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  词始于唐,盛于宋,是一种脍炙人口的文学表达形式,历来为人们所钟爱为把中华文化中这一绮丽的瑰宝译介到国外,不少译者已进行了大量开拓性的艰辛劳动,其中不乏精美传神叹为观止之作然而,词的翻译比之散文小说确似更难,尤其是词牌名的翻译We didn't know much about each other twenty years ago. We were guided by our intuition; you swept me off my feet. It was snowing when we got married at the Ahwahnee. Years passed, kids came, good times, hard times, but never bad times. Our love and respect has endured and grown. We've been through so much together and here we are right back where we started years ago - older and wiser - with wrinkles on our faces and hearts. We now know many of life's joys, sufferings, secrets and wonders and we're still here together. My feet have never returned to the ground.年万能句式:比较类金句 --9 3:9:01 来源: 同学们最近有没有感觉到春天的脚步越来越近了,伴随着万物复苏的春天英语四级考试又快要和大家见面了备考需要同学们记住一些万能句式下面小编为大家整理了年万能句式:比较类金句,供各位考生参考  年万能句式:比较类金句  1.The advantage far outweigh the disadvantages.  .The advantages of A are much greater than those of B.  3.A may be preferable to B, but A suffers from the disadvantages that...  .It is reasonable to maintain that ...but it would be foolish to claim that...  5. all the disadvantages, it has its compensating advantages.  6.Like anything else, it has its faults.  7.A and B has several points in common.  8.A bears some resemblances to B.  9.However, the same is not applicable to B.  . A and B differ in several ways.  . Evidently, it has both negative and positive effects.  . People used to think ..., but things are different now.  . The same is true of B.  . Wondering as A is ,it has its drawbacks.  . It is true that A ... , but the chief faults (obvious defects )are ...考研英语 考研英语:巧用词汇,化蝶成仙 -- :37: 来源: 考生在备战考研英语中,阻挡前行道路的一大症结就是词汇应用的“贫瘠”,同一个含义的词汇,说 example就知道是什么含义,文章中一旦出现as an illustration便一头雾水下面都教授就带各位考生来看看如何巧用词汇,让英语水平化蝶成仙一、对于形容词的包装1.形容词的转折并列:增加语言的思辨色和多样性,使语言更加符合英文的表达习惯simple yet effective method 简单却有效的方法a simple,direct,pracical yet magically effective method 简单、直接、实用且魔术般有效的方法irrational yet understandable decision 不理性却可以被理解的决定a fair and balanced ,yet undesirable decision 一个公平公正但却不受欢迎的决定.反复取非History is useful.历史是有用的History is useless.历史不是没用的二、具体动词的使用具体动词在表达中往往使文章变得更有生气请比较(原文)On one side of town there are many antelopes in the hills and alog the roads are yellow wild flowers. On the other side there is the Big Horns and nearly 000 feet up, Powder River Pass is through them.(修改)On one side of town , antelope abounded by fours and fives in the hills , and yellow wild flowers lined the roads. On the other side rose the Big Horns and nearly ,000 feet up,Powder River Pass cut through them.(原文)The Summer palace is one of the biggest and oldest parks in China . It is the most beautiful park in Beijing as well .In the park ,there are many famous architectures which make it quite different from other parks .(修改)Many famous architectural features distingguish the Summer Palace , one of the biggest and oldest parks in China, different from just any other park.三、过渡词衔接根据过渡词所表示的逻辑意义,可分为如下几类:表示结果thus , so , hence ,consequently , theree , accordingly , this reason , as a consequence表示强调chiefly , especially , indeed , in fact , certainly , particularly , to be sure ,actually , above all , most important , worse , as a matter of fact表示递进First...second , in the first place...in the second place , next , also , besides , further more , moreover , in addition , what is more , one thing.. another表示结论in conclusion , in short , on the whole , finally , to sum up , to conclude , in any event表示举例 example, instance ,in the case of , as an illustration , such as , say, that is , like希望通过都教授今天带来的词汇技巧,能有效帮助各位考生化蝶成仙,预祝各位考生金榜题名,进入理想院校!英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 高考英语满分作文范文:关于重建圆明园 -- 19:35:53 来源: 高考英语满分作文范文:关于重建圆明园Should Yuanmingyuan Be Rebuilt?Yuanmingyuan, “Garden of all gardens”, was burnt and fell into ruins in 1860. Recently my classmates had a discussion about whether it should be rebuilt or not.Supporters of rebuilding the garden say only by doing so can we see the original sight of the garden, which reflects the Chinese civilization. And it will be another place of interest tourists. If partly rebuilt, it will provide a comparison and help us remember the history.Those who disagree think it more reasonable to keep the garden like this. The ruins will remind us of the past. We should never get the history. Other buildings like Palace Museum and Summer Palace can also be symbols of the Chinese culture, so it isn’t necessary to rebuild this garden. Some also worry that the environment will be destroyed when the construction goes on in this district.Personally, it is advisable to rebuild Yuanmingyuan , which will add beauty to the city . What’s more , the new scenic spot will no doubt promote the economic development of the local. 高考英语满分作文


始记篇 NO.3:一曰道,二曰天,三曰地,四曰将,五曰法。道者,令民于上同意,可与之死,可与之生,而不畏危也。天者,阴阳、寒暑、时制也。地者,高下,远近、险易、广狭、死生也。将者,智、信、仁、勇、严也。法者,曲制、官道、主用也。凡此五者,将莫不闻,知之者胜,不知之者不胜。这句啥意思:一是道,二是天,三是地,四是将,五是法。道,指君主和民众目标相同,意志统一,可以同生共死,而不会惧怕危险。天,指昼夜、阴晴、寒暑、四季更替。地,指地势的高低,路程的远近,地势的险要、平坦与否,战场的广阔、狭窄,是生地还是死地等地理条件。将,指将领足智多谋,赏罚有信,对部下真心关爱,勇敢果断,军纪严明。法,指组织结构,责权划分,人员编制,管理制度,资源保障,物资调配。对这五个方面,将领都不能不做深刻了解。了解就能胜利,否则就不能胜利。英文这么说:These are:The Moral Law; Heaven; Earth; The Commander; Method and discipline.The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger.Heaven signifies night and day, cold and heat,times and seasons.Earth comprises distances, great and small;danger and security; open ground and narrow passes;the chances of life and death.The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom,sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness.By method and discipline are to be understood the marshaling of the army in its proper subdivisions, the graduations of rank among the officers, the maintenance of roads by which supplies may reach the army, and the control of military expenditure.These five heads should be familiar to every general:he who knows them will be victorious; he who knows them not will fail.关于《道天地将法》所谓“道”,就是从政治上使民众与君主的思想一致,这样,民众就能与君主同生死共患难,誓死效命,毫无二心;所谓“天”,就是气候的阴晴、寒暑、四季节令的更替规律等;所谓“地”,就是指行程的远近、地势的险峻和或平易,战地的广狭,是死地还是生地等;所谓“将”,就是看将领们是否具备智、信、仁、勇、严五种素质;所谓“法”,就是指部队的组织编制制度,军官的职责范围规定,军需物资的供应管理制度等。 Article/201306/245659

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