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Why not? You cry.Well,ask yourself this question: which one is easier to move in the first place? The golf ball. So it takes more force to move the bowling ball. And the bowling ball is also the one gravity pulls on more. See the connection? A more massive object has more stuff for gravity to act on. But because it is more massive, it is also that much harder to move! A smaller object is easier to move. But it also has less stuff for gravity to act on! The cool thing is these two factors exactly balance each other out. And thatrsquo;s why any object, from dump trucks to linguini, falls at exactly the same rate as any other object.为什么不是重的物体先落地?你喊道。问下你自己这个问题:那一个首先比较容易移动?高尔夫球。所以要花更多的力量来移动保龄球,它也是引力作用更多的球。看见联系了吗?质量更重的物体引力作用更多但是因为质量更大,移动也比较难。一个较小的物体比较容易移动,但是引力作用也少。最有意思的是这两种因素互相抵消。那就是任何物体,从自动倾卸卡车到宽面条,都会以和其他物体相同的速度下落的原因。gravity n.引力factor n.因素balance out 抵消dump truck 自动倾卸卡车201111/162305。

French researchers are predicting doom for Planet Earth. They believe neighboring planets could stray out of orbit and collide with the Earth billions of years from now. The B's David Shukman explains their theory.A view of Earth from orbit and a strange question "how long would it last?" Scientists have long known about the violent event that formed solar system. But now they study the movements of our nearest neighbors. Mars, they reckon, could drift uncomfortably close or do this. If we are really unlucky, it can actually collide with us. Literally, the end of the world."So what exactly is this research saying? Well,one key thing that the orbits of the planets which look steady aren't all that regular. Over the years, some start to move pretty wildly.These are the projected tracks. And the odds are that will lead to a very big collision in about threebillion years'time."With that long to go, the researcher involved doesn't look too worried. But amid the old instruments of the observatory in Paris where he works, he has a doom-laden message about the future and what a collision would eventually mean."It would be totally devastating because the relative speed is very high. They go at ten kilometers per second. So it's ten times the velocity of a bullet . And the impact is enormous. Everything will be destroyed on Earth."Until now, the worry has been one of these, an asteroid. It's thought one of them finished off the dinosaurs. Think what a planet would do.But this is just a computer graphic. The calculations may be wrong. The only people who need to react to this research are film producers in Hollywood. David Shukman, B News.We are gonna have to say those might be the most menacing graphics we'd ever used. Watching things collide on the planet that I live on? Can't tell like that very much.It's almost Biblical-financial meltdown, swine flu and now this. What's next, the rain of frogs?But still watch the news. We want you to keep watching.Yeah. Please do. You'll still be here as long as that doesn't happen. 06/74397。

What exactly is the power that drives nature's most famous jaws? In New Zealand, this great white shark drowned in a fisherman's net. And scientists Kara Yopak and Clinton Duffy are preparing an ultra-rare great white shark dissection."Ah, I've never dissected one that is the size before."It's a unique opportunity to study a great white's near-perfect design, including its fearsome jaws."The jaws of great white are really, really valuable. So most of the time, if we do get a specimen to measure, it looks a little bit more like this. Not nearly as pretty. That fishermen know pretty much. We're catching animal of, yes, for, um, a fishing competition or even just in its net. Um, we'll remove the jaws and quite often its fins as well. The jaws are amazingly valuable. Uh, they can go anywhere, from ten to twenty thousand dollars. Um, you can see them, I mean, being sold on eBay. It's kind of such a status symbol. Everybody knows the great white shark. When you have an idea of shark in your head, it's gonna be this one."Look at the jaws.The jaws of a great white are evolutionary marvel. They actually burst forward, allowing for a bite that shears up to 30 pounds of flesh in a single mouthful. About 50 teeth lie in the front of a great white's jaws. The lower teeth act like daggers, stabbing and holding prey in place. The larger upper teeth are like steak knives, slicing off giant mouthfuls of a victim. And behind this front row of teeth are literally hundreds of others, y to be pressed into service. But to truly understand this extreme design, you have to go beneath the skin.Unlike human beings, the great white's jaws aren't fused to the skull. They hang loosely underneath the braincase, y to execute their signature bite. First, the snout rises and opens the mouth. At the same time, the lower jaw pushes down, widening the gape. Next, special muscles in grooves in the skull push the upper jaw forward, exposing gums and teeth. The lower jaw rises, latching onto the prey, and the snout slams down, hammering the upper jaw with almost 700 pounds of force.These extraordinary teeth are clearly designed to kill, but they may also serve another purpose: delivering a message to other great whites."She actually has some scarring out here. You can see where this scar's coming down, turn around underneath the eye. The ones on the side of a pectoral fin, they appear to be shark bites. This one is likely to be a tooth mark, possibly another shark. These guys are not necessarily one big happy family when they get together."Great whites can be covered in battle scars. It's believed they bite one another to assert dominance, compete for a meal and even to mate."How these guys get together, of course, and don't kill each other is an, it's a really interesting question."12/92862。

