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Across the Middle East, the first cities rise,在中东土地之上 第一批城市纷纷崛起A revolution in human life.代表着人类进步的一大变革Kanesh, today in modern Turkey.卡内什 现位于土耳其Part of the rise of the city is so farmers can live together,该城市建立的一大原因是为了让农民聚居一起and not just farmers同时除了农民but the people who make the tools for the farmers.其他那些为农民制作工具的人也居住其中The city gives birth to two new keys to human progress:城市为人类的进步提供了两大重要法宝:Trade and industry.那就是贸易和工业And a new kind of man: the entrepreneur.另外还有一个新的群体 那就是企业家Imdi ilum, one of the first traders we know about益姆迪·伊冷是人类历史上In the story of mankind.为人们所知的第一个商人He trades in one of the rarest他以当时一种非常稀有And most valuable materials of his day: tin.也非常珍贵的材料做交易 那就是锡Tin is the key to a new industry.锡是新工业的一大关键Added to copper, it produces bronze.与铜混合后可以制成青铜Strong, sharp,它坚固而又锋利The metal that changes the face of warfare改变了其后两千年For the next 2,000 years.战争的面貌But tin is one of the ancient worlds rarest metals,但锡是古代最稀有的金属之一Found in only a few distant places.只在为数不多的几个遥远的地方才能找到201508/396054I think you always start with kind of a thought experiment首先你当然会想…what would it be like to go to the moon?去月球Or what would it be like to live on the moon.或住在月球上会是什么感觉?What would it be like to li, work on the moon.在月球上工作会是什么感觉?And then you take it to paper, then you start making drawings,接下来把你的想法变成白纸黑字and then you take it to the next step,再来就是画成草图,一步步地做下去and eventually you get to a life sized prototype最后就是制造实物大小的原型and you try to make things more and more realistic as time goes on,随着计划的进展,情境会越来越逼真that, so you can flesh out the problems好实质呈现登月时that you need to address in order to get there.可能出现的问题So the more realism you can introduce the more of your homework所以营造的情境越逼真you can do ahead of time to make sure就越可能做好充分的准备that the mission is successful.以确保任务成功And as they trundle around practicing being on the moon,他们在沙漠模拟登月时they cant help but dream.忍不住放任想像力驰骋Well people on the moon would be involved in using resources er人类上了月球后to start manufacturing,要就地取材从事生产first of all they want to manufacture他们首先要制造的是as much of their own raw,建材和其他必需品er building materials and other things that they need.建材和其他必需品Anything they manufacture there would be cheaper任何东西在月球生产than it is to bring up from earths surface.都比从地球带去便宜They could also if, you know,要是人类if Mars were to start a settlement on Mars,在火星上定居the moon and Mars could trade and可以和月球互通有无theyd be much more viabletogether than either one separately.这样绝对比各自为政实际But theres a problem.但是有个问题They dont actually have a spaceship.他们并没有太空船Or any money.也没有钱But their optimism is unquenchable.但他们还是很乐观Its when people move to the moon.人类终将要搬到月球去住Its not, its an eventuality.这不是可能会发生的事,而是一定会发生Its not something that going, probably going to happen,但也有些人or might happen its will, it will happen.不像月球协会Others are less ambitious than the Moon Society.那么有企图心For some, the moon represents对某些人而言a straightforward commercial opportunity.月球代表了商机We started off as a group of engineers and space enthusiasts,我们是一群因网路而结缘的got together online and posed ourselves the challenge of工程师和太空爱好者what is the lowest cost but commercially viable lunar mission我们想构思成本最低that we could come up with.但仍具有商业可行性的登月计划We came up with the Trailblazer mission.于是提出了“先锋任务”Unlike the Moon Society,不同于月球协会Trailblazer have at least found a rocket to take them to the moon.先锋任务至少找到了一具带他们去月球的火箭Although not an entirely conventional one.不过这具火箭有点离经叛道The er launch vehicle is a converted SS 18 Satan ICBM.我们的发射载具是改装过的SS18撒旦洲际飞弹Thats a cold war nuclear missile.那是冷战时期的核子飞弹They essentially take the missile out of the launch silo,他们把飞弹拿出来remove the warhead,移除弹头recondition the payload bay to accommodate commercial payloads.改装酬载舱,以容纳商业酬载But those commercial payloads do not include people.但这些商业酬载不包括人类Instead the converted missile will deliver much cheaper改装过的飞弹要把较廉价、轻便的东西and lighter items to the surface of the moon.运到月球表面This is a line of cosmetics this is actually a lipstick这是一套妆品,是一口红you can see the obvious space theme.其太空主题一望即知201505/374697In fact,scientists have aly discovered that our decision to do something...事实上 科学家已经发现 当我们决定做某件事Can be affected by many things. Not least,electricity.会被许多因素影响 尤其是电流Now,I do hope youre not squeamish...我希望你不会觉得太恐怖But lets imagine watching a surgical procedure called:但现在我们来想象我们正在目睹一种Awake Brain Surgery.;清醒开颅手术;的外科手术Its used to treat Neurological disorders.这种手术曾用来治疗神经疾病The brain is exposed and stimulated with electrical probes.开颅后露出大脑 并用电探针刺激The urge to move... a foot,hand or face想要移动脚 手或脸的行动can be artificially triggered by electrically exciting只要用电流刺激大脑的适当部位appropriate regions of the brain.便可人工触发All it takes is about 3.5 volts in the right place.这一切只需在正确位置用3 5伏特的刺激The patient may ;think; he has made a choice患者可能以为是自己做了决定but in fact,the surgeon made it for him.但其实是外科医生替他决定的We can imagine a future where advanced technology could allow the doctor我们能想象未来先进的科技 让医生能to control someones thoughts.控制一个人的想法Perhaps even make them fall in love.也许甚至能让他们坠入爱河The unfortunate subject would believe he was acting out of free will这位不幸的实验品还可能相信他是出于自由意志But the opposite would be true.但事实却正好相反Its all just physics in the brain.这一切都只是大脑里的物理现象201602/425782

