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One of the biggest problems is speed. Native speakers, especially business people, tend to speak very quickly on the telephone. Here are some practical tips to get native speakers of English to slow down!主要的一个问题是语速。说母语的人,尤其是商务人士,打电话的时候说话语速都很快。下面是一些实用的小贴士可以让母语是英语的人放慢说话的速度。Immediately ask the person to speak slowly.直接请这个人慢点说。When taking note of a name or important information, repeat each piece of information as the person speaks.记录一个名字或者重要信息的时候,打电话的人说一句你就重复一句。This is an especially effective tool. By repeating each important piece of information or each number or letter as the spell or give you a telephone number you automatically slow the speaker down.这是一个很有效的策略。通过重复每一个重要的信息、每一个数字、每一个字母的时候都会让说话人的语速自动放慢。Do not say you have understood if you have not. Ask the person to repeat until you have understood.如果没听懂就别说你懂了。让这个人重复一下直到你懂了。Remember that the other person needs to make himself/herself understood and it is in his/her interest to make sure that you have understood. If you ask a person to explain more than twice they will usually slow down.记住别人需要自己的话被听懂。确保你能听懂关系到他或她的利益。如果你请一个人解释两次以上,通常这个人会放慢语速。If the person does not slow down begin speaking your own language!如果这个人还不放慢语速你就开始说你的母语。(这招狠!)A sentence or two of another language spoken quickly will remind the person that they are fortunate because THEY do not need to speak a different language to communicate. Used carefully, this exercise in humbling the other speaker can be very effective. Just be sure to use it with colleagues and not with a boss :-)!快速的说一两个句子会提醒打电话的人他们是很幸运的因为他们不用使用不同的语言来交流。不过用这招要小心点,这种方法羞辱别人很有效,所以要确定你这么做的对象是你同事而不是你老板! /201203/175373

No1. Are you happy with your life?你幸福吗?This question may sound mundane. While during the October holiday period, thousands of common people from all walks of life and from literally all places of the country were interviewed by CCTV (Central China Television) reporters the same question, it became the No.1 frequently asked question in China since then. And the truth is varied answers collected by the hard-working reporters are actually way funnier than the question itself. “My surname is Zeng” is generally regarded as the most classic answer for the question. It was made by a migrant worker from west China’s Shanxi province. The trick is the Chinese pronunciation of “Are you happy with your life?” sounds the same with the Chinese question “Is your surname Fu?” So, when being asked by a sincere young reporter of CCTV, the hard-nosed worker corrected, “No, My last name is Zeng.” The whole country applauded the honest worker for his unintentional “humor”.这个问题看似普通,但在十一假期,中央电视台采访全国成千的各行各业的老百姓,问了他们这个问题之后,这问题就成了中国人民最经常问的问题第一名。勤奋的记者收集来的各式各样的比问题本身有趣多了。其中,“我姓曾”被认为是最经典的答复。这是一个来自中国西部陕西省的外来工说的。造成这小幽默是因为“你幸福吗?”的中文发音跟“你姓福吗?”是一样的。所以,当被诚恳的中央电视台的年轻记者问到时,这位注重实际的劳动者赶紧纠正道,“不,我姓曾。”全国人民都为这位诚实劳动者不经意的“幽默”喝。No. 2: Diaos屌丝Diaos is thought to be the most talented coinage in 2012, which refers to the group of youth who are not pretty or handsome and don’t have well-paid jobs or rich families to lean on. In one word, Diaos is the under-privileged youth who could only rely on their own talents and hard work for a shabby existence. The phrase is initially coined to set off the other hot word “Gao Shuai Fu” which means “tall, handsome, and rich”. Without a doubt, Diaos means the opposite of “Gao Shuai Fu”. And, once getting out, the funny coinage not only got the attention of mainstream media like People’s Daily and Sina.Com but strike a resonance in the general public who are also self-reliant common people.