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Microsoft believes in doing a lot of research because the software of today is not adequate tomorrow.It’s come a long way, such as the graphics interface, the application, and the way we deal with linguistics;it’s much better than it was a year ago. Building the Internet into the software has come a long way.Some of the more ambitious things, like teaching the computer to speak or listen or see,still require a lot of software work that’s not yet done, and so we’ve been investing in research,and building the number ofresearch locations which will be increasing in the years ahead.One advance is teaching the computer to pick up sentences and understand them,and not just think of them as a series of characters.Here we have an example where the word processor is looking at an English sentence,and suggesting that thegrammar is not correct, and showing exactly how the grammer might be fixes.That kind of thing has proven to be extremely popular,and (it’s just a step on the road to getting computers to actually understand what’s going on) in the same way that humans do.That pursuit of artificial intelligence is the most exciting thing in computer science.Although the progress in that has been fairly slow, I’m confident that that will be accelerating quite a bit.Another interesting area that I think people aren’t expecting is computer vision The actual digital cameras that allow you to have an image and scan that image are going down in cost;and software to recognize users, see what they’re looking at, what kind of gestures they’re making, that kind of software is coming along quite well. In fact I brought a short little film of a demonstration that someone from our vision group did,so let’s take a quick look at some of the progress that’s been made.That just gives you a glimpse of one area that is expected to make the personal computer really disappear into the environment and connect up in a rich way. Tomorrow’s PC will be quite different from what we have today, tomorrow’s Internet will be much better than what we have today, but it will all evolve out of this technology that we have right now.It’s clear that the reason we refer to this as the inmation age is that the capabilities available in the inmation age will let people reach out and get what they need, whether it’s business, learning, or entertainment. Microsoft feels in a very lucky position to be helping to drive these things, and key us is working with other software companies so that they can build other applications on top of the system. Every industry needs a lot of software work there, and so I talk about the software industry creatingso many great jobs in the years ahead. I think you picked a great field to be in, and we look ward to working with you.Thank you. 3657

Day 第天The Daffodils 咏水仙William Wordsworth 威廉·华兹华斯I wanderd lonely as a cloud 我像一朵浮云独自漫游That floats on high oer vales and hills 飘过深谷群山,When all at once I saw a crowd 突然间,看到一片A host of golden daffodils 无数朵的金色水仙花,Beside the lake, beneath the trees 长在湖畔,长在树下,Fluttering and dancing in the breeze 微风中翩翩起舞Continuous as the stars that shine 不断地像发光的星斗And twinkle on the milky way 闪烁在中,They stretchd in never-ending line 无涯无际地延伸Along the margin of a bay 在海湾之滨Ten thousand saw I at a glance 一瞥间我看到成千上万的水仙,Tossing their heads in sprightly dance 摇晃着它们的小脑袋快乐地起舞The waves beside them danced, but they 海水在它们的身旁澎湃,Out-did the sparkling waves in glee 但它们比闪耀的海波更为愉快:A poet could not but be gay 诗人不得不由衷欣喜,In such a jocund company 在这样愉悦的友伴之中!I gazed — and gazed — but little thought 我看了又看-可是很少想到What wealth the show to me had brought 这景象带给我多么宝贵的财富; oft, when on my couch I lie 我常仰卧在沙发上,In vacant or in pensive mood 在心境空虚或沉思之际,They flash upon that inward eye 它们掠过我的心灵,Which is the bliss of solitude 那是我孤寂中的无上喜乐;And then my heart with pleasure fills 于是,我心充满喜悦,And dances with the daffodils 与水仙共享舞足之乐 83

