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山东省第六医院好不好山东济南阳光妇科在哪Many people think that squeezing in breakfast before work is a feat in itself. However, research from the World Economic Forum states that successful people make the most of their mornings.很多人觉得上班前能挤出时间吃早餐就已经很了不起了。然而,世界经济论坛的一项调查显示成功人士都充分利用了早晨的时间。They have released a list of 14 things that successful people do in the mornings before the first meal of the day.调查人员列出了成功人士早餐前会做的14件事。It includes exercising, spending quality time with the family, networking over coffee and working on a personal-passion project.这些事情包括锻炼,与家人共度珍贵的时光,在喝咖啡时浏览社交网站和做自己热爱的项目。The WEF states: ;Those among us who have managed to find professional success and eke out a life actively embrace this philosophy. They must set aside their first hours of the day to invest in their top-priority activities before other people’s priorities come rushing in.;世界经济论坛称:“我们当中那些事业有成、生活积极的人都遵循这样的理念。他们把一天中最开头的几个小时用来做自己最重要的事情,然后才处理对其他人重要的事情。”This is backed up by science - Laura Vanderkam, a time-management expert and the author of “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast;, cites the famous finding of Roy Baumeister, a Florida State University psychology professor, that willpower is like a muscle that becomes fatigued from overuse.时间管理专家劳拉·凡德卡姆用科学持这一理论,他在自己的著作《成功人士早餐前做什么》中引用了弗罗里达州立大学鲍迈斯特的重要发现,那就是意志力就像肌肉,会因为过度使用而疲惫。Diets are easy to keep up with during the day, for example, but often fall flat in the evening when our bodies and willpower get tired.例如,白天节食一整天很容易,但在晚上我们经常因为身体和意志力都疲惫而大吃大喝起来。However, rest assured that you don#39;t have to do all 14 every day before you munch your museli - just a selection.但也放心,你不必在早餐前把14件事情都做了——挑几件就行。The WEF says: ;While they might not do all of these things every morning, each has been found to be an effective way to start the day.;世界经济论坛研究人员称:“虽然那些成功人士并不会在每天早上做所有这些事情,但它们当中每一件都是开启新的一天的有效方式。”1. Wake up early - according to Laura Vanderkam, 90% of executives wake up before 6am on weekdays. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, for example, wakes at 4am and is in the office no later than 7am. Meanwhile, Disney CEO Bob Iger gets up at 4:30 to , and Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is up at 5:30 to jog.早起——劳拉·凡德卡姆称,90%的高管工作日都会在6点前起床。比如百事公司的CEO英德拉(Indra Nooyi)每天早上4点起床,7点前就会到办公室。迪士尼CEO鲍勃伊格尔(Bob Iger)每天4点半起床开始读书,Twitter和Square的CEO杰克·多尔塞(Jack Dorsey)每天早上5点半起床慢跑。2. Drink water instead of coffee. Drinking water in the morning apparently helps you feel more alert, rehydrates your body, and kickstarts your metabolism.喝水而不是咖啡。早晨喝水会帮助你更清醒,为身体补充水分,加快新陈代谢。3. Exercise - beyond the fact that exercising in the morning means they can’t later run out of time, Vanderkam says a pre-breakfast workout helps reduce stress later in the day, counteracts the effects of high-fat diet, and improves sleep.锻炼——在时间充裕的情况下,凡德卡姆说早餐前的锻炼可以减压,中和高脂肪食品,提高睡眠质量。4. Work on a top-priority business project做最重要的一个商业项目。5. Work on a personal-passion project做自己热爱的一个项目。6. Invest in family time, like ing stories to the kids or cooking a big breakfast together.注重与家人相处,比如为孩子讲故事或者与家人一起做一顿丰盛早餐。7. Connect with spouses before you are tired from the day#39;s activities趁自己还未被公事所累的时候与爱人沟通8. Make your bed - this leads to a happier and more productive day整理床铺——这可以让你有一个愉快又高效的一天。9. Network over coffee喝咖啡的时候查看社交网络10. Meditate to clear your mind冥想,理清思绪。11. Write down things you#39;re grateful for写下让你感激的事情12. Plan and strategise for the day ahead - Using the mornings to do big-picture thinking helps you prioritize and set the trajectory of the day为一天做计划——用早晨的时间计划一整天有助于决定事情的优先次序。13. Check your email查邮件14. Read the news读新闻Some people have been sceptical about the list:有一些人对这个列表表示怀疑:Successful people apparently get round to eating breakfast at about 4pm.成功人士显然能在早晨4点左右抽空吃饭。I don#39;t always even wake up before breakfast, let alone anything else我在早餐前都醒不过来,更不用说做什么事了。By ;before breakfast;, you mean the 24 hours leading up to breakfast?“早餐前”是说早餐前的24小时吗?To be successful, you now have to ;work on a personal-passion project; before breakfast...想要成功,你现在就得在早餐前“从事自己热爱的一个项目”……However, there is no doubt that getting organised before work does lead to a more productive day.不管怎样,工作前井井有条无疑是会提高效率的。 /201511/407862济南市省立医院有学生套餐? 济南天桥区不孕不育多少钱

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