“屌丝”被认为2012年最有才的新造词,指的是一群不太漂亮也不太帅的年轻人,他们没有高薪工作或富裕家庭可依靠。总之,屌丝就是在贫困阶层的年轻人,只能依靠自己的才能以及努力工作,卑微地存在着。这词创造原意是为了抗衡意思为“高大、帅气、富有”的热词“高帅富”。毫无疑问,屌丝就是与高富帅相反的词。在出现之际,这有趣的新造词不仅获得了主流媒体如人民日报和新浪网站的注意,同时引起了自力更生的普通大众的共鸣。No. 3: XX StyleXX风格Gangnam Style, a hit song by South Korean singer PSY, became a global phenomenon in 2012. Soon, a“style”craze engulfed the cyberspace.People talked about Shanghai style, Diaos style, pre-school style and even the aircraft carrier style (the deck staff of China’s carrier made funny gestures indicating aircrafts to take off, the common public got so amused that they rushed to produce their own editions of the gestures online). Sanxia Zaixian personally holds that maybe Gangnam Style would be gone with the wind soon, but the “style” craze would stay to keep coloring our lives.江南Style,一只有韩国歌手PSY传唱的热曲,成为了2012年全球现象。不久,一种“Style”体席卷网络。人们纷纷创造起上海Style、屌丝Style、学前Style,甚至出现了航母Style(中国航母上甲板工作人员做出有趣的姿势指引飞行员起飞升降,普通大众觉得很,纷纷在网络上创造起属于它们个人版本的航母姿势)。“三峡在线”认为,江南Style热潮不久也会散去,不过这种Style体会持续为我们的生活增添色。No.4: Can I spit four-letter words?我能说脏话吗?“Can I spit four-letter words?”asked a citizen when requested by a reporter to comment on the ever-rising gasoline prices. After getting a negative reply, the citizen then said, “No? then no comments.” The clip containing the cool response soon sp on the Internet, and when harsh social realities were being discussed, like a public servant owning twenty houses, people would use the classic reply“Could I speak four-letter words?”to show their indignation.“我能说脏话吗?”是出自一个记者采访一位市民,问到他有关油价上涨时,市民的回答。在得到否定回应时,那市民又说:“不能吗?那我无话可说了。”这个如此神回复的视频短片瞬间蹿红网络,当讨论到令人不爽的社会现实话题,如一公务员拥有20套房产,人们就会用这个经典答复“我能说脏话吗?”来表示他们的愤怒。No. 5: I would not believe in love ever again.我再也不相信爱情了No one could determine the original source of the remark. But one thing that could be assured is that the remark now is most frequently ed in reaction to celebrity breakups, which do happen a lot these days.它的出处已经没有人能确定说出来了,不过在明星分手、离婚这些新闻的下面,友们会看到成批的男女回复“我再也不相信爱情了”来表达自己的悲伤。No. 6: Tired of it, I’m afraid I would never love anyone again.累了,感觉不会再爱了“I feel tired. I think I would not love again.” The ultra-sentimental remark comes from the post of a 13-year-old, and thus shocked tens of thousands of big brothers and sisters online. Later, netizens with a good sense of humor began to use the remark to make “pretentious” sentence to express their exaggerated depression for something or someone. Like, if you got fed with playing World of Warcraft, a hit online game, you could say, “Tired of it, I’m afraid I would not love again.”“累了。感觉不会再爱了。”这个过分伤感的发言来自一个13孩子的微,让网络上成千上万的大哥哥大感到震惊。之后,网民很风趣地开始利用这个言论创造各种“炫耀”的句子来表达他们对某事或某人的夸大的感伤。比如,你对网络游戏魔兽世界感到厌倦了,你可以说:“累了。感觉不会再爱了。”No. 7: I could not stand it any time.随时受不了。This catch remark came from Weibo, China’s version of twitter. A while ago, a micro-blogger nicknamed Korean Miss Cui began to distribute news in the fake name of a North Korean medium. Her humorous remarks like “could not stand it any time,”“report your longitude and latitude” or “take it seriously” began to catch the attention of some celebrity micro-bloggers like real estate tycoon Pan Shiyi and was widely circulated among the netizens.