Michael Jackson A Life in the Spotlight迈克尔·杰克逊:聚光灯下的生活On the Motown Records 5th anniversary special—a May 1983 TV extravaganza—it was Michael Jackson who stopped the show.1983年5月的城唱片特别的5周年纪念会,也是迈克尔·杰克逊结束演艺生涯前的最后一场华丽的表演At the time Jackson was the most popular musician in American, riding high with his No. 1 album ;Thriller;.当时杰克逊是美国的最受欢迎的音乐人,他的专辑《颤栗者销量排名第一But something about his exciting permance of ;Billie Jean;, complete with the patented backward dance moves, raised his stardom to a new level. Michael Jackson became ubiquitous.在激动人心的歌曲“比利·珍”中,他发明的后退式舞步让他脱颖而出,奠定了歌王的地位迈克尔·杰克逊变得无所不在People copied his Jheri-curled hair and single-gloved, zippered-jacket look.人们模仿他卷曲的头发,手套只带一只手,穿着拉链夹克衫He posed photos with Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the White House. He became a Pepsi spokesman, and when his hair caught fire while making a commercial, it was worldwide news.他罗纳德·里根,南希的合影拜访在白宫他也曾是百事公司的发言人,在商业活动中,他的头发不小心着火了它是世界范围的新闻It all happened very fast—within a couple of years of the Motown special.在城唱片两年的时间里,这一切发展得都很迅速He hadnt even turned 5 yet, but hed been a star more than half his life.杰克逊很早就成了巨星,甚至还不到5岁的时候,他超过一半的生命就已经家喻户晓了Michael Jackson was born August 9, 1958, to Joe Jackson, a steelworker, and his wife, Katherine.迈克尔·杰克逊于1958年8月9日出生,父亲乔·杰克逊是一个钢铁工人,母亲叫凯瑟琳By the time he was 6 he had joined his brothers in a musical group organized by his father, and by the time he was , the group—the Jackson 5—had been signed to Motown.六岁时,杰克逊加入他父亲组织的由他的兄弟组成的音乐队十岁时,杰克逊五人组合就和城唱片签约了Jackson, a natural permer, soon became the group front man.杰克逊,一个自然的表演者,很快就成为队里的领头人物

Thy gifts to us mortals fulfil all our needs and yet run back to thee undiminished.你赐给我们世人的礼物,满足了我们一切的需要,可是它们又毫未减少地返回到你那里The river has its everyday work to do and hastens through fields and hamlets; yet its incessant stream winds towards the washing of thy feet.河水有它每天的工作,匆忙地穿过田野和村庄;但它的不绝的水流,又曲折地回来洗你的双脚The flower sweetens the air with its perfume; yet its last service is to offer itself to thee.花朵以芬芳熏香了空气;但它最终的任务,是把自己献上给你Thy worship does not impoverish the world.对你供献不会使世界困穷From the words of the poet men take what meanings please them; yet their last meaning points to thee.人们从诗人的字句里,选取自己心爱的意义:但是诗句的最终意义是指向着你 777

赏析语段It was a large dairy.There were nearly a hundred milking cows.这是一个很大的牛奶场有近一百头待挤的奶牛Dairyman Crick milked six or eight of the difficult ones with his own hands.奶场主克里克亲自挤六到八头不好挤的牛He could not trust them to the dairymaids, because if the cows were badly milked their milk would simply dry up.他不放心把它们交给挤奶女工去挤, 因为如果奶牛没被挤好, 它们就会不出奶的 a while there was no more talk among the milkers.有一阵子, 挤奶工们没有声响Suddenly Mr Crick got up from his stool.克里克先生突然从凳子上站了起来Were not getting as much milk from them as usual,; he said.我们今天挤的奶没有平常的多”他说道,;Wed better sing them a song, friends, that the only thing to do.;“我们最好还是给他们唱歌吧, 朋友们, 只有这样啦”So the group of milkers started singing,to encourage the cows to give more.于是这群挤奶工开始唱起歌来, 想促使奶牛们出更多的奶写作佳语trust sb to do:信赖某人做某事e.g. Can I trust you to post this letter?我托你把这封信寄走行吗?e.g. That why I must trust you to keep this secret.那就是为什么我必须得相信你会保守这个秘密的原因 a while:一阵子e.g.They chattered away happily a while.他们高兴地闲扯了一会儿e.g.The music soothed her a while.音乐让她稍微安静了一会儿get up1. 站起来,起立,起身e.g.I got up and walked over to where he was.我起身走到他那边. 起床They have to get up early in the morning.他们大清早就得起床3. 打扮;装扮,穿......的衣e.g.They knew how to get themselves up in those days. 那时候,他们懂得打扮as usual:和往常一样,照常e.g.Please carry on as usual while I am away.我不在时,请照常干活e.g.Work went on as usual inside, uninterrupted by outside repairs.外部装修,内部照常营业 59

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