  Australia is mourning the deaths of several mining executives, including billionaire tycoon Ken Talbot, in a plane crash in West Africa. The entire management board of Sundance Resources was wiped out in the accident, leaving the company in crisis.The mining industry has made the Australian economy one of the world's most resilient, so the deaths of so many influential figures has made headlines around the country. Eleven people died when a twin-engine aircraft crashed Saturday into thick jungle near Congo's border with Cameroon in West Africa. The Australian government says that retrieving the bodies from such inaccessible terrain could be "painstaking".Among the dead is one of Australia's richest men, Ken Talbot. He made his fortune through a network of pubs before founding a successful mining company, which he later sold.Talbot was to go on trial in Brisbane in August on corruption charges. He had denied bribing a former minister in the Queensland state government.Friends have remembered a man who was committed to his business and his family.Former Sundance chairman, George Jones, has been trying to help bereaved relatives cope with their sudden loss."I have spoken to a couple of them this evening myself. I have been up all night, overnight and it has not been a pleasant experience, but I cannot tell you how tragic it is on behalf of the families. There are young children involved. It is quite overwhelming to lose so many people in one incident," he said. The plane's flight recorder has been recovered, although Australian authorities say it is too early to say what caused the crash. The plane had been chartered by the Australian mining company, Sundance Resources. Chairman Geoff Wedlock and other senior executives were on board.The Perth company says the executives were visiting an iron ore facility that straddles the border between Cameroon and Congo, a project that could generate billions of dollars and provide long-term employment in the region. The Sundance team had traveled to West Africa as part of plans to expand its operations in the region. The tragedy prompted the suspension of the company's shares on the Australian Stock Exchange while a new management team is assembled. 澳大利亚悼念在西非空难身亡的几名矿业总裁。包括亿万富翁肯.塔尔特在内的几名桑当斯资源公司高层主管在这次空难中全都遇难,使该公司处于危机之中。 澳大利亚的矿业生产让本国经济成为世界上最有活力的国家,因此这些富有影响力的人物遇难的消息成了举国上下的新闻头条。 星期六一架双引擎飞机在西非刚果和喀麦隆交接附近的茂密丛林中坠毁,导致机上11人丧生。 澳大利亚政府说,从这种难以接近的地势上将遇难者尸体找回可谓艰难。 遇难者中有一位澳大利亚最富有的商人,肯.塔尔伯特。他靠开连锁酒吧起家,建立了一个成功的采矿公司,后来将这家公司卖掉。 塔尔伯特受到腐败指控,原定与8月在布里斯班出庭受审。他生前否认贿赂昆士兰州政府的前部长。 桑当斯公司前总裁乔治.琼斯一直在努力帮助死者亲属从这一突降噩耗的悲哀中恢复过来。 他说:“我本人和这些遇难者的几位亲属进行了交谈,我整个晚上都没有入睡,很难过。但是对那些家属来说这重悲痛是难以描述的。有的加里还有未成年的孩子。真让人难以接受,一次事故中死去了那么多人。” 失事飞机的黑匣子已经找到,不过澳大利亚当局说目前要说是什么造成了这起空难还为时过早。 这架飞机是澳大利亚桑当斯矿业公司的包机,公司总裁杰夫.维德罗克和其它高官人员当时在这架飞机上。 这家设在珀斯的公司说,主管们当时前往一个跨越喀麦隆和刚果边境的铁矿设施考察,那是一个可以创造数以十亿计美元价值的生产项目,并可以为当地提供长期的工作机会。 桑当斯总裁小组前往西非是在该地区扩大经营计划的一部分。 这个惨痛的事故立即导致该公司股票在澳大利亚券交易所停牌,一个新的管理班子正在组建当中。201006/106958。