这个流行语始于微。不久前,网名为平壤崔的人以“朝鲜媒体”的假名发表了这篇报道。她幽默的言论如“随时受不了”、“报上你的经纬度”、“请注意你的言语”等受到了微红人如房地产大款潘石屹的注意,迅速走红网络。No. 8: Positive Energy正能量Before you could notice, the word “positive energy”is becoming more than common in the newspapers, periodicals, magazines, books and advocacy slogans. Many bloggers also like to e the phrase to energize themselves or others. Sanxia Zaixian thinks the overwhelming sp of the phrase indicates the commonly positive mindset of most people and their aspiration and longing for a better world.在你有所留意之前,“正能量”这个词已经在各大报纸、期刊、杂志、书籍和宣传口号中频繁出现。很多友都引用这个词来激励自己和他人。三峡在线认为,这个词的压倒性传播指出大多数人的心态是普遍积极向上的,他们也渴望有一个更好的世界。No. 9: XX of China中国好××What’s the most “in” talent show in China? Yes, the answer would definitely be The Voice of China. The TV program is so hot that the brand name also evolved into a life of its own. Now, on the internet, all inspiringly good things are labeled XX of China.中国今年最火的选秀节目?当然是《中国好声音》!这个电视节目超级受欢迎,人们也记住了《中国好声音》这个品牌。现在,网络上,凡是很出色的事物或人物,都被大家冠以“中国好XX”的头衔。No. 10: Yuanfang, what do you think about it?元芳,你怎么看?Yuanfang, what do you think? When the hit question first came out, the man named Yuanfang faced the question over a million times per day on the Internet. If Yuanfang is a real human being, he would either be tired to death or be bored to death. Then who is Yuanfang indeed? He is a character with full name Li Yuanfang from a hit TV show Big Detective Di Renjie, in which, the hero, detective Di would always inquire his deputy Yuanfang for opinions about cases they dealt with. The dialogue would always go like this: “Yuanfang, what do you think of the case?”“Oh, I smelled something fishy.” The monotonous lines were thus joked and copied by netizens to inquire ideas about almost everything, big or small. Like, “Yuanfang, my mother demanded me to wear chill-cool, what do you think?” or “Yuanfang, I believe the Diaoyu islands should belong to China, what do you think?”元芳,你怎么看?这句话刚火的时候,元芳这个人两日内被人问了200多万次。如果元芳确有此人,看来他不被问死也得被烦死。那实际上,元芳是谁?他来自一个电视节目《神探狄仁杰》里一个叫李元芳的角色。主角狄仁杰在处理案件时,经常会询问元芳的意见。对话是这样的“元芳,你怎么看?”“这其中必有蹊跷。”千篇一律的台词成为网民的笑话,人们事无大小,纷纷借此句询问。例如,“元芳,我妈妈要我穿秋裤,你怎么看?”“元芳,我相信钓鱼岛是属于中国的,你怎么看?” /201212/215877

I Want Her to go Nuts我要让她发疯Mrs. Flinders decided to have her portrait painted. She told the artist, Paint me with diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets and a ruby pendant.福林德斯夫人决定让人给她画肖像。她告诉那位肖像画家说:“画我带着钻石耳环、钻石项链、祖母绿手镯,还有红宝石垂饰。”But you#39;re not wearing any of those things.“但你现在没带这其中的任何一样饰品。”I know, said Mrs. Flinders. It#39;s in case I should die before my husband. I#39;m sure he#39;d remarry right away, and I want her to go nuts looking for the jewelry.“我知道。”福林德斯夫人说,“万一我先我丈夫死去,我肯定他会立刻再婚。我要让那个女人为寻找这些珠宝而发疯 /201206/185836为什么有的男人总喜欢处处留情,以伤害他人的感情来收场?总结这类人,他们是喜欢追求女人的快感!如果你想知道你的约会对象是不是这种人,以便在受伤前尽早脱身,你需要知道以下这些事情: 1.He#39;ll shamelessly flirt with other women in front ofyou.1.在你面前毫不避讳地跟别的女人调情Players are often always thinking about where the next one iscoming from. One of the symptoms of this is that he might blatantlyflirt with other women right under your nose。I#39;m not saying you have to be paranoid about every girl hetalks to, but watch out for him exchanging lots of numbers, ormaking inappropriate physical contact with every girl who comesover。2.He openly talks about other women in your presence。2.