水化合物、蛋白质、脂肪和维生素的集合体。它们还被认为具有影响人体内部平衡的阴阳属性。According to traditional Chinese medicine, some foods, like lamb and onion, have warm energy. Others, like rabbit and asparagus, are said to have cool energy. Both dog meat and lychees are seen as warming.中医认为,一些食物,如羊肉和洋葱,是温的。还有一些食物,如兔肉和芦笋,则被认为是凉的。肉和荔枝都被认为是温的。To the uninitiated, the logic may seem mysterious. But many Chinese adhere to these principles, and it is not uncommon to hear a friend say he or she is “shanghuole,” or has too much internal fire. In traditional Chinese medicine, excessive internal heat is tied to symptoms like cold sores and dehydration, which can be treated by eating “cooling” foods like cucumber or watermelon.对不了解情况的人而言,上述逻辑可能显得颇为神秘。但很多中国人都会遵循这些原则。我们时常会听到一个朋友说自己“上火了”,即内火太大。从中医的角度看,上火是和唇疱疹、脱水等症状联系在一起的,可以通过吃黄瓜、西瓜等“凉性”食物来治疗。In parts of China, dog meat is typically consumed in the winter because it is seen as warming and restorative.在中国的一些地方,人们一般到了冬天才吃肉,因为将其视为有助于恢复元气的温性食物。But in the southern Chinese city of Yulin, some say eating dog meat and drinking lychee liquor on the summer solstice is an old tradition. Lychees are locally grown in the subtropical clime, and the concept of “yire gongre,” or using heat to attack heat, is also prevalent.但在南方城市玉林,一些人说,在夏至那天吃肉和喝荔枝酒属于古老习俗。荔枝是产自当地的亚热带水果;“以热攻热”的理念在那里很流行。Critics say the festival itself may have been a marketing ploy started around 2009 to increase sales of dog meat and lychees.批评人士称,肉节本身或许是为了增加肉和荔枝的销量而在2009年前后出炉的营销伎俩。 /201606/450584。