Chinese internet companies中国互联网企业An internet with Chinese characteristics中国特色互联网Online business in China is growing even faster than the offline sort. Local tastes and needs, as well as the state, are endowing it with distinctive features中国网上业务较网下业务发展更为迅猛。本土风味与需求,还有政府,正赋予其鲜明特色。Jul 30th 2011 | HANGZHOU | from the print editionWHEN Huang Bing graduated from university in 2005, he promised himself he would make his first 1m yuan (about 5,000) within three years. It took him a bit longer, but no matter: if his business, a collection of online cosmetics stores, maintains its current trajectory, he will soon count his first billion. In a few years he expects annual revenues to reach 10 billion yuan.黄冰(音译)2005年大学毕业时,决心在三年内赚到首个100万(约15.5万美元)。现下看来,达成目标尚需时日,但不要紧,倘若其化妆品网店生意照现在这种趋势发展下去,首个100万很快就会赚到,且有望在数年后年收入达1000万元。Mr Huang’s company, ed Cosmetics International, is only one of thousands on Taobao Mall, a huge online shopping centre. He spotted a demand from women in China’s hinterland for branded cosmetics—and advice on how to use them. “A lot of women in rural areas don’t have access to quality products,” he explains, guiding visitors through the firm’s headquarters in the outskirts of Hangzhou, two hours’ drive south-west of Shanghai. On several floors, at desk after desk, “beauty consultants” busily type answers for customers.大型网上交易中心“淘宝商城”入驻企业成千上万,黄冰的“联合化妆品国际公司”(ed Cosmetics International)仅是其中之一。他看准了中国内地女性热衷名牌化妆品、渴望了解其使用方法的需求。“许多身处偏僻地区的女性没法接触到优质化妆品”,他一边领着来宾参观公司总部,一边解释道。其总部位于杭州郊区,距上海西南部两小时车程。几层楼上,桌子一张挨着一张,“美容顾问”忙着敲打电脑键盘,在线为顾客解疑答惑。 As goes ed Cosmetics, so goes the Chinese internet. It is growing by leaps and bounds (see chart 1), as ever more people log on from phones, homes or offices, or in huge internet cafés (pictured). The China Internet Network Information Centre reckons that the online population, aly the world’s biggest, has risen by 6% to 485m this year. And almost two-thirds of people are not yet online.“联合化妆品公司”所走之路,便是中国互联网成长之途。随着越来越多的人用手机入网,或在家中、办公室及大型网吧(见照片)上网,其发展突飞猛进。“中国互联网络信息中心”估计,已排名世界第一的中国网民数,今年又增加了6%,达4.85亿人。并且还有近三分之二的人尚未上网。201108/146939。

'Vuvuzela' voted word of the World Cup"Vuvuzela" has been voted the word of the World Cup by global linguists who said Monday the tournament will be best remembered for the name of South Africa's deafening trumpet."Long after individual matches and goals are forgotten, this will be remembered as the Vuvuzela World Cup," said Jurga Zilinskiene, managing director of London-based firm Today Translations."Vuvuzela" was chosen by 75 percent of more than 320 linguists from over 60 countries, who were asked to choose the word with the biggest impact on the tournament."Thanks to the World Cup, vuvuzela has the entered the shared language of the world and joined the ranks of words that need no translation," said Zilinskiene.The tuneless plastic horn blown by fans was a top World Cup newsmaker and has been snapped up abroad. Experts have warned it can damage hearing.The much-debated official Jabulani ball, mascot Zakumi and the Bafana Bafana national South African team each won four percent of the votes.Vocabulary:snap up: 抢购mascot: an animal, a toy, etc. that people believe will bring them good luck, or that represents an organization, etc. (吉祥物)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108982。

UN Chief Welcomes Obama Election潘基文欢迎奥巴马当选美国总统  U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the election of Senator Barack Obama as U.S. president. Speaking to reporters, Mr. Ban said he is "confident" about future relations between the ed Nations and the ed States. 联合国秘书长潘基文对奥巴马当选美国总统表示欢迎。潘基文对记者表示,他对联合国跟美国今后的关系“充满信心”。Mr. Ban said this is an "historic opportunity" to fulfill the common goals of the ed Nations and the ed States, and he looks forward to working with the new administration.  潘基文说,对于联合国和美国来说,这是一个实现我们共同目标的“历史机遇”,他期待跟新一届美国政府合作。"I am confident that we can look forward to an era of renewed partnership and a new multi-lateralism," he said. 潘基文说:“我相信,我们可以期待一个焕然一新的合作关系和新的多边主义时刻的到来。”Mr. Ban recalled Senator Obama's remarks during the campaign about the ed Nations. 潘基文回顾了奥巴马参议员在竞选时有关联合国的言论。"He spoke about a "new era of global partnership" and building "bridges of cooperation with the U.N. and other nations," he said. 潘基文说:“他谈到了‘全球合作的新时代’,还谈到架设‘与联合国和其它国家合作的桥梁’。”The secretary-general said he followed the campaign very closely and with great interest. He said both Mr. Obama and Senator John McCain are "outstanding men." 潘基文说,他以极大的兴趣非常密切跟踪了这次美国总统竞选。他说,奥巴马和麦凯恩都是“非常杰出的人”。Mr. Ban said he has not yet spoken with Mr. Obama, but hopes to personally congratulate him soon.  潘基文说,他还没有祝贺奥巴马当选,不过希望尽快亲自向他表示祝贺。He recalled an encounter the two had about a year ago on a flight from Washington to New York, after Mr. Obama declared his candidacy and just after Mr. Ban took up his post as secretary-general.  潘基文回顾了大约一年前两人在乘飞机从华盛顿前往纽约途中的一次邂逅。当时奥巴马刚刚宣布参选美国总统,潘基文刚刚就任联合国秘书长。"We spent about, more than half an hour, on the airplane sitting together, and discussed many issues," Mr. Ban said. "He asked many questions about what the ed Nations major goals are - issues on non-proliferation, issues like North Korea and Iranian nuclear issues, and U.N. reforms. He was very engaging and he knew a lot about the ed Nations. I was very much encouraged."  潘基文说:“我们在飞机上坐在一起,共同度过了半个多小时,讨论了许多问题。奥巴马向我问了许多有关联合国主要目标的问题,比如防止大规模杀伤性武器扩散问题,北韩和伊朗的核问题,以及联合国改革等。他非常认真,对联合国的情况很了解。我很受鼓舞。”The secretary-general said he would try to meet with the president-elect very soon, and have his policy advisors coordinate with the Obama transition team on the important issues facing the ed Nations and the world. 联合国秘书长潘基文表示,他会争取尽快跟这位当选总统会面,并让他的政策顾问就联合国和世界面临的重要问题跟奥巴马的交接班子进行协调。200811/55341。