当着你的面谈论其他女人Some players will be completely untactful about showing (orevenoutright telling you!) about their attraction for other women.Any guy who talks about other women being ;hot; in your presence iseither trying to make you jealous, or it#39;s a clear indication thathe#39;s not particularly worried about your feelings (another sign ofa player)。3.He#39;s uncurious about you as a person。3.他并不在乎你的为人Players aren#39;t usually bothered about you past superficialcharacteristics. Usually a ;player; type will want you because he#39;ssexually attracted but he doesn#39;t really want to ask questions thatwill help him know you better as a person。4.He won#39;t go out of his way to plan anything special。4.他不会为你准备任何特别的惊喜,因为嫌麻烦Players are usually seeing a few women at one time, whichoften means they can#39;t be bothered to devote a lot of energy to anyone of them. A player will often do what#39;s convenient for him. It#39;sunlikely he#39;s going to surprise you with tickets to that playyou#39;ve been dying to see, or make any romantic gestures。5.He doesn#39;t want to get involved in your life。5.他不想融入你的圈子Players want casual relationships. That means they get panicat the idea of meeting parents, or getting involved with yourfriends,or any activity which makes him feel like he#39;s in a couple。Guys who want something serious with you will be interested inbecoming a bigger part of your life. On the other hand, players arealways planning their exit. They never want too much emotionalattachment, because they#39;re scared of feeling guilty when they moveon to someone else。Watch out for these sure signs and you#39;ll have no problemsspotting the players early on!So by now you should understand exactly what type of guys areplayers and who you need to avoid if you want a chance atdeveloping some kind of relationship. Players don#39;t care about yourfeelings, they just care for themselves, so it#39;s really not worthyour time to try and change them - because they won#39;t change! /201207/192498

1. “Nothing, forget it!”1、“没什么,算了吧!”Female:You better figure out what you did wrong.女人的言外之意:你最好自己搞清楚到底做错了什么。Male:Just quit talking about it, jesus.男人的言外之意:我勒个去,拜托就别提这事儿了。2. “Are you tired?”2、“你累吗?”Female:Please don’t go to sleep. I love talking to you.女人的言外之意:别去睡觉,我喜欢跟你聊天。Male:Genuinely curious as to whether or not you are sleepy.男人的言外之意:他真的只是很好奇你是不是很困。3. “I’m cold.”3、“我很冷。”Female:Get a blanket and cuddle with me.女人的言外之意:去拿条毯子来,抱着我让我取暖。Male:There’s pretty cold. I should probably get a blanket or some shit.男人的言外之意:真的挺冷的。我得去拿条毯子或是别的啥。4. “Leave me alone.”4、“别管我。”Female:Please don’t go.女人的言外之意:别走,别离开我。Male:Get out of my face.男人的言外之意:滚开,离我远点儿!5. “I love you.”5、“我爱你。”Female:Tell me you do more.女人的言外之意:告诉我你爱我爱得更多。Male:I love you just that I don’t expect a stupid response.男人的言外之意:你知道我爱你就够了,别给我来个蠢透了的烂回答。 /201210/2048955.Lack of Oxygen 缺乏氧气:Through training, people have been able to hold their breath for up to 11 minutes. An untrained person will typically pass out within 2 minutes.通过培训,人们能够屏住呼吸长达11分钟之久。未经训练的人一般会在2分钟以内。 /201111/160407