Chinese travel back to work after week-long holiday春节假期结束 人们返程投入到工作当中Saturday was the last day of the week-long Spring Festival holiday.周六是春节一周假期的最后一天。Chinese journeyed back to the cities where they work.人们纷纷开始返回他们所工作的城市。Surging passenger flows have been witnessed across the country.全国各地再次迎来了交通运输的高峰。Rail authorities said more than 10.3 million rail journeys were made Saturday alone, the peak of this Spring Festival travel rush.铁路局表示仅周六一天就有1030多万人选择铁路—达到了今年春运的峰值。Many chose to travel on high-speed trains.而其中许多旅客选择乘坐高铁。According to the civil aviation authority, 8.5 million trips were made by air during the seven-day holiday. That translated to more than 70,000 flights, nearly seven percent more than last year.民航局表示春节假日7天国内航空公司执行航班7万余班,运送旅客855万人次,同比增长近7%。The return travel rush was also seen on the road.还有很多人选择陆路交通。But snowy weather and heavy smog disrupted traffic, with 69 highways temporarily closed in Northern China Saturday.但下雪及大雾天气导致交通受阻,中国北方69条高速公路暂时关闭。 译文属201602/426137

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201506/380164

This time, were in Chengdu,这一次 我们来到了成都it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.成都是世界上发展最快的城市之一In the interior of the country,成都位于中国内陆it has always been an isolated place,一直都是个孤立的城市free from Western influence,不受西方影响and remains the most Chinese of Chinas megacities.最大限度地保持着中国城市特色Nearly 1,000 miles from Beijing,它距北京一千英里deep in the heartland位于四川省的in Sichuan province,心脏地带Chengdu is known as one of the culinary capitals of China.被称作中国烹饪之都The food here is the hottest in China and increasingly famous这里的食物是全中国最辣的all over the world for its distinctive fiery flavours.而且因它独特的火辣味道日渐名扬海外A real variety.Yes.真是品种繁多啊Weve come to Chengdus我们来到成都的香料市场spice market to explore the explosive tastes探索使四川美食如此独特的that make Sichuan food so unique.火爆滋味This place is like the core,这个地方像是the heart, the mother-ship of spicy Sichuan food.辛辣川菜的核心 心脏 母舰201507/385452Every page printed in the last 500 years Owes a debt to Gutenbergs invention.过去五百年间印刷的每一页纸 都应归功于古腾堡的发明With an investment of 800 guilders,耗资八百荷兰盾The equivalent of over a million dollars,His printing press goes into production.即相当于超过一百万美元的投资 他的印刷术投入了生产He prints 180 copies of the Bible.印制了一百八十本Another six billion have been printed since自此之后又有六十亿本印刷出版Books can now be produced Two thousand times faster than before.如今书籍的出版速度 比以前快了两千倍20 million are printed in 50 years.五十年间已印制了两千万本As knowledge begins to sp,知识随之开始普及it becomes more within reach of ordinary people普通人接触知识的程度in ways weve never seen before in human history.是人类史上前所未有的All these parallels you hear to the Internet,正如你们所熟知的互联网一样thats a very good analogy.这是个很恰当的类比Now a book will inspire one man to strike out across the oceans随后 有本书将鼓励一个人跨过大洋到达彼岸And change the future of mankind.并改变人类的未来1476, off the coast of Portugal.1476年 在葡萄牙沿岸An Italian sailor shipwrecked and left for dead by pirates.一个意大利水手被海盗袭击 遗弃海上 His name...Christopher Columbus.他就是 克里斯托弗·哥伦布201601/420700栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。201508/394864