2.mayo:n.AKA mayonnaise蛋黄酱 200810/52712。

Unrest continues in France as the government debates a reform to France's retirement system that has sparked more than a week of action targeting transport. Demonstrators blocked access to Marseille airport and continue to block fuel depots halting gas supplies.在法国政府就退休制度改革展开辩论的同时,法国各地罢工浪潮导致的骚乱仍在继续。一个多星期来,反对退休制度改革的罢工工人把目标对准交通系统。示威者封锁了通往马赛机场的道路,并继续封锁油库,导致汽油供应中断。Government plan France's Labor minister, Eric Woerth spelled out the financial benefits of the government's retirement reform program to the Senate. He outlined the billions of Euros that will be saved, saying that is essential in today's economy to address France's deficit.法国劳工部长沃尔斯向参议院阐明了政府退休改革方案在财政方面的好处。他表示,这项改革将节省数十亿欧元,这对解决法国经济目前面临的财政赤字问题至关重要。The proposal to raise the retirement age by two years, to 62, has sparked mass protests, including a day of demonstrations last Tuesday that brought at least a million people onto the streets, the unions that called the strikes claim 3.5 million demonstrated. Another day of mass action could come next week. 法国政府的提案将法定退休年龄提升两年至62岁。这一计划引发大规模抗议活动,包括这个星期二长达一天的示威游行。这次全国范围的抗议至少有一百万民众走上街头。号召罢工的工会则称,有350万人参加了这次示威。下个星期可能还会发生大规模的抗议活动。Helene Puyrigaud has been protesting with others, outside the French Senate, which is debating the law. She says every day the demonstrations will continue until they have won.海伦·普瑞戈同其他人一起在法国参议院外参加抗议活动。参议院正在就退休改革的立法进行辩论。普瑞戈说,他们会将示威活动进行到底,直到胜利的那天。French President Nicolas Sarkozy has appealed for calm as some protests have turned violent. 法国总统萨科齐呼吁民众保持冷静,因为一些抗议者将示威活动演变为暴力骚乱。Fuel shortage Nearly a quarter of French gas stations are without fuel because of the blockade of refineries and fuel depots, and there has been some panic buying. Pressure is increasing to get the gas supplies back to normal before Friday, which marks the start of school breaks when many French travel. 由于炼油厂和油库被封锁,法国已经有将近四分之一的加油站发生供油短缺,导致一些民众进行恐慌性抢购。在周五前恢复汽油正常供应的压力正不断增加,因为从那天起,法国学校将开始休假,许多法国民众将赴各地度假旅游。Analysts say the protests are about more than just retirement reform, and reflect the public's discontent with the president. Polls show Mr. Sarkozy's popularity at an all-time low a year and a half before elections.分析人士认为,这些抗议活动不仅仅是针对退休制度改革的,也反映了民众对总统萨科齐的不满。民调显示,萨科齐的持率已经下滑到他上任以来的最低水平,而目前距离下次大选只有一年半的时间了。Pop singer Lady Gaga cancelled her weekend concerts in Paris, over concerns that trucks carrying stage equipment and other necessities may not be able to reach the concert venue.201010/116262。

谷歌与中国有关部门达成协议的希望已经越来越渺茫。如果谷歌放弃在华业务,中国搜索市场出现的巨大空缺将由谁来填补,谁将是最大受益者?在本期《Digits》节目中,本·沃森(Ben Worthen)、史黛丝·德乐(Stacey Delo)、埃里克·萨维茨(Eric Savitz)与马塞洛·普林斯(Marcelo Prince)就这一话题展开讨论。201003/98885。