Some 60 years ago, Alfred Kinsey delivered a shock to midcentury sexual sensibilities when he reported that at some point in their marriages, half of the men and a quarter of the women in the U.S. had an extramarital affair. No one puts much stock in Dr. Kinsey#39;s high numbers any more - his sampling methods suffered from a raging case of selection bias - but his results fit the long-standing assumption that men are much more likely to cheat than women.大约60年前,金赛(Alfred Kinsey)的研究为二十世纪中叶人们对性问题的感知带来震撼,当时他在研究报告中称,在婚姻的某一阶段,美国半数的男性和四分之一的女性都会发生婚外情。如今人们对金赛得出的高出轨率已经不是非常重视了(他的取样方法存在严重的选择偏差),但他的结果符合人们长期以来的假设,即男性欺骗伴侣的可能性要比女性大得多。Lately, however, researchers have been raising doubts about this view: They believe that the incidence of unfaithfulness among wives may be approaching that of husbands. The lasting costs of these betrayals will be familiar to the many Americans who have experienced divorce as spouses or children.但研究者近期对这种观点提出了质疑:他们认为,妻子的不忠行为发生几率可能与丈夫接近。这些背叛行为的长期代价为许多与配偶离过婚或经历过父母离婚的美国人所熟知。Among the most reliable studies on this issue is the General Social Survey, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, which has been asking Americans the same questions since 1972. In the 2010 survey, 19% of men said that they had been unfaithful at some point during their marriages, down from 21% in 1991. Women who reported having an affair increased from 11% in 1991 to 14% in 2010.有关该问题的最可靠研究之一当属“综合社会调查”(General Social Survey),这项研究由美国国家科学基金会(National Science Foundation)资助,从1972年开始向美国人询问同一批问题。在2010年的调查中,19%的男性表示,他们在婚姻的某个阶段曾有不忠行为,这一比例低于1991年的21%。而自述存在婚外情的女性比例由1991年的11%升至2010年的14%。A 2011 study conducted by Indiana University, the Kinsey Institute and the University of Guelph found much less of a divide: 23% for men and 19% for women. Such numbers suggest the disappearance of the infidelity gender gap, but some caution is in order.印第安纳大学(Indiana University)、金赛研究所(Kinsey Institute)和圭尔夫大学(University of Guelph) 2011年一项研究发现的性别差距要小得多:男性为23%,女性为19%。上述数据暗示,两性之间在不忠行为上的差异趋于消失,但我们应该审慎地看待该数据。An enduring problem for researchers - even those who sample with meticulous care - is that any such survey is asking for confessions from people who are presumably lying to their spouses. Researchers generally believe that actual infidelity numbers are higher than the results indicate.研究者──即便是那些取样时小心谨慎的研究者──一直面临的问题是,任何此类调查都要求那些很可能对伴侣撒了谎的人坦白自己的越轨行为。研究者一般认为,不忠行为的实际数字要比调查结果所显示的高。It should also be emphasized that cheating in the U.S. isn#39;t epidemic or inevitable, for either sex. Surveys consistently find that by far the majority of respondents value monogamy and think that infidelity is harmful. And if you believe the General Social Survey#39;s finding that 14% of women are cheating, keep in mind that 86% aren#39;t.但也应该强调,在美国,无论对男性还是女性来说,欺骗都既非普遍行为,也非不可避免。多次调查均一致显示,到目前为止,多数受访者都珍视一夫一妻制,并认为不忠行为是有害的。假如你相信“综合社会调查”结果是真实的,即14%的女性有欺骗行为,那么同时也请记住86%的女性并没有欺骗伴侣。Still, even though survey accuracy is difficult to achieve and experts are by no means unanimous, it would appear that women are, indeed, catching up. In my own work as a psychologist and in my social circle, I see more women not only having affairs but actively seeking them out. Their reasons are familiar: validation of their attractiveness, emotional connection, appreciation, ego - not to mention the thrill of a shiny new relationship, unburdened by the long slog through the realities of coupledom.不过,虽说调查很难做到精确无误,专家们的意见也不尽一致,但女性不忠行为的比例似乎确实在追赶男性。从我作为心理学家的工作经历和我的社交圈来看,我发现有更多女性不仅有婚外情,而且在积极寻找婚外情。她们的理由听起来很耳熟:明她们的吸引力、情感联系、欣赏、自我──更不用说对一种全新关系的渴望了(这种关系不受婚姻中的长期重压羁绊)。Researchers also point to other factors that might be leading women to stray more. One is what might be called #39;infidelity overload.