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Youd better come clean.你最好坦白交待。come clean 直译过来就是:“变干净”,所以这个短语的正确意思是:“全盘招供,坦白交待,和盘托出”。因此,当美国人说;Youd better come clean.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Youd better tell the truth.;、;Youd better not tell lies.;、;Youd better be frank.;。情景对白:Colleague: The personnel manager doubts about my forged degree. What should I do?同事:人事经理怀疑我的假学历,怎么办?Benjamin: Youd better come clean. Maybe he will keep you in view of your good performance.本杰明:你最好坦白交待,或许他考虑到你的表现很好而留下你。搭配句积累:①Ive involuntarily accepted a large amount of rebate from a company.我身不由己,从一家公司收受了一大笔回扣。②I have lost an important document. What shall I do?我弄丢了一份重要的文件,怎么办啊?③I broke our managers favorite potting. Should I tell him?我打碎了经理钟爱的盆栽。我应该告诉他吗?④Im afraid that the boss might have known my mistake.恐怕老板已经知道我的过失了。单词:involuntarily adv. 身不由己地Another surge of pain in my ankle caused me to give an involuntary shudder.脚踝突然又一阵疼痛,痛得我直打哆嗦。I shivered involuntarily with an inexplicable d.我怀着莫名其妙的恐惧,身不由己地不寒而栗。Love is not to say that and should not, sometimes involuntarily pay nothing.爱,也不是说该与不该,有时是身不由己的付出罢了。 /201306/244794dyed-in-the-wool 彻底,绝对(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) Adjective phrase meaning total; firmly established for a long period of time; deeply-rooted.例句My grandfather is a dyed-in-the-wool romantic who still brings my grandmother flowers and candy.我祖父绝对是位浪漫的人,到现在还送祖母鲜花和糖果。 /201407/305926

12.你好,我是新人常用应急场景范例一:Introduce myself to the officeI would like to take this opportunity to welcome Monica to our company and introduce her to her department and colleagues. For all of you, we hired Monica because she is a very professional accountant and we are very happy to have her in the finance department. She has lots of working experiences as an accountant and I am sure everybody in the department can benefit from this.Hello, everybody. I am Monica and this is my first day at work. I am working in the finance department. I am very happy to meet everyone and I am looking forward to working well with all of you. I am very happy to be one of the team and I will do my best to get into the working situation as soon as possible. By the way, call me Monica. Everybody calls me so.范例二:Introduce myself to my supervisorGood morning, I am Monica. Are you Mr. White, the manager of finance department? I am the newcomer and also working in the finance department.Yes, that is me. Nice to meet you, Monica. Welcome on board!Thank you. I am very happy to have my own office now. I’ve never had one before. It is very nice.Well, we have nicer things than that in this company. You will find out soon.Really? What could that be?Well, I bet you will love them too. If you need help, just ask me any time. I am in the next door. You can also reach me through the extension 508.That is very kind of you. Thank you very much. /11/89212

crankypants ------------ 瞎咋呼(形容词,俚语)英文释义 (adjective, SLANG) A person who is frequently annoyed by minor or imaginary problems, and who complains about such problems frequently.例句 We call my neighbor Uncle Crankypants because he always shouts angry complaints about the children in our neighborhood, despite the fact that there are very few children here.我们管邻居叫瞎咋呼叔叔,因为他总是愤怒地大声埋怨我们街区里的孩子,可事实上,我们这儿就没几个小孩。 /201505/374374

A: Hi, Alex. Welcome to my birthday party!A:嗨,艾力克斯,欢迎来参加我的生日聚会!B: Hi, happy birthday! Here is a present for you!B:嗨,祝你生日快乐!我给你带了一件礼物。A: Oh, its so kind of you! What is it?A:噢,你想得真周到。是什么?B: Why dont you open and see?B:你打开看看不就知道了吗?A: Wait, let me guess. Is it a box of chocolate?A:等等,先让我猜猜。是不是一盒巧克力?B: No. Just open it and you will see.B:不是,打开看看吧。A: OK. It is a big surprise. A dress! Look at this beautiful dress!A:好的,对我来说是个惊喜哦,一件裙子!这件裙子真漂亮!B: Do you like it?B:你喜欢吗?A: Yes, I love it. Thank you so much. Have a good time here.A:是的,我很喜欢。非常感谢你!祝你今晚派对上玩得开心!B: Im glad you like it. Is everybody here now?B:你喜欢就好,所有人都到齐了A: Not yet, lets wait inside.A:还没呢,我们进去等吧。B: Great, lets go.B:好极了,我们走吧。 /201503/364430第一句:When will you take the balance of your annual leave?你打算什么时候使用剩余的年假?A: When will you take the balance of your annual leave?你打算什么时候使用剩余的年假? B: Not quite sure.还没想好呢。第二句:I’d like to ask for pregnant leave.我想请产假。A: I’d like to ask for pregnant leave.我想请产假。B: Oh, yes. You are so big now.哦,是啊。都已经这么大了。知识扩展:1.年假是员工应享的福利哦:Will you take the annual leave or change it into cash?你是想休年假呢还是将年假折现呢?We are entitled to 7 days paid annual leave.我们每年有 7 天带薪假期。带薪假期:paid vacation / paid leave / paid holiday2.关于;产假”的表达:Do you want me to take leave for pregnancy?你想让我休产假?She rushed back to work this week after a mere 10 days maternity leave.她仅仅休了十天产假就匆勿赶回来上班了。pregnant adj.怀的 pregnancy n.怀 maternity adj产妇的,妇的 内容来自: /201404/283572This is the third in our Business English Pod series on handling a crisis. In the first part of a crisis, there may be a lot of confusion and activity. But if you make it through that part okay, what comes next? 这是关于商务英语播客中处理危机系列的第三集。在危机的初期,可能会有疑惑和行动。但是如果你能顺利度过,接下来又会遇到什么呢?At a certain point after the critical phase, people will come together to re-evaluate the situation. Team work is important. People need to be working together to handle the crisis. If they dont, if they disagree and try to go in different directions, it wont be good for the company. y is absolutely essential. It takes good leadership to establish that unity early on, but it takes good team work to maintain it. 在关键阶段的某一时刻,人们将会聚到一起对局势进行再评估。团队合作是很重要的。人们需要在一起工作解决危机。如果他们没有,如果他们的意见没有统一,对于公司来说是不好的。团结是绝对重要的。在早期建立统一需要良好的领导能力,但是能否保持还在于整个团队。In our last lesson, we heard Mike, the production engineer talking with the VP of Communications in Singapore, Monika. She was getting some information from Mike about an accident and creating a communication plan. That was still the critical phase of the crisis. 在我们上一集中,我们听到作为生产工程师的麦克,和新加坡通信公司副总裁莫妮卡的对话。In this episode, well hear a teleconference meeting after that critical phase. Its time to think about what has happened and re-evaluate the situation. Well hear Mike and Monika, as well as Frank the American boss, Sandy the plant manager, and a lawyer named Simone. Lets listen as they try to gain perspective on the crisis and figure out how well theyve handled the situation so far. 在这一集中,我们听到了危机后的电话会议。现在是思考发生什么和重新评估局面的时候了。我们能听到麦克和莫妮卡,以及美国总公司的老板弗兰克,工厂经理山迪,和一个叫西蒙的律师。让我们听录音,理清思路来探寻对危机的看法。并且弄清楚到目前为止危机都处理地怎么样了。Listening Questions1. Why does Mike say ;sorry; to Simone?2. What does Monika want to focus on in the discussion?3. What does Sandy think about Simones concerns? /163117

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