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You don’t have to spend your internship at the copy machine praying for the day to end. Jump in with both feet to make it more than just a line on your resume.实习期间,你不需要一天到晚站在复印机前,祈祷一天快点结束。认真对待,让这次实习不仅仅是你简历上面的一段介绍。You Will Need你需要An interest in the company对该公司的兴趣Goals目标Initiative进取心Steps步骤Step 1 Take an interest1.培养兴趣Take an interest in the company you will be working for. Prior to the start of your internship, up on their history, their work, and their goals.培养对你实习所在公司的兴趣。实习开始之前,了解公司的历史,主要业务和发展目标。Step 2 Set goals2.设立目标Set goals for what you’d like to accomplish or learn during your internship. This will give you something to strive for while you are there.设立目标,你想在实习期间收获什么,学到什么。这样,当你在那里实习的时候就有了奋斗的目标。Make sure your internship supervisor is aware of any academic requirements or standards that you must meet during the course of your work.确保你实习期间的主管了解在这段工作期间需要达到什么样的学术要求或标准。Step 3 Arrive early3.早点到公司Arrive early, and if they need the help, stay late. Treat your internship like a real job, even if you are not being paid for the work you do.早点到公司,如果需要的话,晚一点下班。把这次实习当作真正的工作,即使这段工作没有报酬。Step 4 Relish the mundane4.单调中寻找乐趣Relish mundane tasks like photocopying or filing as though they were much more interesting than they actually are. This will help you do a better, faster job so you can move on to bigger things.从复印或存档等枯燥的任务中寻找乐趣,就好像他们比实际有趣的多一样。这样可以帮助你做的更快,更好,这样你才能接受更重要的任务。Step 5 Show willingness5.表现出意愿Show willingness to learn new skills and initiative to take on projects beyond the mundane. Don’t wait for someone to hand you something interesting -- ask for it.表现出学习新技能的意愿和接受不那么单调的新项目的进取心。不要等待别人交给你有趣的任务——主动要求。Step 6 Acquire take-aways6.要求带走资料Acquire tangible take-aways, such as completed projects that you can use for your portfolio and the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of co-workers or supervisors who can give you references in the future.要求带走一些有形的资料,例如可以放在文件夹的已经完成的项目,同事或主管的电话号码和邮箱地址,将来你可以和他们联系。Step 7 Get credit7.获得学分Get college credit or apply the internship toward your degree requirements if these options are available.如果可以的话,拿这段经历换取学校学分,或者作为学历要求的一部分。Many famous people, including Brooke Shields, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, and Frank Lloyd Wright, completed internships before rising to stardom.许多名人,包括波姬·小丝(Brooke Shields),斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg),比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)和弗兰克·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)成名之前都曾经是实习生。视频听力节目由。201308/253950。

Give yourself a spa treatment at home and pamper yourself with a brown sugar scrub.自己在家中进行水疗,自制红糖磨砂浴盐,给身体以滋养。You Will Need你需要1/4 c. packed brown sugar四分之一杯袋装红糖1/4 c. white sugar四分之一杯白糖5 tbsp. almond oil5汤匙扁桃油5 tbsp. jojoba oil5汤匙西蒙得木油2 tsp. honey2茶匙蜂蜜1 tsp. vitamin E1茶匙维他命E1 tsp. vanilla extract1茶匙香草精Airtight container密封容器3 tbsp. fresh coffee grounds (optional)3汤匙咖啡渣(可选)Other essential oils (optional)其他精油(可选)Steps步骤Sugar scrubs are not recommended for the face.红糖磨砂浴盐不建议用在面部。Step 1 Combine ingredients1.混合成份Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix them with a spatula until everything is thoroughly blended.将所有成份加入一个大碗中,用铲子搅拌直到混合均匀。You can also add 3 tablespoons fresh coffee grounds for an added exfoliant.为了增强去角质效果,可以加入3汤匙新鲜的咖啡渣。Step 2 Apply2.涂抹Gently apply the scrub to wet skin using a circular motion. Concentrate on dry or rough patches of skin, avoiding sensitive or irritated areas, and cut or sunburned spots.将皮肤湿润,轻轻地打圈把混合物涂抹在皮肤上。集中在干燥或粗糙的部位,避免敏感或刺激部位,割伤或被太阳晒伤的部位。Step 3 Rinse3.清洗Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.用温水彻底清洗皮肤,用柔软的毛巾擦干。Step 4 Experiment4.试验Experiment by adding different essential oils and fragrances from specialty markets to find your favorite mix.加入各种不同的精油和香精进行试验,找到你最喜欢的混合方式。Step 5 Store5.存储Store the leftover scrub in an airtight container, or make more and put it into small jars to give as gifts.将剩余的浴盐存放在密封的容器中,或者多做一点,装在小罐中作为礼物送给朋友。Contrary to popular belief, brown sugar isnt any healthier than raw or white sugar.与流行的观念相反,红糖并不比白糖或粗糖更健康。视频听力由。201311/263553。

As soon as it settles on the sea bed,这艘沉船一落在海床上the wreck comes under attack from invaders -就遭遇入侵者的攻击plankton, carried here by ocean currents.那就是海流带来的浮游生物These are the microscopic larvae of barnacles, sponges,这些是藤壶,海绵动物and, most importantly, corals.以及最重要的珊瑚的细小幼虫The larvae must attach themselves to the wreck.珊瑚幼虫必须附着在沉船上Once there, they can develop into young corals called polyps.它们就定位后 发育成称为珊瑚虫的年轻珊瑚But the polyps are very slow-growing,但珊瑚虫成长速度极为缓慢and there is lots of competition from other invaders.并且面临其他入侵者的激烈竞争Algae quickly cover the wreck,海藻迅速覆盖沉船and thats a problem for the young coral.对年轻珊瑚造成问题Algae attract grazers.海藻会吸引食草动物The polyps are in danger of being eaten珊瑚虫在站稳脚步之前before theyve even got a proper foothold.就可能被吃掉If conditions are right, the survivors can go on to build a reef.如果条件合适 幸存者就能继续建造珊瑚礁Position is critical.位置是关键因素Too deep, and not enough light will reach the corals for them to grow.太深的话 没有足够阳光让珊瑚成长Too shallow, and they risk being exposed to the air at low tide.太浅则可能在退潮时 暴露在空气中201310/260685。