#39; Scan the plots on any given week in television, and there seems to be more extramarital sex than marital sex. (Few spouses stay put in #39;Mad Men.#39;) With women portrayed as eager participants and aggressive instigators, there may be a feeling that infidelity has become more acceptable.研究者还指出了可能导致女性外遇增加的其他因素。其中之一也许可以称为“不忠主题泛滥”。不论哪一周的电视节目,情节中出现较多的似乎都是婚外情,而婚内情则出现得比较少。(电视剧“广告狂人”(Mad Men)中的夫妻几乎没有不出轨的)女性被描述为热心的参与者和积极的发起者,人们可能会感觉社会对不忠行为的接受程度增加了。And then there is the opportunity factor - more travel, more late nights on the job and more interaction with men mean that the chances and temptations to stray have multiplied for the new generation of working women.另外还存在一个机会因素──对新一代职业女性来说,更多的旅行,更多时候要工作到深夜以及与男性交往增加意味着外遇的机会和诱惑成倍上升。A 2011 study at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, published in the journal Psychological Science, argues that infidelity is also a function of greater economic and social power, which creates confidence and personal leverage for both genders. Women can now use their power in ways to which men have long been accustomed.荷兰蒂尔堡大学(Tilburg University) 2011年展开的一项研究称,不忠行为也能作为一种较大的经济和社会力量,为男性和女性带来信心和个人优势。女性现在能够以男性早已习惯的方式运用她们的力量。此项研究论文刊登在《心理科学》(Psychological Science)期刊上。A broader cultural shift may also be at work. According to a Match.com study conducted earlier this year by the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, women are becoming less traditional about relationships. Men, interestingly, may be going the other direction. In the survey, 77% of women in a committed relationship said they needed personal space, as opposed to 58% of men. While 35% of women wanted regular nights out with friends, only 23% of men said the same.此外,更广泛的文化变迁可能也是一大影响因素。生物人类学家费舍尔(Helen Fisher)今年早些时候为交友网站Match.com进行了一项研究,研究显示,女性对待两性关系的态度变得越来越非传统。有意思的是,男性可能正走向相反方向。在调查中,有77%的处于承诺性关系中的女性表示她们需要个人空间,而男性的比例为58%。35%的女性希望晚上经常外出与朋友会面,但仅有23%的男性持同样看法。Social networks are another factor, if only by expanding the pool of possible partners. Emotional friendships that turn physical are the traditional point of entry for female affairs. It is now easy for those friendships to take root online. Some argue that social networks are merely an expediter and that cheaters will always find a way. Still, if you#39;ve never quite gotten over your prom date, today the chances are much better that you can find him.另一大因素当属社交网络,哪怕社交网络只是起到拓宽伴侣人选范围的作用。从传统上来看,精神层面的友谊变为肉体出轨是触发女性婚外情的导火索。现在很容易从网上开始发展这种友谊。一些人认为社交网络不过是助推器而已,即使没有社交网络,出轨者也总能找到办法。不过,如果你一直不曾忘怀毕业舞会的舞伴,如今找到他的几率可要比从前大得多了。Do women account for more of today#39;s affairs? Probably. But in a society that has been preaching, legislating and celebrating gender equality for decades, equality in marital misdeeds might be expected too.如今女性在婚外情中所占比例是不是更大?很可能如此。但近几十年来,我们的社会一直在宣扬和赞美性别平等,并进行相关立法,也许我们也应该对婚姻越轨中的性别平等有所预料。(Dr. Drexler is an assistant professor of psychology in psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and author, most recently, of #39;Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers and the Changing American Family.#39;)(Drexler士是纽约威尔康奈尔医学院(Weill Cornell Medical College)的精神病心理学助理教授,她的最新著作是《我们的父亲,我们自己:女儿、父亲和不断变化的美国家庭》(Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers and the Changing American Family)。) /201211/207139You only have 90 seconds, so the important point here is the #39;first impression#39;. Below is a list of quick and easy steps which will get people to like you。