Chinas schools hold special history lesson中国学校开设特殊历史课程The new semester begins today cross China for millions of students.今天,几百万学生迎来了开学后的新学期。Some classrooms are welcoming students with a special lesson on the first day, to review the countrys bitter history and cherish the hard-won peaceful life of today.有些班级在开学第一天用就上了一堂非常特殊的课程—回忆本国艰苦斗争历史,珍惜今天来之不易和平生活。;When I was in grade one in primary school, the school was forced to close because of the Japanese invasion.“我上小学一年级那会儿,由于日本侵华,学校被迫关闭。We were lucky to survive,” war veteran Dong Ken said.能活下来我们已经算很幸运了。”抗战老兵董肯回忆当年的日子。“I joined the army when I was 13. Compared with old days, these children are lucky enough as they can study in such a peaceful stable environment.“我13岁参军,跟那时候比,这些孩子能在这样和平的环境中学习真的非常幸运。They should understand and cherish the prosperous life, which is hard won.;他们应该懂得珍惜这来之不易的生活。” 译文属201509/397850Vice President Joe Biden says the US is prepared for a military solution if no political settlement can be found to the ISIL problem.美国副总统拜登表示,如果找不到政治解决方案准备使用军事方式。He was talking at a press conference in Istanbul where he met the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.在伊斯坦布尔,拜登会见了土耳其总理达武特奥卢,并在新闻发布会上讲话。The two talked about Syria, Islamic state militants and Kurdish separatists, a priority issue for Turkey, a country that shares a border with Syria and faces security threats both internal and external.两位谈及了叙利亚、伊斯兰国武装分子以及库尔德分裂分子,土耳其优先考虑的问题,国家领土与叙利亚接壤,面临内部和外部的安全威胁。We do know that it’s better if we reach a political solution but we are prepared,We are prepared, if that’s not possible, to have a military solution to this operation in taking out Daesh. Again,ISIL is not the only existential threat to the people of Turkey. The PKK is equally a threat and we are aware of that.我们知道,如果我们达成政治解决方案是更好的,但我们做好了准备,如果政治方案不可行则采用军事手段消灭达伊沙(Daesh)组织。我再一次说明,ISIL不是土耳其人民的唯一威胁。库尔德工人党同样是威胁,我们都知道。Biden agreed with Turkey that as far as he is concerned there is no difference between ISIL, the PKK and al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda group fighting against the Syrian government, adding that they are all terrorist groups.拜登同意土耳其,就他而言伊斯兰国(ISIL)与库尔德工人党(PKK)以及努斯拉阵线(al-Nusra)没有区别,基地组织打击叙利亚政府,并补充道他们都是恐怖组织。译文属。 /201601/423711

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