麦当劳快餐广告大打亲情牌,这个爸爸也太体贴了吧。麦当劳这广告视频利用公路上驶入式快餐店的地理特征,巧妙地把餐厅贴心的务融入到刚当爸爸的顾客的爱心行为中。在这广告一开始,观众肯定也和务员一样不知道男子在搞什么名堂,但是看到车子里如此可爱的小宝宝睡得如此香甜,就会像广告中的爸爸一样,怎能舍得如此可爱甜美的睡相被破坏掉? A:Hello. Excuse me. Id like an Egg McMuffin meal...A:你好。抱歉,我想要一份蛋堡套餐。B:Hello?B:你好?A:I said an Egg McMuffin and a large cup of coffee.A:我说我要一份蛋堡和一大杯咖啡。B:Can you say that one more time please? Sir, did you say an Egg.McMuffin and a large coffee?B:请你再说一遍好吗?先生,你刚才是不是说一份蛋堡和大杯咖啡?A:With cream and choc, please! How much?A:加上奶油和巧克力,拜托了!多少钱? 下面咱们顺便一起来学一下免下车式公路餐厅怎么说吧:“免下车”餐厅drive-through restaurant (也有简写成drive-thru的),这个drive-through形象而生动地表达了这种餐厅的构造,你就直接开过去吧,在窗口点好餐付好钱后直接一脚油门开出去,不用停车就可以吃饭啦。其实drive-through不仅有快餐,还有同样模式运作的drive-thru banking等等,总之就是drive-through establishments,“免下车”务式建筑。201404/284387。

You may be right, but are you happy? Decide whether winning is more important to you than getting along.你或许是正确的,但是你开心吗?争吵获胜重要还是融洽相处更重要?You Will Need你需要Responsibility责任Respect尊重Kindness善良Steps步骤Step 1 Find out what it was1.找出问题所在Find out what the offense was before apologizing, or risk making things worse by coming off as patronizing. Be willing to act responsibly and make peace.道歉之前找出触怒对方的原因是什么,或者表现傲慢,让情况更加糟糕。要乐意负责,息事宁人。Step 2 Avoid blaming2.避免责备Take responsibility. Avoid qualifying reservations for the apology, which usually begin with ;but; and end with a transfer of blame.负起责任。道歉不要有所保留,道歉之后又说“但是”,随后开始责备对方。Step 3 Express regret3.表示遗憾Express regret with genuine shame and offer to change. Relationships rely upon honorable behavior, and nonverbal cues that imply its the other persons fault undermine peace.真诚地表示遗憾和愧疚,表示会做出改变。恋情依赖可敬的行为,不用语言来暗示对方的错误非常不利于和平共处。Step 4 Face them4.面对面Face each other when apologizing instead of doing it over the phone, or in an e-mail or text. Show some class and respect their feelings.道歉的时候要面对面,而不是通过电话,电子邮件或短信。表现真诚,尊重他们的感觉。Step 5 Listen to them5.倾听Let the other person speak and hear them out, in case their viewpoint has been completely misunderstood. Assure them that no disagreement can change the security of the relationship.认听对方诉说,以防他们的观点完全被误解。向他们保,任何分歧都不会影响你们的恋情。If you cant bring yourself to admit youre wrong, try to agree to disagree.如果你不能说自己承认自己错了,尝试着接受分歧的存在。Step 6 Soothe the situation6.缓解形势Soothe the situation with an activity to leave the disagreement behind. Buy them flowers or a small trinket as a peace offering, and move on.缓解形势,把分歧抛在脑后。为他们买一束花或小装饰品作为和解,然后继续生活下去。In the 1970 film Love Story, the protagonist concludes with the famous line: ;Love means never having to say youre sorry.;在1970年的影片“爱情故事”中,主要人物以这句经典台词结束:“爱意味着你永远不需要说对不起。”视频听力由。201310/259707。


Fed by the mountain glaciers, the Tibetan plateau even has its own inland sea. This is Qinghai Lake, Chinas largest.凭借着高山冰川,青藏高原甚至形成了自己的内陆湖——青海湖,中国最大的内陆湖。Millions of years of evaporation have concentrated the minerals in the lake, turning the water salty. Rich in fish, its waters attract thousands of cormorants.经过百万年的蒸发,矿物质浓缩了在湖中,使水变得咸了。湖中丰富的鱼资源吸引了成千上万的鸬鹚。But its not just wildlife that values Tibets lakes and seas. Their life-giving waters are also important to people.西藏的湖泊不仅是野生动物的家园,其间的水也使得人类的生命得以延续。Tibetan religion is a unique mix of Buddhism and much older Shamanic beliefs that were once widesp throughout the region.西藏的宗教是佛教以及曾经在此地广为流传的古老萨满教的独特的混合体。This hybrid religion forms the basis of an extraordinary relationship with nature. In Shamanic belief, the land is imbued with magical properties which aid communication with the spirit world.这种混合信仰构成了,他们与自然独特关系的基础,在萨满教义中,这片土地被赋予了魔力,使之能够帮助与精神世界进行交流。 /201402/277877。