你只有90秒的时间,所以最重要的莫过于“第一印象”。下面是一些快捷简单的步骤能让别人迅速喜欢你。1.Compliment them。夸赞他们The easiest, quickest way to get someone to like you almost instantly is by complimenting them. I#39;m sure we have all experienced that even the smallest of compliments can make our day. Compliment them on what they are wearing (;What a beautiful dress you have, it really suits you;) or something that they#39;ve done (;Hey that#39;s a really clever way to tie your shoelaces, I#39;ll have to try that next time;). This works because naturally, it is hard to dislike someone who is saying nice things about you。让别人喜欢你最简单最快捷的方法莫过于夸赞她们。我相信每个人都体验过一个小夸奖能让我们开心一整天的时刻。夸赞他们的衣着(你今天穿的裙子好好看啊,真的很适合你),或是他们做了些什么(这么系鞋带真的很好诶,我下次也要试试)。这个会非常自然,伸手不打笑脸人呀。2. Smile。微笑Smiling makes you look friendly, approachable and cheerful. These are qualities that people generally like to associate themselves with。微笑会让你看起来非常友好,容易接近,更快乐。这些特质都让别人乐于和你接触。3. Eye contact and body language。眼神交流和肢体语言This is important to show that you are polite and respectful. Make sure you make eye contact with the person you are speaking to and keep your body language open. For example, don#39;t keep looking at the ground or staring into space, or talk with your arms crossed. This will make you look rude and unapproachable。眼神交流和肢体语言。要显示出你的礼貌和尊敬,这一点至关重要。确保和别人说话时有眼神交流,别忘了加一点肢体语言进去。比如,不要总是东看西看或者盯着空白处,或是交叉双臂与人交流。这只会让你看起来十分粗鲁和不易接近。4. Ask questions。问问题When engaged in a conversation with someone, be sure to ask them questions about themselves. People generally like to talk about themselves, so it is fairly easy to get people to like you by being a good listener and taking interest in what they are saying. On the other hand, make sure you bring up some interesting things about yourself as well, to keep the conversation open and reciprocal。和别人交谈时,别忘了问一些关于他们自身的问题。人们都乐于去谈论自己,所以要想别人喜欢你,不如当一个好的倾听者,对他们谈论的话题感兴趣。另外,确保你能从自身引发出一些有意思的东西,使得这个话题可以一直继续下去。5. Know their name。知道他们的名字If you are meeting someone for the first time, it is assumed that within the first 90 seconds you will get their name. Remember it, and use it. At the end of the meeting, say your goodbyes but make sure to use their name, as it makes it more personal (;It was lovely to meet you Grace, hope to see you again soon;)。知道他们的名字。如果你第一次和别人见面,最好能在最初的90秒之内记住他们的名字。记住,叫出来。见面结束之后,喊出他们的名字说再见,这会更亲密哦(“Grace,认识你真开心,希望下次能快速见面”)。6. When in conversation, try to talk only about good or positive things。谈话过程中,尽力只去说好的积极的事情These are a lot more pleasant to hear than negative things. Talk about what you like or enjoy doing, your hobbies and special interests. Try not to badmouth anything or talk about your dislikes, because if you only have 90 seconds and are going on first impressions, you don#39;t want the other person to think you have a pessimistic view of life。谈话过程中,尽力只去说好的积极的事情。这比听那些消极的事情要舒多了。说说你喜欢什么,喜欢干什么,你的乐趣和特殊的兴趣。不要总是大嘴巴的去谈论你不喜欢什么,要知道你只有90秒的时间来留下第一印象,你也不希望别人对你的评价是悲观厌世吧。7. Dress appropriately。合适的穿着People judge on first impressions (and this includes your clothes) so make sure you dress appropriately for where you are. Nobody likes to see someone in home clothes at a fancy restaurant or someone with make up caked on their face at the gym。第一印象对人们而言至关重要(包括你的衣),所以确保你的衣合适当时所在的场合。没有人喜欢在高级餐厅看到别人穿着睡衣或者是在健身房看到别人画着妆出现。 /201507/388630

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